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IREX (International Research
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IREX (International Research
and Exchanges Board)

IREX (International Research
and Exchanges Board)

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American Councils

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Participants for the Community Connections program are selected through open competition, a relatively new process in countries formerly part of the Soviet Union. American non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations with offices in the participating country work with U.S. Embassy staff on recruitment, including advertising through newspapers, TV, radio, press conferences and networking with local organizations in the NIS.

All participants must complete written applications and return them to the local recruitment organization. Recruiters then convene reading committees that select the strongest pool of candidates based upon various criteria. These candidates are invited to an in-person interview conducted by an interview committee. Business candidates are also screened for their English language ability.

Recruitment for professional programs is handled in a similar manner. However, participants in professional programs are not required to speak English. Themes for professional groups are identified in close collaboration with the local U.S. Embassy. Recruiters then advertise and inform local officials that candidates in this particular theme are being sought for participation in this program. Professional programs focus on issues important to professionals from the legal, governmental, agricultural, small business development, educational administration, non-governmental organizations, and environmental fields, among others.

The applications of semi-finalists are forwarded to Washington, where Bureau program specialists review applications and assign participants to the most appropriate U.S. hosting organization based on available industry or professional resources and links between U.S. and NIS cities or regions.

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