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United States Department of State
Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Guide for Business Representatives


It is most important that correspondence to a Foreign  
Service post be addressed to a section or position rather 
than to an officer by name.  This will eliminate delays   
resulting from the forwarding  of official mail to officers 
who have transferred.  Normally, correspondence concerning 
commercial matters should  be  addressed  simply "Commercial 
Section" followed by the name and correct mailing address of 
the post.  (Examples of correct mailing addresses appear on 
page xvi.)

Department of State 
Publication 7877
Revised Spring 1994
Publishing Services Division

PS/GE, ROOM 1845, DEPARTMENT OF STATE 20520-1853 or FAX 
(202) 736-4269
FAX messages must be followed up with cables or memos.

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via FAX with Visa and Mastercard
U.S. Government Printing Office
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Tel. (202) 783-3238
FAX (202) 512-2168

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Guide for Business Representatives Doing Business Overseas--
Your First Point of Contact

If you are planning a trip overseas or need information 
about doing business overseas, your first point of contact 
should be the nearest U.S. Department of Commerce District 

There are 47 District Offices and 21 Branch Offices in 
cities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico staffed 
by trade specialists from the United States and Foreign 
Commercial Service (US&FCS).  These District Offices provide 
information on foreign markets, agent/distributor location 
services, trade leads, and counseling on business 

All District Offices have access to the National Trade Data 
Bank, a "one-stop" computerized source for current export 
promotion and country-specific trade data collected by 17 
U.S.  Government agencies.  U.S. Export Assistance Centers, 
which combine the export promotion and trade finance 
services of the Department of Commerce, the Export-Import 
Bank, the Small Business Administration, and the Agency for 
International Development, now are open in Miami, Chicago, 
Long Beach, and Baltimore. 

It is strongly recommended that business representatives 
inform the District Office of their plans to travel 
overseas.  The District Office will notify Commercial 
Sections in overseas posts of the upcoming visit to ensure 
that they are adequately prepared to help.

The Key Officers Guide lists key officers at Foreign Service 
posts with whom American business representatives would most 
likely have contact.  All embassies, missions, consulates 
general, and consulates are listed.

At the head of each U.S. diplomatic mission are the Chief of 
Mission (with the title of Ambassador, Minister, or Charge 
d'Affaires) and the Deputy Chief of Mission.  These officers 
are responsible for all components of the U.S. Mission 
within a country, including consular posts.

A Chief of Mission Secretary is responsible for the 
scheduling of appointments for that official. In addition to 
other duties, this secretary may also assist business 
persons by directing inquiries to the appropriate Mission 

Commercial Officers assist U.S. business through:  arranging 
appointmentswith local business and government officials; 
counseling on local trade regulations, laws, and customs; 
identifying importers, buyers, agents, distributors, and 
joint venture partners for U.S. firms; and other business 
assistance.  At larger posts, trade specialists of the 
US&FCS perform these functions.  At smaller posts, 
commercial interests are represented by Economic/Commercial 
Officers from the Department of State.

Commercial Officers for Tourism promote the U.S. travel and 
tourism industry.

Economic Officers analyze and report on macroeconomic trends 
and trade policies and their implications for U.S. policies 
and programs.

Financial Attaches analyze and report on major financial 

Agricultural Officers promote the export of U.S. 
agricultural products and report on agricultural production 
and market developments in their area.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Officers are 
responsible for animal and plant health issues as they 
impact U.S. trade and in protecting U.S. agriculture from 
foreign pests and diseases.  They expedite U.S. exports in 
the area of technical sanitary and phytosanitary (S&P) 

Environment, Science and Technology (EST) Officers analyze 
and report on EST developments and their potential impact on 
U.S. policies and programs.

Consular Officers extend to U.S. citizens and their property 
abroad the protection of the U.S. Government.  They maintain 
lists of local attorneys, act as liaison with police and 
other officials, and have the authority to  notarize 
documents.  The Department recommends that business 
representatives residing overseas register with the consular 
officer; in troubled areas, even travelers are advised to 

Immigration and Naturalization Service Officers are 
responsible for enforcing the laws regulating the admission 
of foreign-born persons (i.e., aliens) to the United States 
and for administering various immigration benefits, 
including the naturalization of resident aliens. 

Regional Security Officers are responsible for providing 
physical, procedural, and personnel security services to 
U.S. diplomatic facilities and personnel; their 
responsibilities extend to providing in-country security 
briefings and threat assessments to business executives.

AID  Mission Directors are responsible for AID programs, 
including dollar and local currency loans, grants, and 
technical assistance.

Political Officers analyze and report on political 
developments and their potential impact on U.S. interests.

Labor Officers follow the activities of labor organizations 
to supply such information as wages, nonwage costs, social 
security regulations, labor attitudes toward American 
investments, etc.

Administrative Officers are responsible for normal business 
operations of the post, including purchasing for the post 
and its commissary.

Security Assistance  Officers are responsible for Defense 
Cooperation in Armaments and foreign military sales to 
include functioning as primary in-country point of contact 
for U.S. Defense Industry.

Information Systems  Managers are responsible for the post's 
unclassified information systems, database management, 
programming, and operational needs.  They provide liaison 
with appropriate commercial contacts in the information 
field to enhance the post's systems integrity.

Communications Programs Officers are responsible for the 
telecommunications, telephone, radio, diplomatic pouches, 
and records management programs within the diplomatic 
mission.  They maintain close contact with the host 
government's information/communications authorities on 
operational matters.

Public Affairs Officers are the press and cultural affairs 
specialists and maintain close contac  with the local press.

Legal Attaches serve as representatives to the U.S. 
Department of Justice on criminal matters.

U.S. Department of State and Commerce Country Desk Officers
Both the Departments of State and Commerce have country desk 
officers based in Washington, D.C., who track developments 
in specific countries.

International Economic Policy (IEP) country desk officers in 
the  Department of Commerce collect information on 
individual country regulations, tariffs, business practices, 
economic and political developments, trade data, and market 
size and growth, keeping a current pulse on the potential 
markets for U.S. products, services, and investments.

IEP has several regional business information centers that 
focus on new opportunities for trade and investment in 
various parts of the world:  the former Soviet Union, 
Eastern Europe, Japan, Latin America and the Caribbean, and 
the European Community.

For a  specific country desk officer or regional business 
center, call (202) 482-3022.

Country desk officers at the Department of State maintain 
regular contact with overseas diplomatic missions and can 
provide country-specific economic and political analysis for 
U.S. companies. 

For a specific State Department country desk officer, call 
(202) 647-4000.

The Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, can 
also provide current data on the security situation to 
interested persons planning trips abroad.  American business 
representatives desiring this information should contact the 
Overseas Security Advisory  Council at (202) 663-0533.

Department of State Coordinator for Business Affairs
To ensure that the Department of State provides consistent, 
effective  support to U.S. businesses overseas, the 
Secretary of State has established a Coordinator for 
Business Affairs.  You should consider the Coordinator for 
Business Affairs your principal point of contact for 
business concerns within the Department of State.  Tel. 
(202) 647-1942; FAX (202) 647-5713.

Trade Information Center
For general information about U.S. Government export 
promotion programs, you should contact the Trade Information 
Center.  It provides information on Federal programs and 
activities that support U.S. exports, information on 
overseas markets and industry trends, and a computerized 
calendar of U.S Government-sponsored domestic and overseas 
trade events.  The center's nationwide toll-free number is:  
1-800-USA-TRADE (1-800-872-8723).

A special line is available for those who are deaf or 
hearing-impaired:  TDD 1-800-833-8723.


Birmingham--Patrick T. Wall (Dir.)
-- Room 302 Berry Building
-- 2015 2nd Avenue North, 
-- ZIP: 35203
-- Tel.: (205) 731-1331, FAX: (205) 731-0076

Anchorage--Charles Becker (Dir.)
-- Suite 319, World Trade Center 
--- Alaska
-- 4201 Tudor Centre Drive, 
-- ZIP  99508
-- Tel.: (907) 271-6237, FAX: (907) 271-6242

Phoenix--Donald W. Fry (Dir.)
-- Phoenix Plaza, Suite 970
-- 2901 N. Central Avenue, ZIP: 85012
-- Tel.: (602) 640-2513, FAX: (602) 640-2518

Little Rock--Lon J. Hardin (Dir.)
-- TCBY Tower Building, Suite 700
-- 425 West Capitol Avenue, ZIP: 72201
-- Tel.: (501) 324-5794, FAX: (501) 324-7380

Los Angeles--Stephen Arlinghaus (Dir.)
-- 11000 Wilshire Blvd., Rm 9200, ZIP: 90024
-- Tel.: (310) 575-7104, FAX: (310) 575-7220

(*) Newport Beach
-- 3300 Irvine Avenue, Suite 305, ZIP: 92660
-- Tel.: (714) 660-1688, FAX: (714) 660-8039

(**) Long Beach USEAC--Joe Sachs (Dir.)
-- One Wld. Trade Cen., Ste. 1670,
-- -- ZIP: 90831
-- Tel.: (310) 980-4550, FAX: (310) 980-4561

San Diego--Vacant
-- 6363 Greenwich Dr., Suite 230, ZIP: 92122
-- Tel.: (619) 557-5395, FAX: (619) 557-6176

San Francisco--Betty Neuhart (Dir.)
-- 250 Montgomery St., 14th Floor,
-- -- ZIP: 94104
-- Tel.: (415) 705-2300, FAX: (415) 705-2297

(*) Santa Clara
-- 5201 Great Amer. Pkwy., #456, ZIP: 95054
-- Tel.: (408) 291-7625, FAX: (408) 291-7626

Denver--Neil Hesse (Dir.)
-- 1625 Broadway, Suite 680, ZIP: 80202
-- Tel.: (303) 844-6622, FAX: (303) 844-5651

Hartford--Carl Jacobsen (Act. Dir.)
-- Room 610B, 450 Main Street, ZIP: 06103
-- Tel.: (203) 240-3530, FAX: (203) 240-3473

Served by the Philadelphia District Office

Served by the Gaithersburg Branch Office

(**) Miami USEAC-- Lewis Nixon (Act.Dir.)
-- P.O. Box 590570, ZIP: 33159
-- 5600 Northwest 36th St., Ste. 617,
-- ZIP: 33166
-- Tel.: (305) 526-7425, 
-- FAX: (305) 526-7434

(*) Clearwater
-- 128 North Osceola Avenue, 
-- ZIP: 34615
-- Tel.: (813) 461-0011, 
-- FAX: (813) 449-2889

(*) Orlando
-- Eola Park Centre, Suite 695
-- 200 E. Robinson Street, 
-- ZIP: 32801
-- Tel.: (407) 648-6235, 
-- FAX: (407) 648-6756

(*) Tallahassee
-- 107 West Gaines Street, 
-- Room 366G,
-- ZIP: 32399
-- Tel.: (904) 488-6469, 
-- FAX: (904) 487-1407

Atlanta--George T. Norton (Dir.) 
-- Plaza Square North, Suite 310
-- 4360 Chamblee Dunwoody Road,
-- ZIP: 30341
-- Tel.: (404) 452-9101, 
-- FAX: (404) 452-9105

Savannah--Barbara Prieto (Dir.)
-- 120 Barnard Street, 
-- Room A-107,
-- ZIP: 31401
-- Tel.: (912) 652-4204, 
-- FAX: (912) 652-4241

Honolulu--George B. Dolan (Dir.)
-- P.O. Box 50026
-- 300 Ala Moana Blvd., Room 4106,
-- ZIP: 96850
-- Tel.: (808) 541-1782, 
-- FAX: (808) 541-3435

(*) Boise--Portland District Office
-- 700 West State Street, 
-- ZIP: 83720
-- Tel.: (208) 334-3857, 
-- FAX: (208) 334-2783

(**) Chicago USEAC--
-- Brad Dunderman (Dir.)
-- Xerox Center
-- 55 West Monroe Street, 
-- Suite 2440,
-- ZIP: 60603
-- Tel.: (312) 353-8040, 
-- FAX: (312) 353-8098

(*) Wheaton
-- c/o Illinois Institute of Technology
-- 201 East Loop Road, 
-- ZIP: 60187
-- Tel.: (312) 353-4332, 
-- FAX: (312) 353-4336

(*) Rockford
-- P.O. Box 1747
-- 515 North Court Street, 
-- ZIP: 61110
-- Tel.: (815) 987-4347, 
-- FAX: (815) 987-8122

Indianapolis--Andrew Thress (Dir.)
-- Penwood One, Suite 106
-- 11405 N. Pennsylvania Street
-- Carmel, IN. 46032
-- Tel.: (317) 582-2300, 
-- FAX: (317) 582-2301

Des Moines--Randall J. LaBounty (Dir.)
-- Room 817, Federal Building
-- 210 Walnut Street, 
-- ZIP: 50309
-- Tel.: (515) 284-4222, 
-- FAX: (515) 284-4021

(*) Wichita--Kansas City 
District Office
-- 151 N. Volutsia, ZIP: 67214
-- Tel.: (316) 269-6160, 
-- FAX: (316) 683-7326

Louisville--John Autin (Dir.)
-- Marmaduke Building, 3rd Floor
-- 520 South 4th Street, 
-- ZIP: 40202
-- Tel.: (502) 582-5066, 
-- FAX: (502) 582-6573

New Orleans--Paul L. Guidry (Dir.)
-- Hale Boggs Federal Building
-- 501 Magazine Street,
-- Room 1043,
--ZIP: 70130
-- Tel.: (504) 589-6546, 
-- FAX: (504) 589-2337

(*) Augusta--Boston District Office
-- 187 State Street,
-- ZIP: 04333
-- Tel.: (207) 622-8249, 
-- FAX: (207) 626-9156

(**) Baltimore USEAC--Roger Fortner (Dir.)
-- World Trade Center, Suite 2432
-- 401 Pratt Street,
-- ZIP: 21202
-- Tel.: (410) 962-4539 
-- FAX: (410) 962-4529

(*) Gaithersburg
-- c/o National Institute of Standards & Technology
-- Room A102, Building 411, 
-- ZIP: 20899
-- Tel.: (301) 975-3904; 
-- FAX: (301) 948-4360

Boston--Frank J. O'Connor (Dir.)
-- 164 Northern Avenue
-- World Trade Center, Suite 307, 
-- ZIP: 02210
-- Tel.: (617) 565-8563, 
-- FAX: (617) 565-8530

Detroit--Dean Peterson (Dir.)
-- 1140 McNamara Building
-- 477 Michigan Avenue, 
-- ZIP: 48226
-- Tel.: (313) 226-3650, 
-- FAX: (313) 226-3657

(*) Grand Rapids
-- 300 Monroe N.W., Room 409, 
-- ZIP: 49503
-- Tel.: (616) 456-2411, 
-- FAX: (616) 456-2695

Minneapolis--Ronald E. Kramer (Dir.)
-- 108 Federal Building
-- 110 South 4th Street,
-- ZIP: 55401
-- Tel.: (612) 348-1638, FAX: (612) 348-1650

Jackson--Mark E. Spinney (Dir.)
-- 201 W. Capitol Street, Suite 310,
-- ZIP: 39201
-- Tel.: (601) 965-4388, FAX: (601) 965-5386

St. Louis--Sandra Gerley (Dir.)
-- 8182 Maryland Avenue, Suite 303,
-- ZIP: 63105
-- Tel.: (314) 425-3302, FAX: (314) 425-3381

Kansas City--John Steuber (Dir.)
-- 601 East 12th Street, Room 635,
-- ZIP: 64106
-- Tel.: (816) 426-3141, FAX: (816) 426-3140

-- Served by the Boise Branch Office

-- 11133 "O" Street,
-- ZIP: 68137
-- Tel.: (402) 221-3664, FAX: (402) 221-3668

Reno--James K. Hellwig (Dir.)
-- 1755 East Plumb Lane, Room 152,
-- ZIP: 89502
-- Tel.: (702) 784-5203, FAX: (702) 784-5343

(*) Portsmouth--Boston District Office
-- 601 Spaulding Turnpike, Suite 29,
-- ZIP: 03801
-- Tel.: (603) 334-6074, FAX: (603) 334-6110

