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Organized by country, the images in the database are intended to illustrate the range of shape and decoration in the categories of objects subject to import restriction. The individual items in the image database are not stolen or looted; they are legitimately held in public and private collections in their country of origin. We are grateful to those institutions for allowing us to use their photographs.  Institutions are individually acknowledged in the photograph and copyright fields accompanying each object illustration. 

Three country image collections are available (Cyprus, Guatemala, and Peru). The other country image collections are in preparation; they will come online in the next few months. Only a selection of categories are illustrated for each country.  The images are intended to supplement the descriptive information published in the Federal Register.  The Federal Register notice is the definitive source of information on what is subject to import restriction. 

Import restrictions take effect on the date of publication for the Federal Register notice. This date is noted on each image information sheet.

Any artifact accompanied by an export permit from its country of origin may enter the U.S. without restriction.

For more information on the structure and organization of the image database, see About the Image Database.



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