VIII. ACDA's External Research

ACDA funds external research projects that support national security through arms control and nonproliferation. Projects proposed by Bureaus and Offices are evaluated and prioritized for their contribution to the Agency's mission and their cost effectiveness by the ACDA Research and Special Projects Board under the chairmanship of the Chief Science Advisor. This competitive process ensures that scarce arms control and nonproliferation research funds are directed toward high-quality, high-impact projects with maximum value to ACDA's customers.

ACDA uses the External Research and Special Projects Programs to fund projects that directly support time-sensitive ongoing negotiating efforts. Special attention is paid to opportunities to stretch research dollars through cooperative funding arrangements with larger research organizations including those within the Departments of Energy and Defense. Because of the uncertainty and lateness of the FY96 budget the Agency allocated and expended only $635,000 of its $1 million external research budget.

Typical of the nature and scope of research, analyses and studies conducted by ACDA in FY96 are: