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Peru Image Collection

Illustrations of Artifact Categories Subject to U.S. Import Restriction

Organization of the Images

Pre-Columbian Textiles | Pre-Columbian Metal Objects | Pre-Columbian Ceramics | Pre-Columbian Lithics (Stone) | Pre-Columbian Perishable Remains | Pre-Columbian Human Remains | Colonial Ethnological Objects

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Designated List Heading

Designated List Section
Pre-Columbian Textiles IA Chimu
(50 images) IB Chancay
  IC Nazca
  ID Huari
  IE Paracas
  IF Moche
  IG Lambayeque
  IH Inca
Pre-Columbian Metal Objects IIA Idols
(56 images) IIB Small Plaques
  IIC Axes (not illustrated)
  IID Mace Heads (not illustrated)
  IIE Musical Instruments
  IIF Knives
  IIG Pins
  IIH Vessels
  IIJ Masks
  IIK Crowns
  IIL Penachos (Stylized Metal Feathers)
  IIM Tocados (Headdresses)
  IIN Headdress Ornaments
  IIO Spoons
  IIP Lime Spatulas
  IIQ Ear Spools
  IIR Nose Ornaments
  IIS Earrings
  IIT Rings
  IIU Bracelets
  IIV Necklaces
  IIW Tweezers
  IIX Feather Carriers

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Organization of the Images

The organization of the image collection follows that of the Designated List published in the Federal Register notice of June 11, 1997. Images of objects that illustrate each of the major categories are provided above. Each Designated List Section has one or more pages of thumbnail images (4-15 thumbnails per page). Each thumbnail image on the thumbnail page is linked to an information page and a full size image of the artifact. The image database also may be searched by keyword.

Note that the individual objects illustrated in the image database are not stolen or looted; they are held in public and private collections in Peru. The images are selected examples only and do not illustrate comprehensively every category or type of object subject to importation restrictions. Refer to the Federal Register notices in the sidebar for the definitive list of archaeological artifacts subject to U.S. import restrictions.

Any artifact accompanied by an export permit from its country of origin may enter the U.S. without restriction.


The images in the database were generously provided by the Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology, and History and the Banco de Crédito of Peru. The source of individual images is noted in the Photograph and Copyright fields on each artifact information page. For information on permitted use of the images, see the Copyright Statement .

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