The English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Fellow Program

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Full-time teacher trainers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English for Special Purposes (ESP) in selected countries of Eastern and Central Europe and the Newly Independent States (NIS) and in China conduct in-service teacher training on methodology, materials and curriculum development, textbook analysis, testing, and related activities. ESP specialists teach English at advanced levels to host country professionals in such fields as business, economics, law, finance, and medicine. The objectives of the program is to promote the teaching of English as a vehicle to develop democracy throughout the region. (See current list of Fellows for the 1998-99 year).

Assignments are for 11 months at local ministries of education, universities and teacher training centers in Bosnia, China, Croatia, Lithuania, Macedonia, and Russia. Applicants must have worked as an EFL/ESL teacher trainer and/or worked in ESP as a teacher and/or teacher trainer, preferably some of it overseas.

Eligibility Requirements:

Benefits include: The program remuneration is sufficient to support only one person. Dependents travel at the Fellow's expense.

Fellows begin their assignments in September, following orientation in Washington, DC.

Please note that because the program is being phased out, current funding levels prevent us from accepting new applicants. For further information, contact:

Catherine Williamson / John Turek
U.S. Information Agency
English Language Programs (E/ALP) - Rm 304
301 4th Street, S.W.
Washington, DC 20547

or fax to: 202-401-1250
or e-mail: (please no attachments)

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Bosnia			Joan Dean		University of Sarajevo

China			Sherill Pociecha*	Jiao Tong University

Croatia			Elliott Swift*		University of Rijeka

Lithuania		Mary Lou Moore*		Vilnius Pedagogical University

Macedonia		Sherry Fetzer*		National Pedagogical Institute

Macedonia		Catherine Marzyck*	Pedagogical Institute 

Macedonia		Andrew Gridinsky	Military Academy

Russia			Elizabeth Lewis*	Higher Economic School/Academy of
(Moscow)					   National Economy

Russia			Alice Murray*		St. Petersburg State University
(St. Petersburg)

Russia			William Schettler	Kazan State University/Perm State
(Kazan/Perm)					   University

Russia			Jonathan Floss		Samara State Economic Academy
(Samara/Togliatti)				   and International Market Institute
						   in Togliatti

Russia			Barbara Settles*	Baikal Educational Center at the
(Krasnoyarsk)					   Irkutsk State University


* = Returning - 8
New Fellows - 4

Total Fellows - 12

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