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Joint Statement 1: On Designations for Parking Sites
Joint Statement 2:On Consent to be Bound by JCIC Agreements
Joint Statement 3: On the Inspectability of Silo Training Launchers
Joint Statement 4: On Normal Practice for Cargo Examination
Joint Statement 5:On the Agreed Form for JCIC Agreements
Joint Statement 6: On the Commencement of the Application of Rights and Obligations
Joint Statement 7: On the Inspectability of ICBM Emplacement Equipment
Joint Statement 8: On Training Models of Missiles
Joint Statement 9: On Additional Confirmation of the Dimensions of First Stages of SLBMS
Joint Statement 10: On Technical Specifications of U.S. Equipment for the Conduct of Continuous Monitoring Activities at the Votkinsk Machine Building Plant, Votkinsk, Russian Federation
Joint Statement 11: On the Pre-Inspection Restrictions at Yagel'naya and Olen'ya Submarine Bases
Joint Statement 12: On Procedures for Refueling IL-76 Inspection Airplanes at Anchorage International Airport, Anchorage, Alaska
Joint Statement 13: On the Agreement of the Technical Specifications of U.S. Equipment for the Conduct of Continuous Monitoring Activities at the Pavlograd Machine Plant, Pavlograd, Ukraine
Joint Statement 14: On the Capabilities of Satellite System Receivers to Provide Information on the Coordinates of Silo Launchers of ICBMs
Joint Statement 15: On the Issue of the SS-N-8 SLBM at Storage Facilities
Joint Statement 16: On Information to be Provided to Inspectors Upon Their Arrival at the Inspection Site
Joint Statement 17: On Changes in the Functions of Facilities
Joint Statement 18: On Exchange of Site Diagrams of Facilities
Joint Statement 19: On Provision of Notifications Through Continuous Communication Channels
Joint Statement 20: On the Use of Radiation Detection Equipment During Reentry Vehicle Inspections
Joint Statement 21: On Space Launch Vehicles That Incorporate First Stages of ICBMs or SLBMs

*Note: Titles in this table have been shortened slightly. Only the titles as they appear in the actual Treaty text are official.