Trenton--Rod Stuart (Act. Dir.)
-- 3131 Princeton Pike, Bldg. #6,
-- Suite 100,
-- ZIP: 08648
-- Tel.: (609) 989-2100, FAX: (609) 989-2395

(*) Santa Fe--Dallas District Office
-- c/o New Mexico Dept. of Economic Development
-- 1100 St. Francis Drive,
-- ZIP: 87503
-- Tel.: (505) 827-0350, FAX: (505) 827-0263

Buffalo--George Buchanan (Dir.)
-- 1312 Federal Building
-- 111 West Huron Street, 
-- ZIP: 14202
-- Tel.: (716) 846-4191, FAX: (716) 846-5290

(*) Rochester
-- 111 East Avenue, Suite 220,
-- ZIP: 14604
-- Tel.: (716) 263-6480, FAX: (716) 325-6505

New York--Joel W. Barkan (Dir.)
-- 26 Federal Plaza, Room 3718,
-- ZIP: 10278
-- Tel.: (212) 264-0634, FAX: (212) 264-1356

Greensboro--Samuel P. Troy (Dir.)
-- 400 West Market Street, Suite 400,
-- ZIP: 27401
-- Tel.: (910) 333-5345, 
-- FAX: (910) 333-5158

Served by the Minneapolis District Office

Cincinnati--Gordon Thomas (Dir.)
-- 550 Main Street, Room 9504,
-- ZIP: 45202
-- Tel.: (513) 684-2944, 
-- FAX: (513) 684-3200

Cleveland--Toby T. Zettler (Dir.)
-- Bank One Center
-- 600 Superior Avenue, Suite 700,
-- ZIP: 44114
-- Tel.: (216) 522-4750, 
-- FAX: (216) 522-2235

Oklahoma City--Ronald L. Wilson (Dir.)
-- 6601 Broadway Extension, Rm. 200,
-- ZIP: 73116
-- Tel.: (405) 231-5302, 
-- FAX: (405) 841-5245

(*) Tulsa
-- 440 South Houston Street,
-- ZIP: 74127
-- Tel.: (918) 581-7650, FAX: (918) 581-2844

Portland--William Schrage (Dir.)
-- One World Trade Center, Suite 242
-- 121 SW Salmon,
-- ZIP: 97204
-- Tel.: (503) 326-3001, FAX: (503) 326-6351

Philadelphia--Robert E. Kistler (Dir.)
-- 660 American Avenue, Suite 201
-- King of Prussia, PA 
-- ZIP: 19406
-- Tel.: (215) 962-4980, FAX: (215) 962-4989

Pittsburgh--John A. McCartney (Dir.)
-- 2002 Federal Building
-- 1000 Liberty Avenue,
-- ZIP: 15222
-- Tel.: (412) 644-2850, FAX: (412) 644-4875

San Juan (Hato Rey)--
-- J. Enrique Vilella (Dir.)
-- Room G-55, Federal Building 
-- Chardon Avenue,
-- ZIP: 00918
-- Tel.: (809) 766-5555, FAX: (809) 766-5692

(*) Providence--Hartford District Office
-- 7 Jackson Walkway,
-- ZIP: 02903
-- Tel.: (401) 528-5104, FAX: (401) 528-5067

Columbia--Edgar L. Rojas (Dir.)
-- Strom Thurmond Federal Bldg., Suite 172
-- 1835 Assembly Street, 
-- ZIP: 29201
-- Tel.: (803) 765-5345, 
-- FAX: (803) 253-3614

(*) Charleston
-- c/o Trident Technical College
-- P.O. Box 118067, CE-P
-- 66 Columbus Street,
-- ZIP: 29423
-- Tel.: (803) 727-4051, 
-- FAX: (803) 727-4052

-- Served by the Omaha District Office

Nashville--Jim Charlet (Dir.)
-- Parkway Towers, Suite 114
-- 404 James Robertson Parkway,
-- ZIP: 37219
-- Tel.: (615) 736-5161, 
-- FAX: (615) 736-2454

(*) Memphis
-- 22 North Front Street, Suite 200,
-- ZIP: 38103
-- Tel.: (901) 544-4137, 
-- FAX: (901) 575-3510

(*) Knoxville
-- 301 East Church Avenue, 
-- ZIP: 37915
-- Tel.: (615) 545-4637, 
-- FAX: (615) 523-2071

Dallas--Donald Schilke (Dir.)
-- P.O. Box 58130
-- 2050 N. Stemmons Fwy., Suite 170,
-- ZIP: 75258
-- Tel.: (214) 767-0542, 
-- FAX: (214) 767-8240

(*) Austin
-- P.O. Box 12728
-- 410 E. 5th Street, Suite 414-A,
 -- ZIP: 78711
-- Tel.: (512) 482-5939, 
-- FAX: (512) 482-5940

Houston--James D. Cook (Dir.)
-- #1 Allen Center, Suite 1160
-- 500 Dallas, ZIP: 77002
-- Tel.:  (713) 229-2578, FAX: (713) 229-2203

Salt Lake City--Stephen P. Smoot (Dir.)
-- 324 S. State Street, Suite 105, 
-- ZIP: 84111
-- Tel.: (801) 524-5116, 
-- FAX: (801) 524-5886

(*) Montpelier
-- c/o Vermont Dept. of Economic Development
-- 109 State Street,
-- ZIP: 05609
-- Tel.: (802) 828-4508, 
-- FAX: (802) 828-4507 

Richmond--Philip A. Ouzts (Dir.)
-- 700 Centre
-- 704 East Franklin Street, 
-- Suite 550,
-- ZIP: 23219
-- Tel.: (804) 771-2246, 
-- FAX: (804) 771-2390

Seattle--Lisa Kjaer (Dir.)
-- 3131 Elliott Avenue, Suite 290,
-- ZIP: 98121
-- Tel.: (206) 553-5615, 
-- FAX: (206) 553-7253

(*) Tri-Cities
-- 320 North Johnson Street, 
-- Suite 350
-- Kennewick, WA 99336
-- Tel.: (509) 735-2751, 
-- FAX: (509) 735-9385

-- 405 Capitol Street, Suite 807,
-- ZIP: 25301
-- Tel.: (304) 347-5123, 
-- FAX: (304) 347-5408

Milwaukee--Johnny Brown (Dir.)
-- 517 E. Wisconsin Avenue, 
-- Room 596, ZIP: 53202
-- Tel.: (414) 297-3473, 
-- FAX: (414) 297-3470

Served by the Denver District Office

Regional Offices
(***) Region I, Philadelphia 
Carl Jacobsen, Acting Regional Director
-- 660 American Avenue, Suite 202
-- King of Prussia, PA 19406
-- Tel.: (215) 962-4990, 
-- FAX: (215) 962-1326

(***) Region II, Atlanta
-- LoRee Silloway, Regional Director
-- Plaza Square North, Suite 405
-- 4360 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, 
-- ZIP: 30341
-- Tel.: (404) 455-7860, 
-- FAX: (404) 455-7865

(***) Region III, Cincinnati
-- Gordon Thomas, Acting Regional Director
-- 9504 Federal Building
-- 550 Main Street,
-- ZIP: 45202
-- Tel.: (513) 684-2947, 
-- FAX: (513) 684-3200

(***) Region IV, St. Louis
-- Donald R. Loso, Regional Director
-- 8182 Maryland Avenue, Suite 305,
-- ZIP: 63105
-- Tel.: (314) 425-3300, 
-- FAX: (314) 425-3375

(***) Region V, San Francisco
-- Michael Liikala, Regional Director
-- 250 Montgomery St., 14th Floor,
-- ZIP: 94104
-- Tel.: (415) 705-2310, 
-- FAX: (415) 705-2299

(*) - Denotes Trade Specialist at a Branch Office
(**) - Denotes a U.S. Export Assistance Center
(***) - Office with managerial and administrative oversight 
responsibilities (offers no direct business counseling) 



POSTS OPENED--Cluj-Napoca, Romania (BO), Skopje, the Former 
Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (USLO); Mogadishu, Somalia 

POST CLOSED--Palermo, Italy (CG)


Embassies (E)-- *164
Branch Offices of Embassy (BO)-- 3
Missions (M): USUN (New York), USOAS (Washington), USEC 
(Brussels), ICAO (Montreal), USNATO (Brussels), FODAG 
(Rome), USOECD (Paris), UNESCO (observer Mission-Paris), 
UNVIE  (Vienna), and European Office of UN and Other-- IO 
(Geneva)-- 10
U.S. Interests Sections (USINT)-- 1
U.S. Offices (USREP)-- 0
Consulates General (CG)-- 66
Consulates (C)-- 19
U.S. Liaison Office (USLO)-- 5
-- Total-- **267
Consular Agencies (CA) (includes Abuja (BO))-- 46

*This count reflects only those countries where the United 
States has an established physical Mission.  An additional 
12 countries have U.S. Ambassadors accredited to them but no 
physical Mission exists.  Operations have been temporarily 
suspended at the following post:  Baghdad (1/91).
**Total post count does not include Consular Agencies (CA).


Addresses are examples only

Posts with APO/FPO Numbers:
APO/FPO Address*
PSC or Unit number, Box number
APO AE 09080 or APO AA 34038 
or APO AP 96337

International Address**
Name of Person/Section-- 
American Embassy
P.O. Box 26431***
Manama, Bahrain 

Posts without APO/FPO Numbers:
Diplomatic Pouch Address*
Name of Person/Section
Name of Post
Department of State
Washington, D.C.  20521-four digit add-on

(see 9-digit ZIP Code explanation and listing)

International Address**
Name of Person/Section
American Embassy
Jubilaeumstrasse 93***
3005 Bern, Switzerland

NOTE:  Do not combine any of the above forms (e.g., 
international plus APO/FPO addresses).  This will only 
result in confusion and possible delays in delivery.  Mail 
sent to the Department for delivery through its pouch system 
for posts with APO/FPO addresses cannot be accepted and will 
be returned to the sender.

*-- Use domestic postage.
**-- Use international postage.
***-- Use street address only when P.O. box is not supplied.


Tirane (E), American Embassy 
Tirana Rruga E. Elbansanit 103; PSC 59, Box 100 (A), APO AE 
09624; Tel 355-42-32875, 33520; FAX 355-42-32222
AMB:-- William E. Ryerson
AMB SEC:-- Hortencia Genlap
DCM:-- Douglas R. Smith
POL:-- Carl R. Siebentritt
ECO/COM:-- Francis Daulong
CON:-- Mary D. Draper
ADM:-- Peter J. Prahar
IPO:-- Dennis Hirst
GSO:-- Philip G. Laidlaw
ODA:-- Ltc. Stephen Bucci, USA
PAO:-- Cynthia Caples
AID:-- Dianne Blane
AGR:-- Holly Higgins
-- (resident in Milan)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA/CASLO:-- Amy Fitzgibbons
-- (resident in Vienna)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Larry J. Legrand 
-- (res. in Rome)

Algiers (E), 4 Chemin Cheikh Bachir El-Ibrahimi; B.P. Box 
549  (Alger-Gare) 16000; Tel [213] (2) 69-11-86, 69-18-54, 
69-38-75; Telex 66047;  FAX [213] (2) 69-39-79; COM Tel 
[213] (2) 69-23-17 COM FAX [213] (2) 69-18-63; USIS Tel 
[213] (2) 69-19-40; USIS FAX [213] (2) 69-14-88
AMB:-- Mary Ann Casey
DCM:-- Haywood F. Rankin
POL:-- James Howard Yellin
ECO:-- Robert R. Blake, Jr.
COM:-- (Vacant)
CON:-- Laura C. Byergo
ADM:-- Brian H. McIntosh
RSO:-- Stephen G. Fakan
PAO:-- Janet Wilgus
ODA:-- Col  Roger V. Gossick, 
CPO:-- Howard R. Schultz
AGR:-- Evans "Duffy" Browne
-- (resident in Tunis)

FAA:-- Robert T. Francis II
-- (resident in Paris)
FAA/CASLO:-- Andre Perze
-- (resident in Paris)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo 
(res. in Paris)

Oran (C).   The post closed in June 1993.

Luanda (E), Rua Major Kanhangulo CP 6484, Luanda, Angola.  
Pouch: American Embassy Luanda, Dept. of State, Washington, 
D.C., 20521-2550;  INMARSAT: Int'l Operator: 873-151-7430; 
Tel [244] (2) 345-481; FAX [244] (2) 390-515
DIR:-- Edmund T. DeJarnette
DEP DIR:-- Michael T. Metelits
POL:-- Bernice Powell
POL/MIL:-- John  E. Bash
ADM:-- Joseph Schreiber
ECO/COM:-- Daniel Rubinstein
CON:-- Lisa Johnson
CPO:-- David Feiser
PAO:-- Joseph Schreiber (Acting)
RSO:-- Marilyn M. Wanner
-- (resident in Windhoek)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery 
-- (resident in Dakar)
DLO:-- Maj Richard Fritz, USA
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)

Antigua and Barbuda
St. Johns (E), FPO AA 34054-0001; Tel (809) 462-3505/06; 
Telex 2140 USEMB; FAX (809) 462-3516
CHG:-- Bryant J. Salter
CON:-- (Vacant)
ADM:-- Paul Jerome Howard
RSO:-- Thurron J. Mallory
-- (resident in Santo Domingo)
PAO:-- Gerald Waters
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
AID:-- Mosina Jordan
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
LAB:-- Raymond L. Brown
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
IRS:-- Charles Shea
-- (resident in Caracas)
LEGAT:-- Paul F. Nolan
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)

Buenos Aires (E), 4300 Colombia, 1425; Unit 4334; APO AA 
34034; Tel [54] (1) 777-4533 and 777-4534; Telex 18156 
AMEMBAR; FAX [54] (1) 777-0197; COM FAX [54] (1) 777-0673
AMB:-- James R. Cheek
DCM:-- Ronald D. Godard
POL:-- Timothy J. Dunn
ECO:-- Peter D. Whitney
COM:-- Arthur  A. Alexander
CONS:-- Nicholas  J. Ricciuti
ADM:-- Bernardo Segura Giron
RSO:-- James Walsh
PAO:-- Ernesto Uribe
CPO:-- George J. Solomon
IMO:-- Robert Siletzky
EST:-- Kenneth D. Cohen
AID:-- Robert J. Asselin, Jr.
-- (resident in Montevideo)
ODA:-- Col Wayne C. Fisher, USAF
MILGP:-- Col John C. Woolshlager, USA
AGR:-- Max F. Bowser
APHIS:-- Thomas J. Andre, Jr.
LAB:-- William L. Lofstrom
FAA:-- Santiago Garcia 
-- (resident in Rio de Janeiro)
FAA/CASLO:-- Larry A. Bruce
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
IRS:-- Stanley Newman
-- (resident in Sao Paulo)

Yerevan (E), 18 Gen Bagramian; Tel 7-8852-151-144 or 7-8852-
524-661; FAX 7-8852-151-138; Telex 243137 AMEMY
AMB:-- Harry J. Gilmore
DCM:-- Ted Bust
POL:-- Robert Patterson
ECON:-- Stefan Milliken
ADM:-- Donald B. Simmons, Jr.
COM:-- Frank Sparhawk
CONS:-- Ronald Harms
GSO:-- Matt Weiller
IPO:-- Cal McQueen
AID:-- Suzanne Olds
PAO:-- David Siefkin
RSO:-- Bill Maxwell
-- (resident in Tbilisi)
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
AGR:-- David Schoonover
-- (resident in Moscow)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook 
-- (resident in Bonn)

Canberra (E), Moonah Pl., Canberra, A.C.T. 2600; APO AP 
96549;  Tel [61] (6) 270-5000; Telex 62104 USAEMB; FAX [61] 
(6) 270-5970
AMB:-- Edward J. Perkins
AMB SEC:-- Nancy R. Buss
DCM:-- Marilyn A. Meyers
POL:-- Morton R. Dworken, Jr.
ECO:-- L. Stuart Allan
COM:-- Karla King
-- (resident in Sydney)
CONS:-- Ruta D. Elvikis
ADM:-- George E. Knight
RSO:-- Robert E. Morris
PAO:-- Robin Surridge
IMO:-- John P. Boulanger
ISO:-- Durwood L. Franke
EST:-- Zachary Z. Teich
ODA:-- Col Max M. Morosko, Jr., USAF
MNL:-- John Michael Garner
AGR:-- James A. Truran
APHIS:-- (Vacant)
FAA:-- Steve Earnest
-- (resident in Sydney)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Wayne Bair
-- (resident in San Francisco)
LAB:-- George S. Dragnich

