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The Office of Citizen Exchanges supports programs which take place either in the United States or overseas. Programs normally are multi-phase, and extend over more than one fiscal year; that is, they will include trips of American specialists overseas, and bring foreign specialists to the United States as part of the same, coordinated program. Introductory tours of the United States for multi-regional delegations are not supported. The program focuses on emerging leaders and young professional in a range of fields.

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Subject Areas for Programs

  • Conflict resolution;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Trade unionism;
  • Education administration and curriculum reform;
  • Media development;
  • Judicial training;
  • Local government;
  • Civil and human rights protection;
  • Citizen networking;
  • Legislative reform;
  • Public administration;
  • Small business development and management training; and
  • other academic and professional disciplines

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    The Professional Programs division has geographical-based subdivisions which manage grants:

  • Europe/Eurasia Division
  • Near East, South Asia and Africa Division
  • American Republics and East Asia Division

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