Table of Contents



1 Non-transfer of Strategic Offensive Arms*
2 New Kinds of Strategic Offensive Arms
3 SS-11 Reentry Vehicle Attribution
4 ASBM Definition
5 Replacement of Heavy ICBM Silos
6 Bison Airplanes1
7 Purpose of Operational Dispersals
8 Strategic Offensive Arms Operations Outside National Territory
9 Lighter-than-air Aircraft
10 Heavy Bomber Inspections at Davis-Monthan Air Force Bas
11 Elimination of Liquid Mobiles and Heavy Bombers without Tail Sections
12 Exclusion of Certain Bear Aircraft from START
13 Engineering Silos at Hill Air Force Base
14 Soviet Storage Facilities Exempt from Locational Restrictions
15 Soviet Training Facilities Exempt from Locational Restrictions
16 Launcher Capability for Existing Launchers
17 "Not Equipped" for Heavy Bombers"
18 Andersen Air Force Base, Guam
19 Mobile Space Launchers
20 Reuse of Launch Canisters
21 . Changes to the MOU
22 Relationship Between START and the INF Treaty
23 The Term "Accessible" with Respect to Underground Facilities
24 Front Section of Fundamentally New Design
25 Definition of "Variant" for ICBMs and SLBMs
26 Declaration of Space Launch Facilities at Eliminated ICBM Bases
27 Exemption for Soft-Site Launchers at Cape Canaveral
28 Restrictions on ICBM and SLBM First Stages
29 STARS Booster Exempt from START
30 Space Launch Vehicles from Ships other than Submarines and from Airplanes other than Heavy Bombers
31 Telemetry Protocol Applicability to Objects in Orbit
32 Throw-weight of New Types of Missiles Deployed before the Eighth Flight Test
33 Special Purpose Submarines
34 Verifying Length and Throw-weight for New Types
35 Reimbursement of Costs for Telemetry Tape Exchange
36 Ban on Multiple Inspections of Certain U.S. Airbases
37 Management of Retired and Former Types of ICBMs and SLBMs
38 Reference Cylinders for ICBMs for Mobile Launchers of ICBMs with Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engines

* The Agreed Statements do not have titles. Titles for the Agreed Statements have been added to this table of contents to assist the reader.