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About the Image Database

The image database is organized into collections by country. Cyprus, Guatemala and Peru are currently available. Other image collections will come online in the next few months. Each country image collection page provides a chronological table, sources for the images, and an outline of categories subject to import restriction. Each category in the outline is linked to a page of thumbnail images illustrating that category. Each thumbnail image is linked to an information page containing another thumbnail image and the following information:

Field Name Description
Type of Object Short phrase or word that describes the type of object (e.g., mask, vessel, tool, furniture, sculpture, weapon, personal ornament, clothing, etc.) 
Materials The materials used to create the object, e.g. ceramic, gold, ivory, bone, cotton, textile, obsidian, stone, etc. 
Measurements In centimeters, range of size of typical objects of this type.
Date or Period When the object was made, either in date format: (1275 A.D.) or by cultural period: (Medieval, Late Classic, Late Bronze Age, New Kingdom, Dynasty 12, etc.). Note: each cultural or geographical area has its own chronological scheme which is presented on each country's image collection page.
Maker The name of the maker of an object. May be an individual or a cultural group, e.g. Maya, Inca, Egyptian, Hittite, Inuit, Athabascan, etc.
Object Title Descriptive title is composed of maker or style, subject or material, and object name. (Country and Object Title are used as the page title for each item.)
Designated List Section Number and name of the section on the designated list of artifacts subject to import restrictions published in the Federal Register. The Federal Register announcement is the official list of restricted objects.
Photograph Source of the image: institution, publication, photographer.
Copyright Holder of the copyright (institution or individual), restrictions on use, and where to access permission to reproduce the image. A full copyright statement can be found on each country's image collection home page.
Country Country of origin. (Country and Object Title are used as the page title for each item.)
Date of Import Restriction Date on which import restrictions for the category of object in the Designated List took effect. The date varies by agreement, and within agreements if emergency restrictions were placed on a limited range of artifacts before a broader bilateral agreement was reached.
Description of Artifact Category  Description of the range of items in a specific artifact category subject to import restriction, including the variety of shapes, colors, and decoration; location of production or distribution; special function; and other notable features characteristic of these items.
Keywords One or more terms describing the artifact category.

The information fields for each item are derived from the The Getty Object ID categories. 

Searching the Image Database

The image database is also searchable by keyword.  Keywords include any term in any field. 

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