Melbourne (CG), 553 St. Kilda Road, P.O. Box 6722 Melbourne, 
Victoria 3004; Unit 11011, APO AP 96551-0002; Tel [61] (3) 
526-5900; FAX [61] (3)510-4646; USIS  Tel [61] (3) 526-5930; 
FAX [61] (3) 510-4686; COM FAX [61] (3) 510-4660
CG:-- Eleanor W. Savage
CG SEC:-- Jean C. Pedersen
POL:-- Edward V. O'Brien
COM:-- Kenneth L. Norton
CON:-- Steven A. Hardesty
ADM:-- Victor E. Manley
BPAO:-- William F. Brent
CPO:-- Marc A. Beroud

Sydney (CG), 59th Fl., MLC Centre, 19-29 Martin Place, 
Sydney N.S.W. 2000; PSC 280 Unit 11026, APO AP 96554-0002; 
Tel [61] (2) 373-9200; ADMIN FAX [61] (2) 373-9125; COM FAX 
[61] (2) 221-0576; CON FAX [61] (2) 373-9184
CG:-- Gregorie W. Bujac
CG SEC:-- Mary F. Roberts
POL:-- C. Steven McGann
COM:-- Karla B. King
CON:-- Donald R. Tyson
ADM:-- Sandra S. Odor
BPAO:-- Hugh J. Ivory
CPO:-- Allan Friedbauer 
IRS:-- Vivian L. Simon
USTTA:-- Daniel J. Young
FAA/CASLO:-- Steve Earnest

Perth (CG),  13th Fl., 16 St. Georges Terr., Perth, WA 6000; 
Tel  [61] (9) 231-9400; FAX [61] (9) 231-9444
CG:-- Emil M. Skodon
CG SEC:-- Marian H. Primrose
CON:-- James  B. Gray (until 7/94)
CON:-- Daniel P. Claffey (eff. 7/94)
PAO:-- (Vacant)
USN:-- Cdr D.C. Cahoon

Brisbane (C), 4th fl., 383 Wickham Terr., Brisbane, 
Queensland 4000; Tel  [61] (7) 831-3330; FAX [61] (7) 832-
PO: -- Mark E. Mohr

Vienna (E), Boltzmanngasse 16, A-1091, Unit 27937, Vienna; 
Tel [43] (1) 313-39; FAX [43] (1) 310-0682; Consular 
Section:  Gartenbaupromenade 2, 4th Floor, A-1010 Vienna; 
Tel [43] (1) 313-39; FAX [43] (1) 513-43-51; COM FAX [43] 
(1) 310-6917; to utilize the leased line to AmEmbassy Vienna 
and/or UNVIE from the Department, dial Mission switchboard 
at 8-850-0000.
AMB:-- Swanee G. Hunt
AMB SEC:-- Susan B. Ray
DCM:-- James W. Swihart, Jr.
POL:-- Alfreda E. Meyers
ECO:-- William J. McGlynn, Jr.
CON:-- Mary M. McAteer
ADM:-- JoAnn M. Jenkins
RSO:-- Charles E. Sparks
PAO:-- Craig B.  Springer
IMO:-- David L. Collins 
ODA:-- Col John R. Miller, USA
AGR:-- Francis J. Tarrant
LAB:-- Eugene P. Tuttle
INS:-- Robert V. Looney
LEGAT:-- Robert L. Farmer
CUS:-- Ivan E. Taborsky
DEA:-- Bohdan Mizak
FAA/CASLO:-- Amy Fitzgibbons
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)
FCS:-- Benjamin J. Brown

U.S. Mission to International Organizations in Vienna 
(UNVIE),  Obersteinergasse 11/1, A-1190  Vienna UNVIE, Tel 
[43] (1) 36-31-52; Afterhours [43] (1) 31-55-11, or EXEC 
[43] (1) 36-92-095, or IAEA [43] (1)-36-02-093; FAX [43] (1) 
US REP:-- John B Ritch III
REP SEC:-- Theda Kettler
DCM:-- Thomas G. Martin
POL:-- Raymond R. Snider
ADM:-- John J. Finnegan, Jr.
IAEA:-- Michael Lawrence
UNDCP, UNRWA:-- Eric E. Svendsen
SR EST ATT:-- Marvin  R. Peterson
EST ATT:-- Lisa Hilliard
NUC SAFETY ATT:-- James Richardson
ISPO:-- Lester G. Epel

U.S. Delegation to the Conference on Security and 
Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), Obersteinergasse 11/1, A-1190 
Vienna; Tel [43] (1) 36-31-52; FAX  [43] (1) 36-63-85; 
Afterhours [43] (1) 313-39
USREP:-- John C. Kornblum
REP SEC:-- Bernadette M. McCarron
DEP REP:-- Craig G. Dunkerley
EXEC SEC:-- Loretta H. Debusk
FSC REP:-- Amb. Lynn M. Hansen
FSC DEP REP:-- (Vacant)
POL/ECON:-- Felix C.Vargas, Jr. 
ADM:-- Kathy A. Johnson
POL/MIL:-- Thomas R. Maertens
PAA:-- Elizabeth B. Pryor
JCS:-- Bg James C. Riley, USA
ACDA:-- Michael A. Guhin
OSD:-- James E. Hinds
IPO:-- Christopher Sinnott

Salzburg (CG).  The post closed in September 1993.

Baku (E), The Embassy is currently located in the Hotel 
Intourist; Tel 7-8922-92-63-06 thru 09, ext. 441, 442, 446, 
447, 448, 450; CPU Afterhours Tel [7] (8922) 92-63-06, ext. 
210; INMARSAT 008-73-151-2713; Telex 142110 AMEMB SU
AMB:-- Richard D. Kauzlarich
DCM:-- Robert Finn
EXEC ASST:-- Linda Price
CONS:-- Jennifer McIntyre
POL:-- Philip Remler
IPO:-- David Bendt
ECON:-- Robert Silverman
ADM:-- Jack Ferguson
PAO:-- Donald Cofman
GSO:-- Steven Kraft
RSO:-- William A. Maxwell  
-- (resident in Tbilisi)
AGR:-- Mary Revelt
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)

Nassau (E), Queen St.; P.O. Box N-8197; Tel (809) 322-1181 
and 328-2206; Telex 20-138 AMEMB NS138; FAX (809) 328-7838; 
Nonimmigrant Visa Section Tel (809) 328-3496; COM FAX (809) 
AMB:-- Sidney Williams
DCM:-- John S. Ford
POL/ECO:-- James P. McAnulty
ECO/COM:-- Scott D. Edelman
CON:-- Dennis W. Imwold
ADM:-- James M. Griffin
RSO:-- Todd J. Brown
PAO:-- James P. McAnulty (Acting)
CPO:-- Elwood (Skip) Rische
NAU:-- Matthew B. Kaplan
NLO:-- LCdr Douglas Bird, USN
CGLO:-- LCdr James D. Maes, USCG
CUS:-- Scott Lowen
DEA:-- John R. Pulley
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
INS:-- James M. Ward
IRS:-- Louis Hobbie
LAB:-- John W. Vincent
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)

Manama (E), Building No. 979, Road 3119 (next to Al-Ahli 
Sports Club) Zinj District; FPO AE 09834-5100; International 
Mail: P.O. Box 26431; Switchboard Tel (973) 273-300; FAX 
(973) 272-594; Afterhours Tel (973) 275-126; FAX (973) 272-
594; ECON/COM FAX (973) 256-717; USIS Tel (973) 276-180; 
USIS FAX (973) 270-547; OMC Tel (973) 276-962; OMC FAX (973) 
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- David S. Robins
POL:-- Andrew J. Schofer
POL/MIL: -- James F. Sartain
ECO/COM:-- Donald A. Roberts
CON:-- Karen L. Enstrom
ADM:-- Raul E. Chavera
RSO:-- Charles E. Diamond
PAO:-- Dr. A. Chris Eccel
CPO:-- Stephan D. Campos
OMC:-- Col Samuel H. Clovis, Jr
ATO:-- Edwin Porter (res. in Dubai)
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes (res. in Riyadh)

Dhaka (E), Diplomatic Enclave, Madani Ave., Baridhara, 
G.P.O. Box 323 Dhaka 1212; Tel. [880] (2) 884700-22; Telex 
642319 AEDKA BJ; FAX [880] (2) 883-744; USIS Jiban Bima 
Bhaban, 5th floor, 10 Dilkusha C.A., Dhaka 1000; Tel. [880] 
(2) 862550/4; FAX [880] (2) 833987
AMB:-- David N. Merrill
DCM:-- James P. Nach
POL:-- Jeffrey J. Lunstead
ECO/COM:-- Phillip Carter III
CON:-- Edward J. Wehrli
ADM:-- Paul E. Rowe
RSO:-- Daniel R. McCarthy
PAO:-- (Vacant)
CPO:-- Margaret A. Carver
ISM:-- Roger G. Snider
AID:-- Richard M. Brown
ODA:-- Ltc Steven R. Robinson, USA
AGR:-- Thomas Pomeroy
-- (resident in New Delhi)
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
IRS:-- Charles W. Landry
-- (resident in Singapore)

Bridgetown (E), P.O. Box 302; FPO AA 34055; Tel (809) 436-
4950; FAX (809) 429-5246; Telex 2259 USEMB BG1 WB; Marine 
Sec. Guard Tel  (809) 436-8995; CON FAX (809) 431-0179; AID 
FAX (809) 429-4438; USIS FAX (809) 429-5316; MLO FAX (809) 
427-1668; LEGAT FAX (809) 437-7772; Canadian Imperial Bank 
of Commerce Bldg., Broad Street
AMB:-- Jeanette W. Hyde
DCM:-- Tain P. Tompkins
POL/ECO:-- Thomas R. Hutson
ECO:-- Carol Ann Jackson
CON:-- Dale E. Shaffer
ADM:  -- James D. McGee
RSO:-- John M. Davis
PAO:-- Tyrone W. Kemp
CPO:-- Karl J. Jarvis
AID:-- Mosina H. Jordan
ODA:-- Ltc Clark Lynn, USA
MLO:-- Cdr P. Tim Swanson, USN
RMO:-- Dr. LaRae W. Kemp
AGR:-- Larry Senger
-- (resident in Caracas)
LAB:-- Raymond L. Brown
LEGAT:-- Paul F. Nolan
IRS:-- Charles Shea 
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)

Minsk (E), Starovilenskaya #46; Tel. 7-0172-34-65-37
AMB:-- (Vacant)
AMB SEC:-- Bonnie Pates
CHG:-- George Krol
ADM:-- Jeffrey Glassman
POL/ECO:-- Thomas McNulty
CON/GSO:-- Alex Meerovitch
IPO:-- Howard Keegan
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper 
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
AGR:-- Mary Revelt
-- (resident in Moscow)
IRS: -- Joe D. Hook (res. in Bonn)

Brussels (E), 27 Boulevard du Regent; B-1000 Brussels, APO 
AE 09724; PSC 82, Box 002 Tel [32] (2) 513-3830; Telex 846-
21336; FAX [32] (2) 502-1490; COM FAX [32] (2) 512-6653
AMB:-- Alan J. Blinken
AMB SEC:-- Roberta E. Viggiano
DCM:-- Lange Schermerhorn
POL:-- Judith Rodes Johnson
ECO:-- John L. Moran
COM:-- Jerry K. Mitchell
CON:-- Ernest J. Fischer II
ADM: -- Jim D. Mark
RSO:-- Frederick A. Mecke
PAO:-- E. Ashley Wills
CPO:-- Harry Olton
ISM:-- R. Peter Rice
DAO:-- Col John R. Fairlamb
ODC:-- Col Fred E. Spivey, USAF
AGR:-- Steven Yoder
-- (resident in The Hague)
FAA:-- Carl Burleson
-- (resident in London)
FAA/ILO:-- Patrick N. Poe
FAA/CASLO:-- Salvatore Cilluffo
FAA/FSIDO:-- William J. Reed
LAB:-- D. Jean Gardner
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

U.S. Mission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization 
(USNATO), Autoroute de Zaventem; B-1110 Brussels; APO AE 
09724; Tel [32] (2) 242-5280;  FAX [32] (2) 242-0696; USIS 
FAX [32] (2) 242-7768
PERM REP:-- Amb. Robert E. Hunter
PERM REP SECY:-- Mary Ann T. Silva
DEP PERM REP/DCM: -- W. Robert Pearson
DEF ADV:-- (Vacant)
POL/ECO ADV:-- Robert M. Beecroft
ADM ADV:-- Henry M. Reed II
PUB AFF ADV: -- Robert Bemis
EST ADV:-- Paul Rambaut
IMO:-- Jim Thompson

U.S. Mission to the European Communities (USEC), 40 Blvd. du 
Regent, B-1000 Brussels, APO AE 09724; Tel [32] (2) 513-
3830; Telex 21336; FAX [32] (2) 511-2092; COM FAX [32] (2) 
AMB:-- Stuart E. Eizenstat
AMB SEC:-- Carolyn W. Keene
DCM: -- Earl Anthony Wayne
POL: -- G. Jonathan Greenwald
ADM:-- Gail Roberts
ECO:-- Charles P. Ries
COM:-- John W. Bligh, Jr.
PAO: -- Stephen M. Dubrow
EST/TECH AFF:  -- Stephen V. Noble
STF:-- Karen S. Brown
CUS. ATT:-- Vicki L. Hodziewich
TRADE POL OFF:   Timothy J. Richards
TREAS:-- Todd W. Crawford
INM:-- (Vacant)
NAS:-- Frank L. Albert
INDUST OFF: -- Alan R. Tousignant
AGR MIN:-- Bryant H. Wadsworth
APHIS:-- Ed L. Ayers, Jr.
LAB:  -- Paul W. Hilburn, Jr.

