about ACDA

ACDA is made up of slightly more than 250 employees along with detailees from the military and other federal agencies. ACDA professionals are available for public speaking engagements. Call 1-800-581-ACDA or (202) 647-8677 to request a speaker for your event.


  • Holum, John D.

    Deputy Director

  • Earle, Ambassador Ralph

    Intelligence, Verification and Information Systems Bureau

  • Sheaks, Dr. O.J., Acting Assistant Director

    Multilateral Affairs Bureau

  • Mahley, Donald A., Acting Assistant Director

    Nonproliferation and Regional Arms Control Bureau

  • Wulf, Norman A., Acting Assistant Director

    Strategic and Eurasian Affairs Bureau

  • Fischer, Lucas, Acting Assistant Director

    Standing Consultative Commission

  • Riveles, Dr. Stanley, U.S. Commissioner

    Special Verification Commission and Joint Compliance and Inspection Commission

  • Steiner, Ambassador Steven, U.S. Representative

    Senior Adviser to the ACDA Director

  • Gross, Donald G.

    Director of the Advanced Projects Office, and Executive Director of the Scientific and
    Policy Advisory Committee

  • Sherman, Robert

    Office of Congressional Affairs

  • Barton, Dave, Director

    Office of Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Nealy, Robert, Manager

    Office of the General Counsel

  • Hoinkes, Mary Elizabeth

    Office of Public Affairs

  • Waters, Robert, Acting Director