Illustrations of Artifact Categories Subject to U.S. Import Restriction
Guatemala - Maya Ceremonial Hacha
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Maya Ceremonial Hacha
Type of Object: Sculpture
Material: Stone
Measurements: 30 to 50 cm. in height.
Date or Period: Classic
Maker: Pacific Coast Maya
Designated List Section: IID Stone Stelae, Ritual Objects, and Architectural Elements
Date of Import Restriction: 10/03/1997
Photograph: G&T Foundation
Copyright: G&T Foundation
Description of Designated List Category Subject to Import Restrictions:
Carved and drilled stone in the shape of a stylized hachet. Usually takes the form of a human or animal face in profile with the eye or mouth drilled out. Use is ceremonial and associated with the Mayan ball game.
ceremonial object, deity, hacha, human head, Pacific Coast Maya, sculpture, stone,


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