Illustrations of Artifact Categories Subject to U.S. Import Restriction
Peru - Silver Mask
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Silver Mask
Type of Object: Mask
Material: Silver
Measurements: Up to 49 cm. in width by 29 cm. in height. Miniature examples can measure 7 cm. x 5 cm.
Date or Period: Pre-Columbian
Maker: Pre-Columbian
Designated List Category: IIJ Metal Masks
Date of Import Restriction: 06/11/1997
Photograph: National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Peru
Copyright : National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Peru
Description of Designated List Category Subject to Import Restrictions:
May be made of gold, silver, gilded silver, copper, gilded copper, silver-covered copper, or made of two metals. They vary greatly in shape and design. The best known examples come from the following cultures: Moche, Sican, Chimu, Huari, Inca, Nazca, and Chincha. The northern coast examples often have insets of shell, precious or semi-precious stones, and may have plant resins to depict the eyes and teeth. Almost all examples that have not been cleaned have surface coloring of red cinnabar. Miniature masks are also used as decorations on other objects. Copper examples generally show heavy oxidation.
bronze, copper, mask, metal, Pre-Columbian Metals, silver,


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