The White House
Created September 27, 1991


The President is announcing a number of initiatives affecting the entire spectrum of US nuclear weapons. The President has decided to undertake these initiatives to dramatically reduce the size and nature of United States nuclear deployments worldwide, enhance stability, and take advantage of recent dramatic changes in the Soviet Union. He is calling upon the USSR to agree to similar measures. This fact sheet summarizes the major points.

Ground-Launched Theater Nuclear Weapons

The United States will withdraw all of its nuclear artillery shells and all nuclear warheads for its short range ballistic missiles to the United States. These and any similar warheads currently stored in the United States will be dismantled and destroyed.

The President is calling on the Soviets to withdraw, dismantle and destroy all of their ground-launched theater nuclear weapons, including the nuclear warheads for their short range ballistic missiles, nuclear air defense missiles, nuclear artillery shells, and nuclear land mines. (The United States no longer possesses either nuclear land mines or nuclear air defense warheads.)

Sea-based Tactical Nuclear Weapons

The United States will remove all tactical nuclear weapons, including nuclear cruise missiles, from its surface ships and attack submarines. We will also remove nuclear of these weapons associated with our land-based naval aircraft. Many of these weapons will be dismantled and destroyed with the remainder placed in secure central storage areas.

The President is calling on the Soviet Union to similarly remove all tactical nuclear weapons from its surface ships, its attack submarines and bases for land-based naval aircraft, to destroy many of those weapons, and to consolidate the remainder at secure central locations

Strategic Nuclear Forces

All US strategic bombers will be removed from day-to-day alert status and their weapons returned to storage areas.

As a comparable gesture, the President is asking the Soviet Union to confine its mobile ICBMs to their garrisons.

The US will immediately stand down from alert all US ICBMs scheduled for deactivation under START. After START is ratified, we will accelerate their elimination. (START calls for the Treaty-mandated reductions to occur over a seven-year period.)

The President is calling on the USSR to do the same.

Development of the Peacekeeper ICBM Rail Garrison system and the mobile elements of the small ICBM program have been terminated. The small single warhead ICBM will be the sole remaining US ICBM modernization program.

The President is asking the USSR to limit their ICBM modernization efforts to one type of single warhead missile.

The nuclear short range attack missile has been cancelled.

The President is announcing the creation of a new US Strategic Command, designed improve command and control of all US strategic nuclear forces.

He is proposing that the US and the USSR seek early agreement to eliminate all ICBM with multiple warheads from their inventories.

The President is calling on the Soviet leadership to join us in taking immediate concrete steps to permit the limited deployment of non-nuclear defenses that would protect against limited ballistic missile strikes whatever their source. The US will also propose initiatives in the area of ballistic missile early warning.

Joint Consultations

The President is proposing that we begin discussions with the Soviet Union to explore cooperation on nuclear command and control, warhead security and safety, and safe an environmentally responsible storage, transportation, dismantling and destruction.