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START I and START II Treaties

This hypertext version of the START I and START II Treaties and their associated documents includes the following:

mmmmmYou can access any of the START I documents by clicking "Documents" and then on the document which you want to access. This takes you to a Table of Contents for that document, which will take you to an article or section of that document. To find a specific treaty article, document paragraph or subparagraph, use the "Find" function in the your brouser's "Edit" pull-down menu. Treaty Articles can be found by using "Article XX" in the brouser. In all other documents, sections are designated by Roman numerals, followed by a period, i.e., "VIII." Paragraphs are all numbered with arabic numbers followed by a period, e.g., "13." Subparagraphs are designated with lower case Roman letters enclosed in parenethses, e.g., (c). Sub-subparagraphs are designated by lower case Roman numerals enclosed in parenthses, e.g., "(xiv)"
mmmmmYou can also access specific START I topics by going to the "Index" and then using the "Find" function in the brouser "Edit" menu. Two versions of the Index are provided: a full screen version, and a split screen version. In the split screen version, the Index appears in the lower window and the "clicked" item in the top window. In the full screen version of the Index, clicking on a citation will display the reference in a full screen. To return to the Index, click on "back."

The "ABA" icons are links to the Article-by-Article legal analysis of the the specific provisions they follow.

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