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The Office of Citizen Exchanges, within USIA's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, designs and develops exchange programs to address long-term objectives such as the support of democratic institutions, the free flow of information, market-based economic development, and international cultural exchange. Programs are of three types: professional, cultural, and for secondary school students.

All grants are made either directly to American participants or American nonprofit organizations depending on program type, but the office encourages both individuals and organizations to have foreign cosponsors. Programs are based on competition, substantive rigor and cross-cultural sensitivity.

Primary Program Objectives

Program Procedures

We support programs that take place either in the United States or overseas. These exchanges demonstrate to foreign participants how Americans deal with issues of professional interest. In addition, the programs are designed to give Americans international and cross-cultural perspectives and lead toward understanding of foreign needs and priorities.

To accomplish these objectives, the USIA-funded programs conducted by US non-profit organizations work with emerging leaders, young professionals, and students. Cultural programs may be conducted through non-profit organization or managed by Citizen Exchanges staff members.

Institutions wishing to cooperate on a grant with an American non-profit organization are encouraged to learn more about the grant process leading to an award. The Office of Citizen Exchanges develops a series of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) during the course of the fiscal year, which runs from 1 October through 30 September of the following year. RFPs are published in the Federal Register.

For further information regarding the activities of the Office of Citizen Exchanges or for specific details regarding the grants process, please contact us by postal mail, express services, telephone or fax, or click on the links below. Return to top.

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