European Logistical Support Office (ELSO - Antwerp), 
Noorderlaan 147, Bus 12A, B-2030 Antwerp; APO AE 09724;  Tel  
[32] (03) 542-4775; Telex 34964; FAX [32] (03) 542-6567
DIR:-- Michael J. Adams
DEP DIR:-- John Kwiatkowski

SHAPE (POLAD) B-7010;  SHAPE, Belgium; APO AE 09705; Tel 
[32] (65) 445-000
POLAD:  -- Vernon D. Penner

EURMAC, 15 Klaverbladstraat, B-3560 Lummen, Belgium, APO AE 
09724; Tel [32] (013) 531-071; FAX [32] (013) 531-315
MGR:-- Larry D. Allen

Belize City (E), Gabourel Lane and Hutson St.; P.O. Box 286; 
APO: Unit 7401, APO AA  34025; Tel [501] (2) 77161 thru 63; 
ADM FAX [501] (2) 35321; ODA FAX [501] (2) 32795; DEA FAX 
[501] (2) 33856; PC FAX [501] (2) 30345l; VOA  [501] (7) 
22127; MLO Tel. [501] (2) 25-2009/2019; MLO FAX [501] (2) 
25-2553; FAX [501] (2) 30802; USAID Tel [501] (2) 31067; 
USAID FAX [501] (2) 30215
AMB:-- Eugene L. Scassa
AMB SEC:-- Elka H. Hortoland
DCM:-- Michael J. Senko
POL:-- Peter J. Swavely
ECO/COM:-- Robert W. Merrigan
CON:-- Michael R. Schimmel
ADM:-- Sylvie L. Martinez
RSO:-- Martin T. Donnelly
-- (resident in Guatemala City)
IPO:-- Michael E. Lamberg
AID:-- Barbara Sandoval
VOA:-- William H. Covington
PAO:-- Mark Krischik
-- (resident in Tegucigalpa)
ODA:-- Ltc Arturo Siemon-Aparicio, USA
MLO:-- Ltc Jose 
Rivera-Sanabria, USA
PC:-- Donnan Runkel
DEA:-- Delphin Von Briesen
AGR:-- Grant A. Pettrie
-- (resident in Guatemala 
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/CASLO:-- Victor Echevarria
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- Melvin R. Turner
-- (resident in Tegucigalpa)
IRS:-- Daniel R. Dietz
-- (resident in Mexico City)

Cotonou (E), Rue Caporal Bernard Anani; B.P. 2012; Tel [229] 
30-06-50, 30-05-13, 30-17-92; FAX  [229] 30-14-39 and 30-19-
74; Workweek:  Monday through Friday
AMB:-- Ruth A. Davis
AMB SEC:-- Diane E. McBride
POL/ECO:-- Roger J. Moran
CON:-- Mark Zamkov
ADM:-- Lois A. Price
RSO:-- Nicky G. Morrow
-- (resident in Lome) 
PAO:-- Anthony Hutchinson
CPO:-- Carol Burris
AID:-- Thomas F. Cornell
ODA:-- Col Randall T. Gray, USA
-- (resident in Abidjan)
AGR:-- Maurice W. House
-- (resident in Lagos)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

Hamilton (CG), Crown Hill, 16 Middle Road, Devonshire; P.O. 
Box HM325, Hamilton HMBX, Bermuda;  PSC 1002,  FPO AE 09727-
1002; Tel (809) 295-1342;  FAX (809) 295-1592
CG:-- (Vacant)
POL/ECO:-- Stephen C. Kish
CON:-- (Vacant)
ADM:-- Marie Kish
INS:-- Edward R. Moore
IRS:-- Louis Hobbie
-- (resident in Nassau)
USDA:-- (Vacant)
CUS:-- Steve Vogelhaupt
APHIS:-- (Vacant)
LAB:-- Lester P. Slezak
NASA:-- Steven Stompf

La Paz (E), Banco Popular Del Peru Bldg., corner of Calles 
Mercado and Colon; P.O. Box 425 La Paz;  APO AA 34032; Tel 
[591] (2) 350251, 350120; Telex AMEMB BV 3268; FAX [591] (2) 
359875; USAID Tel [591] (2) 786544; USAID FAX [591] (2) 
AMB:-- Charles R. Bowers
AMB SEC:-- Suzanne M. Davis
DCM:-- David B. Dlouhy
POL:-- W. Lewis Amselem
ECO/COM:-- J. Michael Shelton (until 7/94)
CON:-- Kevin F. Herbert (until 7/94)
ADM:  -- Daniel A. Johnson
RSO:-- Andrew J. Colantonio
PAO:-- John S. Williams
CPO:-- Lewis F. La Turner
ISM:-- Joseph Smith
FBO:-- Joseph W. Toussaint
AID:-- Carl H. Leonard
ODA:-- Col Terry Obermiller, USAF
MILGP:-- Col Claude Shelverton, USA
AGR:-- Richard B. Helm
-- (resident in Santiago)
FAA:-- Victor Tamariz
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/CASLO:-- Larry Bruce
-- (resident in Buenos Aires)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- Casey H. Christensen (until 8/94)
IAGS:-- Liam P. O'Brien
NAS:-- James J. Kessinger (until 8/94)

Sarajevo (E),  This SEP post opened in November 1993 on the 
premises of the U.S. Embassy in Vienna.  International 
address:  American Embassy Bosnia, c/o AmEmbassy Vienna 
Boltzmanngasse 16, A-1091, Vienna, Austria.  APO address 
pouch: (Bosnia) Vienna, Department of State, Washington, 
D.C.  20521-9900.  Tel. [43] (1) 31-339; FAX [43] (1) 310-
AMB:-- Victor Jackovich
LAB:-- John W. Zerolis (res. in Zagreb)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)

Gaborone (E), P.O. Box 90; Tel [267] 353-982; FAX [267] 356-
AMB:-- Howard F. Jeter
AMB SEC:-- Margie Jeanne Douglas
DCM:-- Jimmy J. Kolker
POL/ECO:-- Alexander M. Laskaris
POL/MIL:-- Michael Winograd
CON/COM:-- Timothy Scherer
ADM:-- Alphonso G. Marquis
RSO:-- Thomas J. Colin
PAO:-- Dudley Sims
CPO:-- David E. Heil
AID:-- Howard R. Handler
AGR:-- James M. Benson
-- (resident in Pretoria)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey (res. in Frankfurt)
LAB:-- Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.
-- (resident in Johannesburg)
OMC:-- Ltc Dan Pike, USA
ODA:-- Col. Daniel Henk, USA
-- (resident in Harare)
VOA:-- Dennis Brewer
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley (res. in London)

Brasilia (E), Avenida das Nacoes, Lote 3; Unit 3500; APO AA 
34030;  Tel [55] (61) 321-7272; Telex [55] 61-1091 and 61-
2318; FAX [55] (61) 225-9136; FCS FAX [55] (61) 
225-3981; USIS FAX [55] (61) 321-2833; GSO FAX [55] (61) 
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Mark Lore
CHG SEC:-- Claudia D. Romeo (Acting)
DCM:-- Mark Lore
POL:-- Stanley T. Myles
ECO:-- Paul H. Wackerbarth
COM:-- Richard Ades
-- (resident in Sao Paulo)
CON:-- Margaret A. Murphy
ADM:-- Robert D. Austin, Jr.
RSO:-- John C. Murphy
PAO:-- Carl Howard
IMO:-- Nicodemo Romeo
ISM:-- Thomas Smith
EST:-- Leroy C. Simpkins
AID:-- John D. Pielemeier
ODA:-- Col Layton Dunbar, USA
ODA/SA:-- Col Dennis J. McMahan, USAF
MLO:-- Col Dennis J. McMahan, USAF
AGR:-- Shackford Pitcher
FIN:-- Christopher  P. McCoy
NAU:-- Norma V. Reyes
FAA:-- Larry A. Bruce 
-- (resident in Buenos Aires)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)

Rio de Janeiro (CG), Avenida Presidente Wilson, 147 Castelo, 
Rio de Janeiro-RJ 20030-020; Amcongen (Rio), Unit 3501, APO 
AA 34030; Tel  [55] (21) 292-7117; FAX [55] (21) 220-0439; 
Telex 391-21-22831; USIS Telex [55] (21) 22831; USIS FAX 
[55] (21) 262-1820; COM FAX [55] (21) 240-9738
CG:-- David E. Zweifel
CG SEC:-- Deborah K. Saunier
DPO/ECO:-- C. David Trotter
ECO:-- Curtis M. Stewart (Acting)
POL:-- John D. Fernandez
COM:-- Dar-Jalane Pribyl
CON:-- Layton R. Russell
ADM:-- Harry E. Young, Jr.
RSO:-- Stephen P. Baker
BPAO:-- Katherine Lee
CPO:-- Anthony J. Skok
DAO:-- Cdr Rafael L. Polo, USN
MLO:-- LCdr Holly Nye, USN
RES:-- Curtis M. Stewart
AGR:-- Shackford Pitcher
-- (resident in Brasilia)
FAA:-- Santiago Garcia
LOC:-- James C. Armstrong
IAGS (DMA):-- Angus C. Jones
VOA:-- Roger B. Wilkison

Sao Paulo (CG), Rua Padre Joao Manoel, 933, 01411; P.O. Box 
8063; APO AA 34030; Tel [55] (11) 881-6511; FAX [55] (11) 
852-5154;  Telex [55] (11) 31574; USIS Telex [55] (11) 862-
1396; USIS FAX [55] (11) 852-1395
CG:-- Philip B. Taylor III
CG SEC:-- Diann M. Bimmerle
DPO/ECO:-- Thomas J. White
POL:-- Earle Scarlett
COM:-- Richard Ades
CON:-- Patricia Ann Murphy
ADM:-- Craig S. Tymeson
RSO:-- Kevin Durnell
BPAO:-- Susan Ann Clyde
CPO:-- James H. Porter
ODA:-- Maj Thomas J. Solitario
AGR:-- Alan D. Hrapsky 
LAB:-- Charles B.  Smith, Jr.
IRS:-- Stanley  Newman 

Commercial Office, Rua Estados Unidos, 1812, Sao Paulo, S.P. 
01427-002; Tel (11)  53-2011/2411/2778;  AX (11) 853-2744; 
Telex 011-25274
COM:-- Richard Ades

Porto Alegre (C), Rua Coronel Genuino, 421 (9th Fl.), Unit 
3504, APO AA 34030; Tel [55] (51) 226-4288, 226-4177, 211-
1666; Telex [55] (51) 2292; FAX [55] (51) 221-2213; USIS FAX  
[55]  (51) 221-6212
PO:-- Brent E. Blaschke
CON:-- Lesslie C. Viguerie
BPAO: -- Joao M. Ecsodi

Recife (C), Rua Goncalves Maia, 163; APO AA 34030; Tel [55] 
(81) 221-1412/1413; Telex [55] (81)-3206; FAX  55 (81) 231-
1906; USIS FAX [55] (81) 231-5424
PO:-- Maria Sanchez-Carlo
CON:-- Richard T. Reiter
BPAO: -- Neil Klopfenstein

Commercial and Agricultural offices are also located at:
Belo Horizonte (USIS and FCS Branch), AV Alvares Cabral, 
16003 Andar - Belo Horizonte, MG CEP 30170; Tel [55] (31) 
335-3555, 3670, 3250, 3930; Telex [55] (31) 1817; USIS FAX 
[55] (31) 335-3054; COM FAX [55] (31)335-3054
PAO:-- (Vacant)
COM:-- John Kuehner
-- (resident in Sao Paulo)

Belem (CA and FCS Branch), Rua Osvaldo Cruz 165, 66017-090 
Belem Para, Brazil; Tel [55] (91) 223-0800 and 223-0613; 
Telex [55] (91) 1092; FAX [55] (91) 223-0413 
CA:-- Christine M. Serrao
COM:-- John Kuehner 
-- (resident in Sao Paulo)

Fortaleza (CA), Tel [55] (85) 221-5743; FAX [55] (85) 252-
CA:-- Marilyn Kay Nations

Manaus (CA), Rua Recife 1010, Adrianopolis, CEP 69057-001, 
Manaus Amazonas, Brazil; Tel [55] (92) 234-4546; Telex [55] 
(92) 2183; FAX (81) 231-1906
CA:-- James R. Fish

Salvador da Bahia (CA), Av. Antonio Carlos Magalhaes S/N-Ed. 
Cidadella Center 1, Sala 410, 40275-440 Salvador, Bahia, 
Brazil; Tel [55] (71) 358-9166 or 9195; Telex [55] 71-2780 
EEVA; FAX [55] (71) 351-0717
CA:-- Heather May Marques

Bandar Seri Begawan (E), Third Floor - Teck Guan  Plaza, 
Jalan Sultan; AMEMB Box B, APO AP 96440; Tel [673] (2) 229-
670; Telex  BU 2609 AMEMB; FAX [673] (2) 225-293
AMB:-- Theresa  A. Tull
POL/ECO:-- James Patterson Bell, Jr.
CON/ADM:-- Mary F. Martinez
RSO:-- John L. Tello
-- (resident in Kuala Lumpur)
PAO:-- Nicholas Mele
-- (resident in Kuala Lumpur)
CPO:-- Melvin T. Kolb
SAO:-- Ltc Dennis B. Fowler, USAF
-- (resident in Singapore)
ODA:-- Capt. William P. Cooper, USN
-- (resident in Singapore)
ATO:-- Robert D. Fondahn
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
IRS:-- Charles W. Landry
-- (resident in Singapore)

Sofia (E), 1 Saborna St., Unit 1335, APO AE 09213-1335; Tel 
[359] (2) 88-48-01 to 05; FAX [359] (2) 80-19-77; GSO FAX 
[359] (2) 65-75-24; USIS FAX [359] (2) 80-06-46; COM FAX 
[359] (2) 80-38-50; FAS FAX [359] (2) 65-00-59; AID FAX 
[359] (2) 54-31-11
AMB:-- William D. Montgomery
AMB SEC:-- Anna Thomas
DCM:-- Thomas L. Price
POL/ECO:-- John W. Kunstadter
COM:-- John J. Fogarasi
CON:-- David A. Rollman
ADM:-- J. Patrick Truhn
RSO:-- Evan L. Dewire
IPO:-- Jacqueline K. McKennan
ISO:-- Christopher Graham
PAO:-- (Vacant)
AID:-- Gerald H. Zarr
ODA:-- Col Jon J. Hansbrough, USAF
AGR:-- William P. Huth
FAA:-- Amy Fitzgibbons
-- (resident in Vienna)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
IRS:-- Larry J. LeGrand
-- (resident in Rome)

Ouagadougou (E), 01 B.P. 35; Tel [226] 30-67-23 thru 25; 
Afterhours Tel [226] 31-26-60 and 31-27-07; Telex AMEMB 5290 
BF;  FAX  [226] 31-23-68; USAID FAX [226] 30-89-03 
AMB:-- Donald J. McConnell
AMB SEC:-- Carol Ann Duffy
DCM:-- Elizabeth Raspolic
POL/ECO/COM:-- Liam J. Humphreys
POL/MIL:-- Robert W. Richards
CON: -- Lois E. Turner
ADM:-- Joseph A. Hilts
RSO:-- Raymond Lee Yates
-- (resident in Niamey)
PAO:-- Patricia M. Hawkins
CPO:-- Thomas R. Holbrook
AID:-- Thomas C. Luche
ODA:-- Col Randall T. Gray, USA 
-- (resident in Abidjan)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
LAB:-- Fred B. Cook
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)
ISM:-- Janet A. Cote
-- (resident in Dakar)
RETO:-- Timothy H. Robinson
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Charles W. Landry
-- (resident in Singapore)

Rangoon (E), 581 Merchant St. (GPO 521); AMEMB Box B, APO AP 
96546;  Tel  [95] (1) 82055, 82182; Telex 083-21230 AMBYGN 
BM; FAX [95] (1) 80409
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Franklin P. Huddle, Jr.
SEC:-- Betty J. Coleman
POL/ECO:-- Angus T. Simmons
COM:-- Laura J. Kirkconnell
CON:-- Martin B. Tatuch
ADM:-- Robert W. Coffman
RSO:-- George N. Tietjen
PAO:-- Douglas M. Barnes
CPO:-- Jerry C. Oliver
ISM:-- Robert A. Hall
AGR:-- Peter Kurz
-- (resident in Bangkok)
CDA:-- Col Danwill A. Lee, USA
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
DEA:-- Bruce P. Stubbs
IRS:-- Charles W. Landry
-- (resident in Singapore)

Bujumbura (E), B.P. 34, 1720, Avenue des Etats-Unis; Tel 
[257]  223-454; FAX [257] 222-926; AID Tel [257] 225-951; 
FAX AID  [257] 222-986
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Leonard J. Lange
ECO/COM:-- Julie O'Reagan
GSO/CON:-- Lynn Elizabeth Munn
ADM:-- Christa U. Griffin
RSO:-- Christopher W. Reilly
PAO:-- Paul B. Patin
CPO:-- Walter W. Sofko
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
AID:-- Myron Golden
ODA:-- Maj Dean T. Shults, USA
-- (resident in Kinshasa)
RETO:-- Timothy H. Robinson
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes (res. in Riyadh)

Phnom Penh (E), 27 EO Street 240; Mailing address: Box P, 
APO AP 96546; Tel (855) 23-26436 or (855) 23-26438; FAX 
(855) 23-26437
DIR:-- Charles H. Twining 
DEP. DIR:-- James L. Bruno
POL:-- Mark C. Storella
ECO/COM:-- Helen Hudson
CON:-- Suella Pipal
ADM:-- James A. Derrick
CPO:-- James Griffin
AID:-- Lee Twentyman
PAO:-- David E. Miller
RSO:-- Jerry Lopez
-- (resident in Bangkok)
FAA:-- Fred Laird
-- (resident in Tokyo)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
JTF/FA:-- Ltc. Charles P. Clayton, USAF

Yaounde (E), Rue Nachtigal; B.P. 817; Tel [237] 23-40-14; 
Pouch American Embassy DOS Wash DC 20521-2520; Telex 8223 
KN; FAX [237] 23-07-53
AMB:-- Harriet W. Isom
AMB SEC:-- Cherryl D. Busch
DCM-- Morris N. Hughes, Jr.
POL:-- James C. Swan
ECO/COM:-- Richard J. Patard
CON:-- Larry E. Andre, Jr.
ADM:-- Douglas  C. Rohn
RSO:-- Stephen C. Meister
PAO:-- Gerald Huchel
CPO:-- Todd D. Roe
ISM:-- Robert L. Olson
AGR:-- Maurice House
-- (resident in Lagos)
AID:-- Peter Benedict
ODA:-- Ltc Charles M. Vuckovic, USA
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

Douala (C).  The post closed in September 1993.

