The Honorable John D. Holum
(Director of ACDA and Acting Under Secretary of State for
Arms Control and International Security Affairs)

01-26-99 Address to the Conference on Disarmament, Geneva, Switzerland
10-14-98 Statement to the United Nations First Committee General Debate, New York, NY
10-06-98 Statement to the Biological Weapons Convention Ad Hoc Group Session XII, Geneva, Switzerland
09-23-98 Statement in the Informal Ministerial Meeting on the Negotiation Towards Conclusion of the Protocol to Strengthen the Biological Weapons Convention, United Nations, New York
06-18-98 Testimony Before the House International Relations Committee and National Security Committee, Washington, D.C.
06-10-98 Defense Special Weapons Agency International Conference on Controlling Arms, Philadelphia, PA
04-23-98 Remarks to the Carnegie Moscow Center
04-07-98Remarks of John D. Holum, NRRC 10th Anniversary Ceremony
04-03-98Keynote Address to Sandia National Laboratories' Eighth International Arms Control Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico
01-22-98Remarks to the Business Executives for National Security, and the New York Academy of Sciences, New York City
12-04-97Remarks to the U.S.-Russian Meeting on Plutonium Disposition, Cambridge, MA
11-10-97Remarks to the Business Executives for National Security Eisenhower Award Dinner, New York City
10-14-97The United Nations General Assembly in the First Committee General Debate, New York, NY
06-03-97Defense Special Weapons Agency's Sixth Annual International Conference, Norfolk, VA
05-15-97The Conference on Disarmament, Geneva, Switzerland
05-02-97The American Bar Association, Washington, D.C.
05-01-97The Senate Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on International Security, Proliferation, and Federal Services
04-29-97Department of State Town Meeting, Washington, D.C.
04-21-97Secretary's Open Forum, Washington, D.C.
04-07-97The Atlantic Council, Washington, D.C.
03-06-97Business Executives of National Security, Chemical Manufacturers Association
New York, NY
02-14-97National Council of Editorial Writers, State Department
Washington, D.C.
02-14-97The State Department Budget Briefing
Washington, D.C.
01-10-97The Secretary's Open Forum, Dean Acheson Auditorium,
Washington, D.C.
01-09-97The Congressional Research Service Seminar
Washington, D.C.
12-02-96An International Seminar on Nuclear Disarmament,
Kyoto, Japan
11-26-96The Fourth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention,
Geneva, Switzerland
11-04-96Statement from the Arms Control Director on the Chemical Weapons
Convention Countdown
10-17-96Remarks at ACDA's 35th Anniversary Celebration, OEOB, Washington, D.C.
10-16-96Remarks at the United Nations, First Committee, New York, New York
09-26-96Arms Control and Disarmament Committee of the American Bar Association, Washington, DC
09-10-96Statement from the Arms Control Director on the Treaty to Ban Nuclear Testing
09-06-9618th Annual Seismic Research Symposium, Annapolis, Maryland
08-01-96The Conference on Disarmament, Geneva, Switzerland
07-18-96The International Relations Council and the U.S. Department of State, Kansas City, Missouri
06-28-96Statement from Arms Control Director on Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Negotiations
05-20-96An International Conference on Dismantlement and Destruction of Nuclear and Chemical Weapons
05-04-96The Sidwell Friends School
03-16-96The Center for the Study of the Presidency
02-15-96The Nonproliferation Breakfast Group, The National Press Club
02-12-96The International Conference on Nuclear Nonproliferation, Sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment
01-23-96The Conference on Disarmament, Geneva, Switzerland
07-13-95The Atlantic Council
06-07-95The National Strategy Forum, Chicago, Illinois
04-05-95The NPT Ambassadors' Briefing
03-30-95The National Science and Technology Council, National Academy of Sciences
03-23-95The Council on International Relations (CARI), Buenos Aires, Argentina
03-21-95The Center for Strategic Affairs, Brasilia, Brazil
03-10-95The Atlantic Council
02-17-95The City Club of Cleveland
02-07-95The ABA Seminar on Implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention
01-31-95The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
01-18-95The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
11-18-94The John Goodwin Tower Center at Southern Methodist University
11-01-94The Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, India
10-18-94The First Committee of the 49th Session of the United Nations General Assembly
08-12-94Statement on U.S. Commitment to Achieving a CTBT
08-04-94The Conference on Disarmament, Geneva, Switzerland
08-04-94Press Conference, Geneva, Switzerland
07-20-94The Des Moines Chapter of the Council on Foreign Relations
07-19-94The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
06-23-94The Subcommittee on International Security, International Organizations and Human Rights Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives
06-10-94The Center for National Security Law and The ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security
05-19-94The National Press Club
04-25-94The Center for National Security Negotiations, Wilton Park Conference, United Kingdom
04-20-94The United Nations NGO Committee on Disarmament
04-08-94The Fourth Freedom Forum and The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace, Hosted By the University of Notre Dame
03-31-94The Center for Strategic and International Studies
03-22-94The Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate
03-16-94The American Defense Preparedness Association and The National Defense University Foundation
02-17-94The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State, The Judiciary and Related Agencies
01-25-94The Conference on Disarmament, Geneva, Switzerland
12-13-93The Arms Control Association Annual Dinner

Ambassador Ralph Earle II
(Deputy Director of ACDA)

11/95The John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies, Southern Methodist University
05-12-95The 1995 NPT Review and Extension Conference, New York
02-10-95Remarks on the Accession of Argentina to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
02-06-95The Olof Palme International Center
01-31-95The Conference on Disarmament, Geneva, Switzerland

Edward Lacey

09-29-92 The Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, Baltimore, Maryland

Stanley Riveles

06-01-98The Eleventh Annual Multilateral Conference on Theater Missile Defense, Monterey, CA
06-11-96The Ninth Multinational Conference on Theater Missile Defense, Munich, Germany
10-31-95The Carnegie Endowment Nuclear Nonproliferation Seminar in Russia
06-06-95 The Eighth Multinational Conference on Theater Missile Defense, London, United Kingdom
06-21-94The Seventh Multinational Conference on Theater Missile Defense

Michael Rosenthal

06-21-93 The American Nuclear Society, San Diego, California

Steven E. Steiner

10-05-98 The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Washington, D.C.

Norman Wulf

02-24-94 The Subcommittee on International Finance and Monetary Policy Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, United States Senate