06-03-97Defense Special Weapons Agency's Sixth Annual International Conference, Norfolk, VA
05-15-97The Conference on Disarmament, Geneva, Switzerland
05-02-97The American Bar Association, Washington, D.C.
05-01-97The Senate Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on International Security, Proliferation, and Federal Services
04-29-97Department of State Town Meeting, Washington, D.C.
04-21-97Secretary's Open Forum, Washington, D.C.
04-07-97The Atlantic Council, Washington, D.C.
03-06-97Business Executives of National Security, Chemical Manufacturers Association
New York, NY
02-14-97National Council of Editorial Writers, State Department Washington, D.C.
02-14-97The State Department Budget Briefing Washington, D.C.
11-04-96Statement from the Arms Control Director on the Chemical Weapons
Convention Countdown
05-20-96An International Conference on Dismantlement and Destruction of Nuclear and Chemical Weapons
02-07-95The ABA Seminar on Implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention