Business and Industry

AEA Investors
Ashland Chemical Company
Air Force Association
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Inc.
American Chemical Society
American Crop Protection Association
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
American Physical Society
The American Public Health Association
ARCO Chemical Company
Bayer Corporation
Bear Stearns & Company, Inc.
Betz Dearborn, Inc.
The BF Goodrich Co.
Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
Borden Chemicals and Plastics, LP
BP Chemicals, Inc.
Business Executives for National Security
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Capricorn Management
Carus Chemical Company
Chemical Manufacturers Association
C.H.O. Enterprises, Inc.
The CIT Group, Inc.
Council for Chemical Research, Inc.
Crompton & Knowles Corporation
Dow Chemical Company
Dow Corning Corporation
Eastman Chemical Company
E.I. DuPont de Nemours
Elf Atochem North America
Enthone-OMI Inc.
Ethyl Corporation
Eugene M. Grant and Company
Exxon Chemical Company
FINA, Inc.
FMC Corporation
General Investment & Development Co.
Givaudan-Roure Corporation
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
Harman International
Harris Chemical Group
The Hauser Foundation
Hechinger Company
Hercules, Inc.
Hoechst Celanese Corporation
International Financial Group
International Maritime Systems
J. R. Compton Development
Kansas City Southern Industries
Lippincott Foundation
Lonza Inc.
McFarland Dewey & Company
Mallinckrodt Group, Inc.
Monsanto Chemical
Morton International, Inc.
Nalco Chemical Company
National Starch & Chemical Company
NOVA Corporation
Occidental Chemical Corporation
Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers Intl. Union
Olin Corporation
Oxford Venture Corporation
Perstorp Polyols, Inc.
Pharmaceutical and Research Manufacturers
of America (PhRMA)
PPG Industries, Inc.
Quantum Chemical Company
The R & J Ferst Foundation
RCM Capital Management
Reichhold Chemicals, Inc.
Reilly Industries, Inc.
Rhone-Poulenc, Inc.
Rohm and Haas Company
Rosewood Stone Group
R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc.
The Sagner Companies, Inc.
Sargent Management
Sartomer Company
Senior Chemical Company Executives
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Sonesta International
Stepan Company
Sterling Chemicals, Inc.
Synthethic Organic Chemical Manufacturers
Associations (SOCMA)
Tennant Company
Texas Brine Corporation
Tica Industries, Inc.
Union Carbide Corporation
Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc.
United Retail Group, Inc.
Velsicol Chemical Corporation
W.R. Grace & Company