U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 1997

The main Arms Transfer Tables (II-V) of WMEAT 1997 are being shown here as they are completed to expedite information availability. The final report will include all tables as well as additional highlights and other features.

NOTICE: Table III and related highlights were corrected on 1/29/99.


US arms exports in dollar terms in Main Arms Transfer Tables II, III, and IV of WMEAT 1997 have been revised upward significantly from previous editions, with new estimates for a major component, commercial arms sales. See the article, "Revision of US Arms Export Data Series."

To obtain all WMEAT 97 data available as of 1 Feb 99, in one PDF file (837kb), click here (includes all of files listed below)

Select individual documents only from the list below:

Article: Revision of US Arms Exports Data Series (10kb)

Highlights (abbreviated) to Arms Transfer Tables II, III, and IV (123kb) Revised 1/29/99
Table II. Value of Arms Transfer Deliveries and Total Trade, 1986-1996, by Region, Organization, and Country (240kb)
Table III. Value of Arms Transfer Deliveries, Cumulative 1994-1996, by Major Suppier and Recipient Country (96kb)[Replaced 1/29/99 -- see NOTICE on Table]
Table IV. Value of Arms Transfer Deliveries and Agreements, 1986-1996, by Major Supplier and Recipient Region (91kb)
Table V. Number of Major Weapons Delivered (16kb) (initial portion only of Table V. Remainder of Table V is contained in following file)
Table V. Number of Major Weapons Delivered to Regions and Groups, Cumulative Periods 1985-1996, by Supplier and Weapon Type (121kb)
Country Rankings: Arms Exports, Arms Imports, and Related Ratios (67kb)

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