Ottawa, Ontario (E), 100 Wellington St., K1P 5T1, P.O. Box 
5000,  Ogdensburg, NY 13669-0430; Tel (613) 238-5335 or  
(613) 238-4470; FAX (613) 238-5720; COM FAX (613) 233-8511
AMB:-- James Johnston Blanchard
AMB SEC:-- Joanne P. Holliday
DCM:-- James Donald Walsh
POL:-- David T. Jones
ECO:-- Marshall L. Casse III
COM:-- Robert  J. Marro
CON:-- Daniel R. Welter
ADM:-- A. Lucille Thomas
RSO:-- Craig H. Daugherty
PAO:-- Dell F. Pendergrast
CPO:-- Christopher B. Barrett
ISM:-- Thomas R. Barnes
EST:-- Thomas J. Wajda
ODA:-- Kenneth V. Funkhouser
AGR:-- Richard T. McDonnell
FAA:-- John Hancock
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Vinnie Le Pera
-- (resident in New York)
LAB:-- John J. LaMazza
FIN:-- (Vacant)
CUS:-- William H. Laverty
IRS:-- Patricia Fong

Calgary, Alberta (CG), Suite 1050, 615 Macleod Trail, S.E., 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 4T8; Tel (403) 266-8962;  FAX 
(403) 264-6630; COM FAX (403) 264-6630
CG:-- William N. Witting
ECO:-- Pamela Tremont
COM:-- Ann  Tull
CON:-- Robert S. Hagen
ADM/POL:-- Charles A. Stonecipher

Halifax, Nova Scotia (CG), Suite 910, Cogswell Tower, Scotia 
Sq.,  Halifax, NS, Canada B3J 3K1; Tel (902) 429-2480; FAX 
(902) 423-6861; COM FAX (902) 423-6861
CG:-- Roger A. Meece
CON:-- Laurence E. Tobey

Montreal, Quebec (CG),  P.O. Box 65, Postal Station 
Desjardins, H5B 1G1; P.O. Box 847, Champlain, NY 12919-0847; 
Tel (514) 398-9695;  FAX (514) 398-0973, (514) 398-0711
CG:-- R. Susan Wood
ECO:-- Teresa C. Jones
COM:-- Edward W. Cannon
CON:-- Joan V. Smith
ADM:-- Robert T. Yamate (until 8/94; then -- Elizabeth 
BPAO:-- Janet C. Demiray
CPO:-- Nickolas Sawkiw
USTTA:-- Andree Logan
DEA:-- Paul V. Moloney

U.S. Mission to the International Civil Aviation 
Organization (ICAO), 1000 Sherbrooke St.,  West, Rm. 753, 
Montreal, Quebec; Box 847, Champlain, NY 12919-0847; Tel 
(514) 285-8304; FAX (514) 285-8021
US REP:  -- Don M. Newman
ALT US REP:-- Robert D. Cook
ALT FIC/JSC REP:-- Gene B. Griffiths

Quebec, Quebec (CG), 2 Place Terrasse Dufferin, C.P. 939, 
G1R 4T9;  P.O. Box 1547 Champlain, NY 12919-1547; Tel (418) 
692-2095;  FAX (418) 692-4640
CG:-- Marie T. Huhtala
CON:-- Timothy G. Ryan

Toronto, Ontario (CG), 360 University Ave., M5G 1S4; P.O. 
Box 135,  Lewiston, NY 14092-0135; Tel (416) 595-1700; FAX 
(416) 595-0051, (416) 595-5419; CON info FAX (416) 595-5466
CG:-- G. Alfred Kennedy
ECO:-- Jack Felt
COM:-- Dan A. Wilson
CON:-- Dean Dizikes
ADM:-- Wayne S. Salisbury
CPO:-- Kenneth W. Mack
BPAO:-- Patricia D. Norman
USTTA: -- William M. Tappe
INS:-- John Garofano

Vancouver, British Columbia (CG), 1095 West Pender  St., V6E 
2M6, P.O. Box 5002, Point Roberts, WA 98281-5002; Tel (604) 
685-4311; FAX (604) 685-5285; COM FAX (604) 687-6095
CG:-- Michael F. Gallagher
ECO:-- William T. Fleming, Jr.
COM:-- Jere Dabbs
CON:-- Barbara C. Cummings
BPAO:-- Michael Betcher
USTTA:-- (Vacant)

Praia (E), Rua Abilio Macedo 81, C.P. 201; Tel [238] 61-56-
16; FAX [238] 61-13-55
AMB:-- Joseph M. Segars
AMB SEC:-- Ruth Rust Walker
CON:-- Russell J. Hanks
ADM:-- Long N. Lee
RSO:-- Gary M. Gibson
-- (resident in Dakar)
CPO:-- Mark H. Nichols
AID:-- Barbara C. Kennedy
ODA:-- Ltc Reid Trummel, USA
-- (resident in Dakar)
LAB:-- Fred B. Cook
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)
ISM:-- Janet A. Cote
-- (resident in Dakar)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

Bangui (E), Avenue David Dacko, B.P. 924; Tel [236] 61-02-
00, 61-02-10, 61-25-78;Telex 5287 RC;  FAX [236] 61-44-94
AMB:-- Robert E. Gribbin III
AMB SEC:-- Marilyn Y. Shaw
DCM:-- James F. Entwistle
ECO:-- Samuel C. Laeuchli
GSO/CON:-- Michael R. Keller
ADM:-- Rowena R. Cross-Najafi
RSO:-- Stephen C. Meister
-- (resident in Yaounde)
PAO:-- (Vacant)
IPO:-- Michael C. Lawrence
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

N'Djamena (E), Ave. Felix Eboue, B.P. 413; Tel [235] 51-40-
09, [235] 51-47-59, or [235] 51-62-18; Telex 5203 KD; FAX 
[235] 51-33-72 and [235] 51-56-54
AMB:-- Laurence E. Pope II
AMB SEC:-- Patricia Reber
DCM:-- Steven R. Buckler
POL/ECO:-- Michael L. Bajek
POL/MIL:-- Donald J. Twombly
ECO/COM:-- Alexander  P. Bolling
CON:-- Lawrence C. Fitzmorris
ADM:-- Joanne M. Thompson
CPO:-- Joseph O'Brien
RSO:-- Richard Chelune
PAO:-- Peter G. Piness
AID:-- Anne Williams
ODA:-- Maj Jean Luc Nash, USA
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)

Santiago (E), Codina Bldg., Agustinas 1343, Unit 4127, APO 
AA 34033; Tel  [56] (2) 671-0133; FAX [56] (2) 699-1141; COM 
FAX [56] (2) 697-2051; AID FAX [56] (2) 638-0931; FAS FAX 
[56] (2) 698-9626; FBO FAX [56] (2) 233-4108; CON [56] (2) 
AMB:-- Curtis W. Kamman
AMB SEC:-- Joan C. Sallis
DCM:-- Michael W. Cotter
POL:-- Alejandro D. Wolff
ECO:-- Richard W. Behrend
COM:-- Ricardo Villalobos
CON:-- Richard S. Mann
ADM:-- F. Coleman Parrott
RSO:-- Jeffrey L. Bozworth
PAO:-- Barbara C. Moore
CPO:-- Clifford E. Brzozowski
IMO:-- Steven J. Valdez
ODA:-- Capt Thomas H. Smith, USN
MILGP:-- Col Steven E. Cady
AID:-- Thomas Nicastro
IRS:-- Stanley Newman
-- (resident in Sao Paulo)
AGR:-- Richard B. Helm 
APHIS:-- Herbert L. Murphy
FAA:-- Santiago Garcia
-- (resident in Rio de Janeiro)
FAA/CASLO:-- Larry Bruce
-- (resident in Buenos Aires)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- Joseph G. McLean

Beijing (E), Xiu Shui Bei Jie 3, 100600, PSC 461, Box 50;  
FPO AP 96521-0002; Tel  [86] (1) 532-3831; Telex AMEMB CN 
22701; FAX [86] (1) 532-3178; COM FAX [86] (1) 532-3297; 
ADM/CON FAX [86] (1) 532-2483; ATO Address 8-26 China World 
Tower, no. 1 Jianguomenwai Ave., Beijing, China 100004; Tel 
[86] (1) 505-4575, 4576; FAX [86] (1) 505-4574; American 
Center for Educational Exchange (ACEE), Jing Juang Center, 
Tel [86] (1) 505-5242; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 
Asia Pacific Building, 7th Floor, No. 8; Tel [86] (1) 512-
AMB:-- J. Stapleton Roy
AMB SEC:-- Marie Campello
DCM:-- Scott S. Hallford
POL:-- Neil E. Silver
ECO:-- Christopher Szymanski
COM:-- Melvin Searls
CON:-- Arturo S. Macias
ADM:-- Michael Boorstein
RSO:-- Timothy W. Fountain
PAO:-- Frank Scotton
IMO:-- Susan Musser
EST:-- Marco Di Capua
ODA:-- Bg John Garrison, USAF
AGR:-- William Brant
ATO:-- Scott Reynolds
FAA:-- Frederick Lee
FAA/CASLO:-- Allen Agor
-- (resident in Tokyo)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
IRS:-- Dennis Tsujimoto
-- (resident in Tokyo)
*See Taiwan3

Guangzhou (CG), No. 1 South Shamian Street,  Shamian Island, 
Guangzhou 20031, PSC 461, Box 100, FPO AP 96521-0002; Tel 
[86] (20) 888-8911; FAX [86] (20) 886-2341; FCS FAX [86] 
(20) 666-6409; FAS FAX [86] (20) 666-0703; USIS FAX [86] 
(20) 335-4764 
CG:-- G. Eugene Martin
POL:-- Michael D. Slack
ECO:-- Michael A. Spangler
COM:-- Dennis Barnes
CON:-- Bernadette Mary Allen
ADM:-- J. Brent Miller
BPAO:-- Philip E. Wright
CPO:-- Christopher J. Powell
ISM:-- Russell F. Himmelsbach
AGR:-- Wayne P. Molstad

Shanghai (CG), 1469 Huai Hai Middle Road, Shanghai 200031, 
PSC 461, Box  200, FPO AP 96521-0002;  Tel [86] (21) 433-
6880; FAX [86] (21) 433-4122; COM FAX [86] (21) 433-1576; 
USIS FAX [86] (21) 431-7630
CG:-- Joseph J. Borich
EXEC SEC:-- Tess Johnston
POL:-- Bruce R. Nelson
ECO:-- Robert S. Wang
ADM:-- Boyd R. Doty
COM:-- David J. Murphy
CON:-- Jose G. Garriga
GSO:-- Susan Page
ADM:-- Ronald J. Deutch
BPAO:-- M. Lynne Martin
RSO:-- Russel D. Polson

Shenyang (CG), 52, 14th Wei Road, Heping District, 110003, 
PSC 461, Box 45, FPO AP 96521-0002; Tel [86] (24) 282-0068; 
FAX [86] (24) 282-0074; USIS FAX [86] (24) 282-0035
CG:-- Gerard R. Pascua
ECO:-- John G. Ellis
COM:-- Sharon Bermang
CON/POL:-- Joanne M. Martin
ADM:-- David  T. Rockey
BPAO:-- Valerie L. Crites
CPO:-- John W. Green, Sr.

Chengdu (CG), 4 Lingshiquan Lu, Renmin Nan Lu Si Duan 
Chengdu 610041 PSC 461, Box 85; FPO AP 96521-0002; Tel. 
[869] (28) 558-3992, [86] (28) 558-9642; Telex  60128 ACGCH 
CH; FAX [86] (28) 588-3520 and [86] (28) 588-3792
CG:-- Donald A. Camp
CG SEC:-- Brenda Whitt
POL/ECO:-- John B. Brennan
CON:-- Richard H. Adams
ADM:-- Richard Broadway
BPAO:-- Frank Neville

Bogota (E), Calle 38, No. 8-61; Apartado Aereo 3831; APO AA 
34038;  Tel [57] (1) 320-1300; FAX [57] (1) 288-5687; COM 
FAX [57] (1) 285-7945
AMB:-- Morris D. Busby
AMB SEC:-- Maria Beck
DCM:-- John B. Craig
POL:-- Thomas P. Hamilton
ECO:-- John L. Pitts
COM:-- Richard  M. Lenahan
CON:-- Thomas L. Randall, Jr.
ADM:-- Guido A.  del Prado
RSO:-- C. Stephen Craigo
PAO:-- L. W. Koengeter
CPO:-- Robert L. Bright
ISM:-- Leon G. Galanos, Jr.
AID:-- Edward Kadunc, Jr.
ODA:-- Col William S. Justus, USA
MAAG:-- Col Thomas R. Carstens, USA
AGR:-- Clyde Gumbmann
APHIS:-- Gary T. Greene
FAA:-- Victor Tamariz
-- (resident in Miami)
FAS/CASLO:-- Victor Echevarria
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- Kathleen W. Barmon
NAS:-- Brian R. Stickney
IRS:-- Charles Shea
-- (resident in Caracas)

Barranquilla (C), Calle 77 Carrera 68, Centro Comercial 
Mayorista; Apartado Aereo 51565;  APO AA 34038; Tel [57] 
(58) 45-8480/9067; FAX [57] (58) 45-5216
PO:-- Carmen M. Martinez
ADM/CON:-- Patrick R. Quigley
ISM:-- Leon G. Galanos, Jr.
-- (res. in Bogota)

Moroni (E).  The post closed in September 1993.

