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Personal Security Guidelines
For the American Business Traveler Overseas

Released as a brochure by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and the Overseas Security Advisory Council, November, 1994

Table of Contents


This booklet was developed to inform and make the American business traveler aware of the potentially hostile overseas environment in which they may be traveling or working. The information contained in this booklet will familiarize the traveler with personal security guidelines for traveling overseas. The potential hazards and vulnerabilities that are inherent in protecting/carrying sensitive or proprietary information while traveling are described, as are surveillance and/or targeting recognition, personal conduct abroad, hostage/hijacking survival and fire safety.

There are several scenarios to traveling abroad that are addressed: first, the actual getting from point A to B; second, the airport; third, the hotel or temporary quarters; fourth, traveling within a foreign country; and, lastly, the office or work place. Each of these five situations presents different potential security problems.

The most effective means of protecting yourself and your property is the liberal use of common sense reinforced with a high state of security awareness. Do not give anyone the opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities. Stay alert and exercise good judgment.

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