January 7, 1994


The Forum for Security Cooperation (FSC) was established as part of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, a mandate contained in the Helsinki Document 1992 "The Challenges of Change" and adopted at the July 1992 CSCE Helsinki Summit.

The FSC mandate includes a Program for Immediate Action (PIA) to direct negotiations and dialogue by providing a list of issues which will benefit from the attention of the CSCE.


The FSC conducts negotiations on arms control, disarmament and confidence- and security-building, with additional tasks to enhance regular consultation and intensify cooperation on security matters and to further the process of reducing the risk of conflict. The FSC opened on September 22, 1992, and works on a continuous basis in Vienna, Austria.

At the December 1, 1993 Rome Council Meeting, CSCE Foreign Ministers designated additional tasks for the FSC. Specifically, they assigned to the FSC responsibility for:

The FSC's PIA is not all-inclusive, and can be amended, supplemented or extended. The PIA will be reviewed, together with the progress and results obtained, at the next CSCE Review Conference in Budapest, Hungary (October 10 to December 2, 1994), which will culminate in the next CSCE Summit Meeting of Heads of State or Government.


In November 1993, slightly more than one year after it began; and immediately prior to the Rome CSCE Ministerial Meeting, the FSC adopted the following four measures, fulfilling part of the PIA:


Adoption of these four measures is a significant step on the part of the FSC, but there is still a considerable body of work identified in the PIA, which has not been completed. Among the key issues are: