Illustrations of Artifact Categories Subject to U.S. Import Restriction
Cyprus - Byzantine Silver Dish with Relief Decoration
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Byzantine Silver Dish with Relief Decoration
Type of Object: Ritual Object
Materials: Silver
Measurements: Various
Date or Period: Byzantine
Maker: Byzantine
Designated List Section: IC Silver and Gold
Date of Import Restriction: 04/12/1999
Photograph: Department of Antiquities, Cyprus
Copyright: Department of Antiquities, Cyprus
Description of Designated List Category Subject to Import Restrictions:
Ceremonial vessels and objects used in ritual and as components of church treasure. Ceremonial objects include censers (incense burners), book covers, liturgical crosses, archbishop's crowns, buckles, and chests. These are often decorated with molded or incised geometric motifs or scenes from the Bible, and encrusted with semi-precious or precious stones. The gems themselves may be engraved with religious figures or inscriptions. Church treasure may include all of the above as well as rings, earrings, and necklaces (some decorated with ecclesiastical themes) and other implements (spoons, for example.) This example: Silver dish with relief representation of the messenger of Samuel coming to David. David is seated on a rock grasping a lyre in the left hand. From the left approaches a youth holding a staff in the left hand. In the foreground are two sheep, from the Lambousa treasure. Diameter 18.8 cm.
ceremonial object, metal, religious object, silver, vessel,


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