Brazzaville (E), Avenue Amilcar Cabral, B.P. 1015; Tel (242)  
83-20-70; Telex 5367 KG; FAX (242) 83-63-38
AMB:-- William C. Ramsay
DCM:-- William R. Gaines, Jr.
POL:-- Gary S. Moe
ECO:-- Levon A. Edelmir
CON:-- Katherine K. Simonds
ADM:-- Brent R. Bohne
RSO:-- James P. Ennis
PAO:-- Clathan M. Ross
CPO:-- Griffith C. Murray
AID:-- Glissa A. McKiernan-- 
ODA:-- Ltc James F. Babbitt, USA
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
RMO:-- Dr. Ernest E. Davis
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo (res. in Paris)

San Jose (E), Pavas, San Jose; APO AA 34020; Tel  (506) 220-
3939; Afterhours Tel (506) 220-3127; FAX (506) 220-2305; COM 
FAX (506) 231-4783
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Joseph Becelia
CHG SEC:-- Cornelia W. Molinaro
POL:-- Donald B. Harrington
ECO:-- Ben F. Fairfax
COM:-- Maria Galindo
CON:-- Kenneth F. Sackett
ADM:-- H. R.  Malpass
RSO:-- Frederick Byron
PAO:-- Frances Sullinger
IPO:-- Howard R. Charles
ISM:-- David S. Fleming
AID:-- Stephen C. Wingert
ODC:-- Angel E. Pesante
AGR:-- Scott Bleggi
APHIS:-- Eric Hoffman
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/CASLO:-- Victor Echevarria
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- John Mohanco
-- (resident in Panama)
IRS:-- Daniel R. Dietz
-- (resident in Mexico City)

(formerly Ivory Coast)
Abidjan (E), 5 Rue Jesse Owens; 01 B.P. 1712; Tel (225) 21-
09-79 or 21-46-72; Telex 23660; FAX (225) 22-32-59
AMB:-- Hume A. Horan
AMB SEC:-- Florence C. Tolson
DCM:-- Charles O. Cecil
POL:-- Michele Sison
ECO:-- Steven S. Olson
COM:-- Catherine Houghton
CON:-- Andrew Passen
ADM:-- Eugene Trahan
RSO:-- Frank Juni
PAO:-- Robert Palmeri
CPO:-- Jerry Lester
IMO:-- Anthony Muse
AID/REDSO:-- Willard Pearson
ODA:-- Col Kenneth Hibl, USA
AGR:-- Jonathan Gressel
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

African Development Bank/Fund, Ave. Joseph Anoma;  01 B.P. 
1387 Abidjan 01; Tel (225) 20-44-44; FAX (225) 33-14-34; COM 
FAX (225) 22-24-37
EXEC DIR:  -- Alice Dear
ALT DIR: -- David Bloomgarden
COM:-- Margaret Hanson-Muse

Zagreb (E), Andrije Hebranga 2,  Unit 1345, APO AE 09213-
1345;  Tel [38] (41) 444-800, Afterhours tel [38] (41) 445-
535; ADM FAX [38] (41) 458-585; USIS FAX [38] (41) 440-235; 
FAX [38] (41) 440-235; COM FAX [38] (41) 440-235
AMB:-- Peter W. Galbraith
AMB SEC:-- Charlotte A. Stottman
DCM:-- Ronald J. Neitzke
POL/ECON:-- Stephen H. Klemp
ECO:-- Thomas Mittnacht
CON:-- Dennis Hearne
ADM:-- Ronna S. Pazdral
PAO:-- Susan Hovanec
CPO:-- Ronald Grider
AID:-- Michael S. Zak
ODA:-- Ltc Richard Herrick, USA
AGR:-- Frank J. Tarrant
-- (resident in Vienna)
FAA:-- Amy Fitzgibbons
-- (resident in Vienna)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)

Havana (USINT), Swiss Embassy, Calzada Entre L Y M, Vedado; 
Tel 33-3551/9, 33-3543/7, and 33-3700; Telex 512206 Exec Off 
and Post 1 Afterhours 33-3026; CON switchboard 33-3546/7; 
Telex 512206
PO:-- Joseph G. Sullivan
DPO:-- Vincent Mayer, Jr.
POL/ECON:-- Allen S. Greenberg
CONS:-- William H. Griffith
ADM:-- Anthony Spakauskas
RSO:-- Daniel J. Pocus
PAO:-- Gene E. Bigler
IMO:-- Thomas L. Snow
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)

Nicosia (E), Metochiou and Ploutarchou Streets, Engomi, 
Nicosia, Cyprus; P.O. Box 4536 APO AE 09836; Tel [357] (2) 
476100; Telex 4160 AMEMY CY; FAX [357] (2) 465944; CON FAX 
[357] (2) 465604; USIS Tel [357] (2) 473143; USIS FAX [357] 
(2) 454003
AMB:-- Richard A. Boucher
AMB SEC:-- Valerie Mawdsley
DCM:-- Carolyn Huggins
POL:-- Donald E. Braum
ECO/COM:  -- Trevor Evans
CON:-- Cynthia Stockbridge
ADM:-- Mark Woerner
RSO:-- Edwin J. Wood
PAO:-- Marcelle Wahba
CPO:-- Rodney Painter
ODA:-- Ltc David N. Fetter, USA
AGR:-- Paul Hoffman
-- (resident in Athens)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)
IRS:-- Larry J. Legrand
-- (resident in Rome)

Prague (E), (Int'l) Trziste 15, 11801 Prague 1;  Unit 1330; 
APO AE  09213-1330;  Tel [42] (2) 2451-0847;  COM Tel. [42] 
(2) 2421-9844 or 2421-9846/7; Afterhours Marine Post 1 Tel 
[42] (2) 531-200; Telex 212196 AMEMBC; FAX [42] (2) 532-457;  
ADM FAX [42] (2) 2451-1001; USIS and COM Address: Hybernska 
7A, 117 16 Prague 1; USIS Tel.: [42] (2) 2423-1085; USIS FAX 
[42] (2) 2422-0983; AID FAX [42] (2) 2451-0340; COM FAX [42] 
(2) 2421-4465; GSO FAX [42] (2) 2451-0742; ECON FAX [42] (2) 
AMB:-- Adrian A. Basora
AMB SEC:-- Carol Scannell
DCM:-- John M. Evans
POL:-- Timothy M. Savage
ECO:-- John Russell Trowbridge
COM:-- Daniel Harris
CON:-- Deborah Park
ADM:-- Frank J. Coulter
RSO:-- David Schaeffer
PAO:-- Ivan Klecka
AID:-- Lee D. Roussel
CPO:-- Michael Rinker
ISM:-- Paul D. Lane
ODA:-- Col George Dunkelberg, USAF
AGR:-- Frank J. Tarrant
-- (resident in Vienna)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA/CASLO:-- Steve Tochterman
-- (resident in Brussels)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
PC:-- William Piatt
EST:-- Rodney  L. Huff
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)

Copenhagen (E), Dag Hammarskjolds Alle 24; 2100 Copenhagen O 
or  APO AE 09716; Tel [45] (31) 42-31-44;  Telex 22216 AMEMB 
DK; FAX [45] (35)43-0223; USIS FAX [45] (31) 42-72-73; FAS 
FAX [45] (31) 43-02-78; USAF FAX [45] (31)25-51-08; COM FAX 
[45] (31) 42-01-75
AMB:-- Edward E. Elson
DCM:-- Gregory L. Mattson
POL/ECO:-- Gregory M. Suchan/ Patricia D. Hughes (6/94)
COM:-- Richard F. Bensen
CON:-- Michael D. Kirby
ADM:-- Peter W. Bodde/Perry M. Adair (6/94)
RSO:-- Michael T. Evanoff
PAO:-- Stephan Strain
IPO:-- Jimmie R. Black
ODA:-- Capt Terry W. Moore, USN
ODC:-- Col  Robert E. Bryan, USAF
AGR:-- Robert C. Tetro
FAA:-- Carl Burleson
-- (resident in London)
FAA/CASLO:-- Donald G. Tyson
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
FAS:-- Margaret Dowling
LAB:-- Edward D. Keeton
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)

Djibouti (E), Plateau du Serpent, Blvd. Marechal Joffre, 
B.P. 185; Tel [253] 35-39-95; FAX [253] 35-39-40; Afterhours 
[253] 35-13-43
AMB:-- Martin L. Cheshes
AMB SEC:-- Patricia Heller
DCM:-- Joseph P. Gregoire
POL/COM:-- Bruce D. Tefft
POL/ECO:-- (Vacant)
CON:-- John F. Bates
ADM:-- Michael Raynor
RSO/GSO:-- John P. Davis
CPO:-- James W. Miles
USLO:-- Maj Billy W. Feltner, USA
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Sokoloff (res. in Manama)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
LAB:-- Loi Aroian
-- (resident in Nairobi)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes  (res. in Riyadh)

Santo Domingo (E), corner of Calle Cesar Nicolas Penson & 
Calle Leopoldo Navarro;  Unit 5500, APO AA 34041; Tel  (809) 
5412171 and (809) 541-8100; Telex 3460013; FAX (809) 686-
7437; COM FAX (809) 688-4838
AMB:-- Robert S. Pastorino
DCM:-- V. Manuel Rocha
POL:-- Dennis M. Linskey
ECO:-- William R. Falkner
COM:-- Laurence Eisenberg
CON:-- Brooke C. Holmes
ADM:-- Roland W. Bullen
RSO:-- Thurron J. Mallory
PAO:-- Cesar Beltran
CPO:-- Charles E. Fleenor
ISM:-- Jerry D. Helmick
AID:-- Raymond F. Rifenburg
ODA:-- Ltc Bruce T. Gridley, USN
MAAG:-- Ltc Michael F. Fukey, USAF
NAU:-- Janice Elmore
AGR:-- Susan Schayes
APHIS:-- Carl W. Castleton
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
IRS:-- Louis Hobbie
-- (resident in Nassau)

Quito (E), Avenida 12 de Octubre y Avenida Patria; APO AA 
34039-3420; Tel [593] (2) 562-890, 561-749, (night) 561-624; 
FAX [593] (2) 502-052; COM FAX [593] (2) 504-550
AMB:-- Peter F. Romero
AMB SEC:-- Susan Kamerick
DCM:-- James F. Mack
POL:-- David Randolph
ECO:-- Paul E. Simons
COM:-- Ralph Griffin
CON:-- Al Gonzales
ADM:-- Charles B. Angulo
RSO:-- Dennis Ravenscroft
PAO:-- Guy Burton
CPO:-- Alton P. Gorbett
ISM:-- Charles D. Wisecarver
AID:-- John A. Sanbrailo
ODA:-- Col Walter Loendorf, USA
MILGP:-- Col  Steven Hightower, USA
IAGS:-- James P. Hutchings
PC:-- Jean Seigle
AGR:-- Bill Emerson
FAA:-- Victor Tamariz
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/CASLO:-- Victor Echevarria 
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- James H. Benson
NAU:-- Robert E. Snyder
IRS:-- Charles Shea
-- (resident in Caracas)

Guayaquil (CG), 9 de Octubre y Garcia Moreno; APO AA 34039; 
Tel [593] (4) 323-570; FAX [593] (4) 325-286; COM FAX [593] 
(4) 324-558
CG:-- Daniel A. Johnson
CG SEC:-- Deanna Cotter
CON:-- Larry D. Huffman
ADM:-- Jeffrey C. Irwin
CPO:-- John A. Montague

Cairo (E), (North Gate) 8, Kamal El-Din Salah St., Garden 
City, APO AE 09839-4900; Tel [20] (2) 355-7371; Telex 93773  
AMEMB UN, 23227 AMEMB UN;  FAX [20] (2) 357-3200; FAX ADM 
[20] (2) 355-4353; FAX CON [20] (2) 357-2472;  FAX COM [20] 
(2) 355-8368; FAX AID [20] (2) 357-2233; FAX USIS [20] (2) 
357-3591; FAX DAO [20] (2) 357-3049; FAX FAS [20] (2) 356-
3989; FAX LOC [20] (2) 356-0233; FAX FBO [20] (2) 356-2712; 
FAX OMC [20] (2) 357-2273; FAX POL/ECON [20] (2) 357-2181; 
FAX RSO [20] (2) 357-2828; Workweek:  Sunday through 
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Edmund J. Hull
POL:-- Robert M. Maxim
ECO:-- John P. Spillane
COM:-- Laron L. Jensen
CON:-- Dona P. Sherman
ADM: -- Warren E. Littrel
RSO:-- Robert P. O'Brien
PAO:-- Marjorie A. Ransom
IMO:-- Joseph M. Devlin
ISM:-- Steven C. Taylor
AID:-- Henry H. Bassford
DAO:-- Col Joseph P. Englehardt, USA 
OMC:-- Mg Michael S. Davison, Jr., USA
AGR:-- Forrest K. Geerken, Jr.
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Sokoloff (res. in Manama)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
LAB:-- James V. Soriano
FBO:-- (Vacant)
LOC:-- William P. Tuchrello
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes (res. in Riyadh)

Alexandria (CG).  The post closed in September 1993.

San Salvador (E), Final Blvd. Station Antiguo Cuscatlan; 
Unit 3116, APO AA 34023; Tel (503) 78-4444;  FAX (503) 78-
6011; USAID  Tel (503) 98-1666;  USAID FAX (503) 98-0885; 
ECO/COM FAX (503) 79-0569; Telex 20657; GSO FAX (503) 78-
AMB:-- Alan H. Flanigan
AMB SEC:-- Ingeborg Steinmetz
DCM:-- Gwen C. Clare
POL:-- James J. Carragher
ECO/COM:-- Albert G. Nahas
CON:-- Robert T. Raymer
ADM:-- Ralph D. Chiocco
RSO:-- Arthur W. Jones
PAO:-- Michael G. Hahn
CPO:-- Michael W. Meyers
IMC:-- Heywood Miller
DAO:-- Col Carl G. Roe, USA
AID DIR:-- Charles E. Costello
MILGP:-- Rudolf M. Jones, Jr.
AGR:-- Grant A. Pettrie
-- (resident in Guatemala)
PC:-- Donald Peterson
DEA:-- Thomas Detriquet
DOJ:-- Robert Loosle
APHIS:-- Steve C. Smith
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/CASLO:-- Victor H. Echevarria
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- Simon Henshaw
IRS:-- Daniel R. Dietz
-- (resident in Mexico City)

Malabo (E), Calle de Los Ministros; P.O. Box 597; Tel Direct 
Dial [240] (9) 2185, 2406, 2507; FAX  [240] (9) 2164
AMB:-- John E. Bennett
POL/ECO/CON:-- Frank R. Adams
COM SEC:-- Judy J. Copenhaver
ADM:-- Barry F. Copenhaver
RSO:-- Stephen C. Meister
-- (resident in Yaounde)
PAO:-- Gerald Huchel
-- (resident in Yaounde)
CPO:-- Donald J. Connolly
AID:-- Peter Benedict
-- (resident in Yaounde)
ODA:-- Ltc Charles Vuckovic
-- (resident in Yaounde)
RMO:-- Dr. Gretchen McCoy
-- (resident in Lagos)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

Asmara (E), 34 Zera Yacob St.; P.O. Box 211; Tel [291] (1) 
12-00-04; FAX [291] (1) 12-75-84; USAID Tel. [291] (1) 12-
AMB:-- Robert G. Houdek
POL/ECON:-- Karl I. Danga
POL:-- Christopher J. Bane
ADM:-- Michael S. Hoza
GSO:-- Richard A. Davey
CON:-- Celio F. Sandate
PAO:-- Christopher Datta
IPO:-- Larry Bucher
AID:-- George Jones
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Sokoloff
-- (resident in Manama
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
DAO:-- Col Michael M. Ferguson, USA
-- (resident in Addis Ababa)

Tallinn (E),  Kentmanni 20, EE 0001; Tel 011 [372] (6) 312-
021 thru 024; Cellular Tel 011 [375] (6) 244-091; FAX [372] 
(6) 312-025
AMB:-- Robert  C. Frasure
AMB SEC:-- Domenica P. Waller
POL:-- Elo-Kai Ojamaa
ECO:-- Ingrid Kollist
CON:-- Deborah Klepp
ADM:-- Kathleen Austin
AID:-- Adrian DeGraffenreid
PAO:-- Sandra Kaiser
IPO:-- Scott Ternus
AGR:-- Thomas A. Hamby
-- (resident in Stockholm)
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook (res. in Bonn)

Addis Ababa (E), Entoto St.; P.O. Box 1014; Tel [251] (1) 
550-666; Telex 21282; FAX [251] (1) 552-191
AMB:-- Marc A. Baas
AMB SEC:-- AnneMarie Brooks
DCM:-- David M. Walker
POL:-- Richard G. Olson, Jr.
ECO/COM:-- Alan Patterson
CON:-- Deborah K. Jones
ADM:-- David C. Bennett
GSO:-- Diane Maimone
RP:-- John Egan McAteer
RSO:-- James W. Schnaible
PAO:-- Dell J. Hood
CPO:-- John A. Montague
ISM:-- Wilson N. Estell, Jr.
RPO:-- Jonita I. Whitaker
AID:-- Margaret I. Bonner
ORA:-- Joseph A. Kiehl
DAO:-- Col Michael M. Ferguson, USA
LAB:-- Lois A. Aroian (res. in Nairobi)
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes (res. in Riyadh)
RETO:-- Timothy H. Robinson 
-- (resident in Dakar)

Suva (E), 31 Loftus St.; P.O. Box 218; Tel [679] 314-466; 
FAX [679] 300-081
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Michael W. Marine
POL:-- Jane Miller Floyd
ECO:-- (Vacant)
CON:-- Linda M. Brown
ADM:-- Daniel P. Claffey
RSO:-- Robert E. Morris
-- (resident in Canberra)
PAO:-- Charla Hatton
CPO:-- Harold E. Mason
AID:-- Larry Armstrong
ODA:-- Ltc Kip Naugle, USMC
FAA:-- David L. Knudson 
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Wayne Bair
-- (resident in San Francisco)
IRS:-- Vivian Simon (res. in Sydney)

