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The College and University Affiliations Program (CUAP) fosters linkages in the humanities and social sciences between U.S. and foreign academic institutions. Grants support curriculum, faculty and staff development and collaborative research, and outreach activities having a multiplier effect and positive long-term impact. Competitions are limited to specific countries and geographic regions as well as identified themes and fields of study. A separate program known as the NIS College and University Partnerships Program promoting academic institutional linkages for the New Independent States has been established.

Benefits of program participation include: strengthened teaching, research, and public service capability for all partner institutions; opportunities to establish new academic programs or expand existing ones; successful collaborative research improvement and sharing among partner institutions; and outreach to local communities and relevant professional and government entities.


Grants are awarded up to $120,000 for a three-year period. Funding may be used to defray travel and per diem costs. A modest allowance is available for educational materials, communications, and administrative expenses. Participating institutions are required to maintain faculty and staff on full salary and benefits during the exchange.


Grants are awarded through annual competitions announced each fall in the Federal Register. Competitions are limited to specific countries and geographic regions as well as identified themes and fields of study. The complete application packet is made available each year on the Bureau's Requests for Proposals website. Final awards are usually announced in early summer.

U.S. institutions collaborate with foreign partners and U.S. foreign service officers abroad on proposal development, are responsible for submitting grant applications, and are the final grant recipients. Faculty exchanges for lecturing and research assignments of one month or longer are available in the fields of humanities and social sciences. The Bureau does not support undergraduate exchanges under this program; please refer to the Fulbright Fellowship Program.

Proposals are reviewed and evaluated for academic quality, depth, and feasibility. Projects must be outcome-oriented and demonstrate an institutional commitment to the promotion of international educational exchange. This commitment may stem from a Fulbright grant or another type of exchange.


U. S. participation is open to accredited two-and four-year institutions of higher education, including graduate schools and consortia of colleges and universities. Overseas participation is open to recognized degree-granting institutions of higher education and independent research institutes. A demonstrated commitment to internationalizing the programs of partner institutions is basic to the program.
For further information, contact:
College and University Affiliations Program
Specialized Programs Unit (E/ASU)
U.S. Information Agency
301 4th Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20547
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