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Ministry of Culture and Sports
Institute of Anthropology and History
12 Ave. 11-65, Z. 1, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Telephone: (502) 232-5571; (502) 232-5948; (502) 253-1570

The Ministry of Culture and Sports was established by Decree law No. 25-86 of February 1986, at which time the cultural institutions formerly under the Ministry of Education were transferred to the new Ministry.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports is the administrative body in the government hierarchy responsible for ensuring that Guatemalans exercise their right to participate in the country's culture, recreational activities, and informal athletics.

The Ministry's tasks are directed towards two major objectives:

  1. Promoting culture, from which we derive our identify as a nation; and
  2. Promoting, popularizing, and bringing sports to everyone.

Its functions include:

  • Cultural services for the population at large;

  • Cultural promotion and development;

  • Support and encouragement of creative activities;

  • Cultural awareness; and

  • Preservation of the nation's cultural and natural heritage.


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