Helsinki (E), Itainen Puistotie 14A, FIN-00140; APO AE 
09723; Tel [358] (0) 171931; Telex 121644 USEMB SF; FAX 
[358] (0) 174681; COM FAX [358] (0) 635332; URSA [358] (0) 
AMB:-- John H. Kelly
DCM:-- Arma Jane Karaer
POL:-- William C. Davidson
ECO:-- Robert W. BoehmeCOM:-- 
Maria J. Andrews
CON:-- Charles L. Glatz, Jr.
ADM:-- Robert B. Nolan
RSO:-- Allen F. Scheel
PAO:-- Jeremy F. Curtin
CPO:-- Paul A. Bialecki
ODA:-- Frederick E. Bush, Jr., USAF
AGR:-- Thomas A. Hamby
-- (resident in Stockholm)
FAA:-- Carl Burleson
-- (resident in London)
FAA/CASLO:-- Donald Tyson
-- (resident in Copenhagen)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
LAB:-- Catherine M. Hill-Herndon
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)
URSA:-- Richard E. Jaworski

Paris (E), 2 Avenue Gabriel, 75382 Paris Cedex 08, Unit 
21551, APO AE 09777; Tel [33] (1) 4296-12-02, 42-61-80-75; 
Telex 285319 and 285221 AMEMB; FAX [33] (1) 4266-9783; COM 
FAX [33] (1) 4266-4827;  to utilize the leased line to 
AmEmbassy Paris and/or UNESCO from the Department, dial 
Mission switchboard at 8-498-0000.
AMB:-- Pamela C. Harriman
AMB SEC:-- Donna J. Dejban
DCM:-- Avis T. Bohlen
POL:-- William M. Bellamy
ECO:-- Janice F. Bay
COM:-- Peter G. Frederick
CON:-- James L. Ward
ADM:-- James W. McGunnigle
RSO:-- Gary L. Caldwell
RAMC:-- Kenneth Rosenberg
PAO:-- Robert J. Korengold
IMO:-- John N. Kennedy
EST:-- Jerome J. Bosken
ODA:-- Col Daniel R. Larned, USA
ODC:-- Col Richard A. Williams, USA
AGR:-- George J. Pope
LAB:-- Anthony S. Dalsimer
CUS:-- Paul D. Beaulieu
FAA:-- Robert T. Francis II
FAA/CASLO:-- Andre Perze
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
FIN:-- Sara L. Paulson
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
USTTA:-- Maximilian J. Ollendorf

U.S. Mission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation 
and Development (USOECD),19 Rue de Franqueville, 75016 
Paris; Unit 21551, APO AE  09777; Tel  [33] (1) 45-24-74-77; 
Telex 643964 F; FAX [33] (1) 4524-7480; COM FAX [33] (1) 
AMB:-- David L. Aaron
AMB SEC:-- Barbara M. Stickler
DCM:-- Ann R. Berry
ECO/FIN:-- James G. Wallar
ECON/SOC:-- William A. Weingarten
LAB/AGR:  -- Philip R. Wall
TRADE DIV:-- John M. Hoover
ADM:-- Karlene G. Knieps
DOE:-- Peter P. Jodoin
AID:-- Dennis Brennan
IND/COM:-- Robin R. Layton
INVES ADV: -- Kathleen M. Reddy
ENERGY ADV:-- Wayne E. Neill II
EST:-- Coleman J. Nee
STC:-- Ronald D. Flack
SEC/DEL/PAO:-- Martin D. Murphy

U.S. Observer Mission to the United Nations Educational, 
Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 2 Avenue 
Gabriel, 75382; Paris CEDEX 08; APO AE 09777;  Tel [33] (1) 
42-96-12-02, 42-61-80-75; FAX [33] (1) 42-66-97-83
OBSERVER:-- G. Dennise Mathieu

Bordeaux (CG), 22 Cours du Marechal Foch, 33080 Bordeaux 
Cedex; Unit 21551, APO AE 09777;  Tel [33] (56) 52-65-95; 
Telex 540918 USCSUL; FAX [33] (56) 51-60-42; COM FAX [33] 
(56) 51-60-42
CG:-- M. Alexandra Sundquist
CON:-- Daria DePierre-Hollowell

Marseille (CG), 12 Boulevard Paul Peytral, 13286 Marseille 
Cedex; Unit 21551, APO AE 09777; Tel [33] (91) 549-200; 
Telex 430597; FAX  [33] (91) 550-947; COM FAX [33] (91) 550-
CG:-- Ann K. Korky
CON:-- Donald F. Mulligan, Jr.
CPO:-- William E. Toner

Strasbourg (CG), 15 Ave. D'Alsace; 67082 Strasbourg CEDEX or 
Unit 21551, APO AE 09777; Tel  [33] (88) 35-31-04; FAX [33] 
(88) 24-06-95; Telex 870907 AMERCON; COM FAX [33] (88) 24-
CG:-- Shirley E.  Barnes

U.S. Commercial Office (Lyon), 45, Rue de la Bourse; Unit 
21551, APO AE 09777; Tel [33] (16) 72-40-58, 72-40-59-20; 
FAX [33] (16) 72-41-71-81U.S. 

Commercial Office (Nice), Rue du Marechal Joffre; c/o AMEMB 
Paris, Unit 21551, APO AE  09777;  Tel [33] (16) 93-88-89-
55; FAX [33] (16) 93-87-07-38

French Caribbean Department Martinique (CA).  The post 
closed in August 1993.

Libreville (E), Blvd. de la Mer; B.P. 4000; Tel [241] 
762003/4, 743492; Telex 5250 GO; FAX [241] 745-507
AMB:-- Joseph C. Wilson IV
AMB SEC:-- Rebecca J. Varner
DCM:-- Stephen G. Brundage
ECO/COM:-- (Vacant)
CON:-- Gregory Thome
ADM:-- Paul A. Folmsbee
GSO:-- Geraldine Jobes
RSO:-- James P. Ennis
-- (resident in Brazzaville)
PAO:-- Judith Mudd Kaula
CPO:-- Herman Ellington
ODA:-- Maj Dean T. Shults, USA
-- (resident in Kinshasa)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

Banjul (E),  Fajara, Kairaba Ave., P.M.B. 19, Banjul; Tel 
(220) 392-856, 392-858, 391-970, 391-971; FAX (220) 392-475
AMB:-- Andrew J. Winter
AMB SEC:-- Shirley J. Crowley
POL/ECON:-- James A. Knight
CON:-- Thomas Cairns
-- (resident in Dakar)
ADM:-- Theodore M. Lienhart
RSO:-- Gary Gibson
-- (resident in Dakar)
CPO:-- Stephen M. Widenhouse
AID:-- Bonnie A. Pounds
ODA:-- Ltc Karl L. Smith, USMC
-- (resident in Dakar)
LAB:-- Fred B. Cook
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)
ISM:-- Janet A. Cote
-- (resident in Dakar)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

Tbilisi (E), #25 Antonely Str., 380026; Tel (7) 8832-98-99-
68; Telex 210212; FAX (7) 8832-93-37-59
AMB:-- Kent N. Brown
POL/ECON:-- Norma R. Harms
ADM:-- Alan Greenfield
PAO:-- James W. Hutcheson
CON:-- Lynn M.  Whitlock
RSO:-- William A. Maxwell
CPO:-- Ronnie L. Martensen
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
AGR:-- Mary Revelt (res. in Moscow)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)

Bonn (E), Deichmanns Aue 29, 53170 Bonn, Unit 21701, APO AE 
09080; Tel [49] (228) 3391; FAX [49] (228) 339-2663; COM FAX 
[49] (228) 334-649
AMB:-- Richard C. Holbrooke
DCM:-- Donald B. Kursch 
POL:-- Robert D. Johnson
ECO:-- John A. Cloud (Acting)
COM:-- Robert Kohn
CON:-- Norman A. Singer
ADM:-- Donald S. Hays
RSO:-- William D. Armor
RPSO:-- John J. Stever
PAO:-- Cynthia A. Miller
CPO:-- John Hughs
ISM:-- Susan Van Haften
FAA:-- Robert Francis
-- (resident in Paris)
FAA/CASLO:-- George Pfromm
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
CUS:-- Robert R. Urbanski
EST:-- Richard R. Ries
ODA:-- Col Bernard E. McDaniel, USA
ODC:-- Col Karl D. Horn, USA
AGR:-- James Grueff
LAB:-- Dan E. Turnquist
FIN:-- Carl J. Lohmann
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook

Berlin (BO), Neustaedtische Kirchstrasse 4-5, 10117 Berlin 
or  Unit 26738,  APO AE 09235-5500;  Tel [49] 30-238-5174; 
FAX [49] (30) 238-6290; CON: Clayallee 170, 14169 Berlin or 
Unit 26738, APO AE 09235-5500; Tel [49] (30) 819-7485; FAX  
[49] (30) 831-4926
PO:-- Douglas H. Jones
PO SEC:-- Nancy J. Wilson
DPO:-- John U. Nix (Acting)
POL:-- George A. Glass
ECO:-- Lorraine  Takahashi
COM:-- James L. Joy
CON:-- Jeanne Schulz
ADM:-- Robert A. Sarofeen
RSO:-- John J. Conway
BPAO:-- Joel L. Levy
IMO:-- Timothy Cook

U.S. Commercial Office (Dusseldorf), Emanuel-Leutz Str. 1B 
40547 Dusseldorf;  c/o AMEMB Bonn, Unit 21701, Box 30, APO 
AE 09080; Tel  [49] (211) 596-798; FAX [49] (211) 594-897

Frankfurt Am Main (CG), Siesmayerstrasse 21, 60323 
Frankfurt, Unit 115, APO AE 09213-0115; Tel [49] (69) 7535-
0; Afterhours: Tel [49] (69) 7535-3700; FAX [49] (69) 748-
938; COM FAX [49] (69) 748-204
CG:-- Frank P. Wardlaw
CG SECY:-- Leona Niemann
DPO:-- Leo R. Wollemborg
COM:-- Donald Businger
CON:-- Robert S. Ayling 
ADM:-- Mark J. Lijek
RSO:-- Alan O. Bigler
BPAO:-- Helena Finn
IMO:-- Robert E. Coleman, Jr.
INS:-- Jeffrey Trecartin
FAA:-- James F. Coffey (IFO)
-- Robert Enoch (IFIO)
FAA/CASLO:-- George Pfromm
USTTA:-- Gert Lindenau
GAO:-- Arthur R. Goldbeck
CDC:-- William F. Simonsen

Hamburg (CG), Alsterufer 27/28, 20354 Hamburg; Tel [49] (40) 
411710, Afterhours [49] (40) 41171-211;  FAX FBU [49] (40) 
443-004;  FAX ADM [49] (40) 41-76-65; COM FAX [49](40) 410-
6598; Tel USIS [49] (40) 450104-0; FAX USIS [49] (40) 444-
CG:-- Elizabeth B. Bollmann
POL/ECON:-- Gregory  E. Phillips
COM:-- Hans J. Amrhein
CON:-- Charisse M. S. Phillips
ADM:-- Llewellyn H. Hedgbeth
RSO:-- John J. Conway
-- (resident in Berlin)
BPAO:-- Paul Denig
CPO:-- (Vacant)
AGR:-- James Grueff
-- (resident in Bonn)

Munich (CG), Koeniginstrasse 5, 80539 Muenchen,  Unit 24718, 
APO AE 09178; Tel [49] (89) 28880; FAX [49] (89) 283-047 or 
[49] (89) 280-2317;  CON FAX [49] (89) 280-5163; COM FAX 
[49] (89) 285-261; JUS/CIV FAX [49] (89) 282-230
CG:-- Andrew G. Thoms, Jr.
CG SEC:-- Anne Kirlian
POL:-- Richard M. Dotson
COM:-- Stephan J. Helgesen
CON:-- Kathleen M. Cayer
ADM:-- Harold T. A. Burgess
GSO:-- Louis J. Carlucci
IPO:-- Louis Escobedo, Jr.
RSO:-- John A. Jarrell, Jr.
BPAO:-- William H. Graves
BOB/EUR:-- Csaba T. Chikes
VOA/MRS:-- William J. Connolly
JUS/CIV:-- James A. Gresser
BIB:-- Brian T. Conniff

Stuttgart (CG), Urbanstrasse 7, 70182 Stuttgart, Unit 30607, 
APO AE 09154-0001;  Tel [49] (711) 2-10-08-11;  The CONGEN 
provides Emergency Citizen Services only.  For nonemergency 
messages, leave a message on the CONGEN Stuttgart answering 
machine at [49] (711) 2-10-08-0 After hours: [49] (69) 7535-
3700 (the Afterhours contact is through CONGEN Frankfurt; 
FAX [49] (711) 2-10-08-20; COM FAX [49] (711) 236-4350; USIS 
Tel [49] (711) 22983-0; FAX [49] (711) 22983-39; POLAD 
(Vaihingen) Tel. [49] (711) 680-4921; FAX [49] (711) 680-
8166; POLAD (Heidelberg) Tel [49] (6221) 57-6651; FAX [49] 
(6221) 57-8097
CG:-- Michael A. Ceurvorst
POL/ECON:-- Frank W. Ostrander
COM:-- Camille A. Sailer
RSO:-- John A. Jarrell, Jr.
-- (resident in Munich)
BPAO:-- Richard Aker
POLAD:-- Jacques Paul Klein, USINCEUR
-- (resident in Vaihingen)
-- (resident in Heidelberg)

Leipzig (CG), Wilhelm Seyfferth Strasse 4, 04107 Leipzig; 
USEMB Berlin, Unit 26738 (CGL),  APO AE 09235-5500; Tel [49] 
(341) 213-840; FAX [49] (341) 213-8417; COM Tel [49] (341) 
213-8440; COM FAX [49] (341) 213-8441; USIS FAX [49] (341) 
213-8432; USIS Tel [49] (341) 213-8420
CG:-- Annette L. Veler
POL/ECON:-- Brian J. Siler
COM:-- Dr. Birgit Lehne (FSN)
ADM/CON:-- Alessandra Vidotti (FSN)
BPAO:-- Janet E. Garvey
RSO:-- John J. Conway (res. in Berlin)

Accra (E), Ring Road East; P.O. Box 194; Tel Chancery [233] 
(21) 775348/9, 775297/8; Tel Annex 776601/2, 776944; Telex 
2579 EMBUSA GH; FAX [233] (21) 776008
AMB:-- Kenneth L. Brown
AMB SEC:-- M. Ruth Clifford
DCM:-- James V. Ledesma
POL/LAB/MIL: -- David E. Appleton
ECO/COM:-- Karl H. Fritz
CON:-- Donna M. Blair
ADM:-- Rosil A. Nesberg
GSO:-- William P. O'Donnell
RSO:-- Jerald Barnes
ODA:-- Col Kenneth A. Hibl, USA
-- (resident in Abidjan)
SAO:-- (Vacant)
PAO:-- Nicholas Robertson
CPO:-- Eileen J. Nesberg
AID:-- Joseph Goodwin
AGR:-- Maurice House
-- (resident in Lagos)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

Athens (E), 91 Vasilissis Sophias Blvd., 10160 Athens or PSC 
108,  APO AE 09842;  Tel [30] (1) 721-2951 or  721-8401; FAX 
[30](1)645-6282; COM FAX [30] (1) 721-8660; USIS FAX [30] 
(1) 723-7332
AMB:-- Thomas M. T. Niles
AMB SEC:-- Dolores Montoya
DCM:-- Thomas J. Miller
POL:-- Robert W. Becker
ECO:-- Basil G. Scarlis
COM:-- John  L. Priamou
CON:-- Danny B. Root
ADM:-- Michael McLaughlin
RSO:-- Timothy Dixon
PAO:-- Larry J. Ikels
CPO:-- Raymond Norris
ISM:-- Donald W. Newman
DEA:-- Perry Felecos
INS:-- Anthony  F. Lascaris
LEGAT:-- Stephen Walker
ODA:-- Capt Will Gray, USN
ODC:-- Col Theodore R. Coberly, USA
AGR:-- Paul Hoffman
FAA:-- Joseph Teixeira
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Larry J. Legrand
-- (resident in Rome)

Thessaloniki (CG), 59 Leoforos Nikis, GR-546-22 
Thessaloniki; PSC 108, Box 37 APO AE 09842; Tel [30] (31) 
242905; FAX [30] (31) 242927, 242915
CG:-- Miriam Hughes
POL/ECO:-- David Shuler
BPAO:-- James Ellickson-Brown

St. George's (E),  P.O. Box 54, St. George's, Grenada, W.I.; 
Tel (809) 444-1173/8; FAX (809) 444-4820
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Ollie P. Anderson, Jr.
ADM:-- Robert C. Bryson
RSO:-- Thomas A. Barnard
-- (resident in Port-of-Spain)
PAO:-- Gerald A. Waters
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
AID:-- Mosina H. Jordan
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
ODA:-- Ltc Armand P. Haynes, USA 
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
AGR:-- Larry Senger
-- (resident in Caracas)
LAB:-- Raymond L. Brown
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
LEGAT:-- Paul F. Nolan
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
IRS:-- Charles Shea
-- (resident in Caracas)

Guatemala City (E), 7-01 Avenida de la Reforma, Zone 10; APO 
AA 34024; Tel [502] (2) 31-15-41; FAX [502] (2) 31-88-85; 
AID FAX [502] (2) 31-11-51; ROCAP FAX [502] (2) 32-04-95; 
COM FAX [502] (2) 31-73-73
AMB:-- Marilyn McAfee
AMB SEC:-- Carol A. Murphy
DCM:-- John F. Keane
POL:-- George A. Chester, Jr.
ECO:-- Geraldeen G. Chester
COM:-- Robert Bucalo
CON:-- Charles F. Keil
ADM:-- Gary R. Alexander
RSO:-- Martin T. Donnelly
PAO:-- John D. Hamill
IMO:-- Michael J. Kovich
AID:-- William S. Rhodes
ROCAP:-- Irenemaree Castillo
ODA:-- Col Dennis E. Keller, USA
MILGP:-- Col  Joe Haning, USA
AGR:-- Grant A. Pettrie
APHIS:-- Gordon Tween
NAS:-- David C. Becker
IAGS:-- Glenn T. Ramsey
PC:-- Peter A. Lara
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/CASLO:-- Victor Echevarria
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
DEA:-- James R. White
LAB:-- Donald R. Knight
IRS:-- Daniel R. Dietz
-- (resident in Mexico City)

Conakry (E), 2d Blvd. and 9th Ave., B.P. 603; Tel [224] 41-
15-20 thru 23; FAX [224] 41-15-22  
AMB:-- Joseph A. Saloom III
AMB SEC:-- Theresa J. Everett
DCM:-- Alan B. C. Latimer
POL/MIL:-- Edward George Stafford
ECO/COM:-- Sherry L. Steeley
B&F/CON:-- Kathi R. Osborne
ADM:-- (Vacant)
RSO:-- Michael Nelson
PAO:-- Virgil Bodeen
CPO:-- Marvin P. Adams
ODA:-- Ltc William H. Dixon, USMC
-- (resident in Dakar)
AID:-- Wilbur  G.  Thomas
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
AGR:-- Jonathan Gressel
-- (resident in Abidjan)
LAB:-- Fred B. Cook
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)
PC:-- John Reddy
RETO:-- Timothy H. Robinson
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo 
(res. in Paris)

Bissau (E), Bairro de Penha, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, C.P. 
297, 1067 Codex, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau; Tel. [245]  25-
2273/6; FAX [245] 25-2282; Telex 240 Publico Bi; USAID Tel 
[245] 20-1809, 20-1810; FAX [245] 20-1808; Peace Corps Tel. 
[245] 25-2127; FAX [245] 25-2132; Medical Unit [245] 25-2133
AMB:-- Roger A. McGuire
AMB SEC:-- Larry F. Starr
ADM:-- Daniel Menco Hirsch
GSO:-- Raymond D. Maxwell
POL/ECO/CON:-- Debbie Lynn Potter
RSO:-- Gary M. Gibson
-- (resident in Dakar)
IPO:-- Monte R. Marchant 
ISM:-- Janet A. Cote
-- (resident in Dakar)
ODA:-- (Vacant)
AID:-- Michael F. Lukomski
PC:-- Carol A. Herrera
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
LAB:-- Frederick B. Cook
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)

Georgetown (E), 99-100 Young and Duke Sts., Kingston, 
Georgetown, Guyana;  P.O. Box 10507; Tel [592] (2) 54900-9 
and [592] (2) 57960-9; FAX [592] (2) 58497; USAID FAX [592] 
(2) 57969; USIS FAX [592] (2) 63636
AMB-- George F. Jones
DCM:-- Manuel Barrera
POL:-- Edgar L. Embrey
ECO/COM:-- Michael G. Heath
CON:-- Maria I. Philip
ADM:-- Julio T. Perez
RSO:-- Michael J. Eicher
PAO:-- Willard T. Smith (Acting)
CPO:-- John M. Benton
AID:-- Patrick M. McDuffie
ODA:-- Col. Michael J. Kenna, USAF
-- (resident in Caracas)
AGR:-- Larry Senger
-- (resident in Caracas)
LEGAT:-- Rinaldo A. Campana
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/CASLO:-- Victor Echevarria
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- Raymond L. Brown
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
IRS:-- Charles Shea
-- (resident in Caracas)

Port-au-Prince (E), Harry Truman Blvd., P.O. Box 1761;  Tel  
[509] 22-0354, 22-0368, 22-0200, 22-0612; FAX [509] 231641
AMB:-- William Lacy Swing
DCM:-- Vicki J. Huddleston
POL:-- Louis Nigro, Jr.
ECO/COM:-- John S. Creamer
CON:-- Charles R. Stephan III
ADM:-- John O'Leary
RSO:-- David A. Akerman
PAO:-- Stanley Schrager
IMO:-- W. A. Peter Bolton
ISM:-- Roger Snider
AID:-- David Cohen
ODA:-- Ltc Steven A. Lovasz, USA
MLO:-- Maj Roland Lane
AGR:-- Susan Schayes
-- (resident in Santo Domingo)
APHIS:-- (Vacant)
DEA:-- William Payne
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
IRS:-- Louis Hobbie
-- (resident in Nassau)
INS:-- Olen Martin

Vatican City (E), Villino Pacelli, Via Aurelia 294, 00165 
Rome; PSC 59, APO AE 09624; Tel [396] 46741; Telex  622322 
AMBRMC; FAX [396] 638-0159
AMB:-- Raymond L. Flynn
AMB SEC:-- Sheila Dumas
DCM:-- Cameron R. Hume
POL:-- Damian Leader
ADM:-- Thomas Smitham
RSO:-- Paul C. Leibengood
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)

Tegucigalpa (E), Avenido La Paz, Apartado Postal No 3453; 
AMEMB Honduras,  APO AA 34022; Tel [504] 36-9320 or [504] 
38-5114;  FAX [504] 36-9037; COM FAX [504] 38-2888; USIS FAX 
[504] 36-9309; USAID FAX [504] 36-7776 
AMB:-- William T. Pryce
AMB SEC:-- Guadalupe Yameogo
DCM:-- James C. Cason
POL:-- Thomas Ochiltree
ECO:-- Hugo L. Llorens
COM:-- Michael McGee
CON:-- Fernando Sanchez
ADM:-- Peter Wood
RSO:-- Nanette A. Krieger
PAO:-- Mark Krischik
IMO:-- Harvey Eidenberg
ISO:-- Larry Lopez
AID:-- Marshall Brown
ODA:-- Col William Brown, USAF
MILGP:-- Col Larry L. Gragg, USA 
DEA:-- Max Pooley
AGR:-- Grant A. Pettrie
-- (resident in Guatemala City)
INS:-- Jerry Stuchiner
APHIS:-- James E. Novy
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
PC:-- Donna Frago
LAB:-- Melvin R. Turner 
IRS:-- Daniel R. Dietz
-- (resident in Mexico City)

Hong Kong (CG), 26 Garden Rd.; PSC 464, Box 30, FPO AP 
96522-0002; Tel [852] 523-9011; Telex 63141 USDOC HX; FAX 
[852] 845-1598; COM FAX [852] 845-9800; ATO Address: 18th 
fl., St. John's Bldg., 33 Garden Rd.; Tel 841-2350; FAX 845-
CG:-- Richard W. Mueller
CG SEC:-- Jacqueline F. Carter
DPO:-- Jeffrey A. Bader
ECO/POL: -- Blaine D. Porter
COM:-- Thomas L. Boam
CON:-- Wayne S. Leininger
ADM:-- Michael J. Hinton
RSO:-- Paul T. Peterson
PAO:-- Patrick J. Corcoran
IMO:-- Timothy C. Lawson
ISM:-- John M. Kuschner
ODA:-- Capt John M. Holmes, USNR
ATO:-- Laverne E. Brabant
INS:-- Jerry W. Stuchiner
CUS:-- Patrick H. Sheridan
DEA:-- Richard C. Lamagna
FAA:-- Fred Lee
-- (resident in Beijing)
FAA/CASLO:-- Wendell Sims
-- (resident in Bangkok)
IRS:-- Dennis Tsujimoto
-- (resident in Tokyo)

Budapest (E), V. Szabadsag Ter 12; Am Embassy, Unit 1320, 
APO AE 09213-1320; Tel [36] (1) 112-6450; FAX [36] (1) 132-
8934; Telex 18048 224-222; Commercial Devel Ctr Telex 227136 
USCDC H; USIS FAX [36] (1) 153-4274; COM FAX [36] (1) 142-
AMB:-- Donald M. Blinken
DCM:-- Richard L. Baltimore III
POL:-- William H. Siefkin
ECO:-- Charles L. English
COM:-- Patrick Hughes
CON:-- Arnold L. Campbell
PAO:-- Donna Culpepper
ADM:-- Martha L. Campbell
RSO:-- Patricia Harnett-Kelly
ODA:-- Col John Concannon, USA
EST:-- Lawrence Cohen
CPO:-- David L. Patterson
ISM:-- William K. Curry
AID:-- David L. Cowles
AGR:-- Francis J. Tarrant
-- (resident in Vienna)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA/CASLO:-- Amy Fitzgibbons
-- (resident in Vienna)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Larry J. Legrand (res. in Rome)

Reykjavik (E), Laufasvegur 21 Box 40;  USEMB, PSC 1003, Box 
40, FPO AE  09728-0340; Tel [354] (1) 629100; FAX [354] (1) 
629139; USIS Tel [354] (1) 621020 and 621022; USIS FAX [354] 
(1) 29529
AMB:-- Parker W. Borg
DCM:-- Eugene D. Schmiel
POL:-- C. Edward Dickens
ECO/COM:-- David G. Wagner
CON:-- Martha A. Husted
ADM:-- David M. Robinson
RSO:-- Michael T. Evanoff
-- (resident in Copenhagen)
PAO:-- Andrew F. Key
CPO:-- Nicholas J. Adams
FAA:-- Carl Burleson
-- (resident in London)
FAA/CASLO:-- Jeff Coghill
-- (resident in London)
FAA/FSIDO:-- John Humflet
-- (resident in London)
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)

New Delhi  (E), Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri 110021; Tel [91] 
(11) 600651; Telex 031-82065 USEM IN; FAX [91] (11) 687-
2028; COM FAX [91] (11) 687-2391; USIS Tel  [91] (11) 331-
6841 or 4251; USIS FAX  [91] (11) 332-9499; USAID Tel [91] 
(11) 686-5301; USAID FAX  [91] (11) 686-8594
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Kenneth C. Brill
POL:-- Nancy J. Powell
ECO:-- M. Gordon Jones
COM:-- Jonathan M. Bensky
CON:-- Richard P. Livingston
ADM:-- Cristobal R. Orozco
RSO:-- Peter E. Bergin
PAO:-- Stephen F. Dachi
CPO:-- Lyle H. Rosdahl
ISM:-- Alan L. Roecks
AID:-- Walter G. Bollinger
ODA:-- Col Richard J. Crites, USA
EST:-- Dr. Paul C. Maxwell
AGR:-- Thomas Pomeroy
LAB:-- Eugene D. Price, Jr.
INS:-- William Bryan
DSA:-- Col Walter T. Eastham, USAF
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Sokoloff
-- (resident in Manama)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
IRS:-- Charles W. Landry
-- (resident in Singapore) 

Bombay (CG), Lincoln House, 78 Bhulabhai Desai  Rd. 400026; 
Tel  [91] (22) 363-3611; Telex 011-75425 ACON IN; FAX [91] 
(22) 363-0350; COM FAX [91] (22) 262-3850
CG:-- Charles A. Mast
CG SEC:-- Mary Metzger
POL:-- Marilynn Gurian
ECO:-- Eden Brown
COM:-- John S. Wood
CON:-- Thomas P. Furey
ADM:-- Burt F. English
BPAO:-- Joseph G. Brennig
DEA:-- Anthony Williams
CPO:-- Rodney C. Deaton

Calcutta (CG), 5/1 Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Calcutta 700071; Tel 
[91] (33) 242-3611 through 242-3615, 242-2336 through 242-
2337; Telex 021-5982 ACON IN; FAX [91] (33) 242-2335; USIS 
FAX [91] (33) 245-1616
CG:-- Robert K. Boggs, Jr
CON:-- Helen M. Collings
ADM:-- Judith Grace
BPAO:-- Dino J. Caterini

Madras (CG), 220 Mount Rd. 600006; Tel  [91] (44) 827-3040; 
FAX [91] (44) 825-0240; USIS FAX [91] (44) 826-3407; FCS 
Bangalore:  W-202, II Floor, West Wing "Sunrise Chambers," 
22 Ulsoor Road, Bangalore 560042; Tel [91] (080) 581-452
CG:-- Timothy P. Hauser
POL/ECO:-- James L. Huskey
COM: -- Michael P. Keaveny
CON:-- Hugh Floyd Williams
ADM:-- Lee  M. Carter
BPAO:-- Miriam E. Guichard
CPO:-- Robert L. Humbel

Jakarta (E), Medan Merdeka Selatan 5, Box 1, APO AP   96520; 
Tel  [62] (21) 360-360; Telex 44218 AMEMB JKT; FAX  [62] 
(21) 386-2259; USIS FAX [62] (21) 381-0243; COM FAX [62] 
(21) 385-1632; AID FAX [62] (21) 380-6694; FAS FAX [62] (21) 
380-1363; OMADP FAX [62] (21) 372-518
AMB:-- Robert L. Barry
AMB SEC:-- Sarah Virginia Parker
DCM:-- Barbara S. Harvey
POL:-- Barbara J. Schrage
ECO:-- Robert W. Fitts
CON:-- Penny S. McMurtry
COM:-- Theodore J. Villinski 
ADM:-- Gerald E. Manderscheid
RSO:-- Bruce W. Tully
PAO:-- Wesley D. Stewart
IMO:-- Barbara J. Sullivan
AID:-- Charles F. Weden
ODA:-- Col John B. Haseman, 
OMADP:-- Col Karl F. Eickemeyer, USA
AGR:-- Michael L. Humphrey
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/CAAG:-- Robert Salas
FAA/CASLO:-- Tommy Dome
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
LAB:-- Gregory M. Talcott
EST:-- Sidney G. Smith
IRS:-- Charles W. Landry
-- (resident in Singapore)

Medan (CG), Jalan  Imam Bonjol 13; APO AP 96520;  Tel  [62] 
(61) 322200; Telex 51764; USIS Tel [62] (61) 515130; Telex 
51737; FAX  [62] (61) 518711; COM FAX [62] (61) 518-711
CG:-- Kathryn Dee Robinson
ECO:-- Leo Gallagher
COM:-- Charles M. Reese
-- (resident in Jakarta)
ADM/CON:-- Kees C. Davison
BPAO:-- Martin Adler

Surabaya (CG), Jalan Raya Dr. Sutomo 33; AMCONGEN, Box 1 
Unit 8131, APO AP 96520-0002; Tel  [62] (31) 582287 and 
582288; Telex 34331AMCOSB IA;  FAX [62] (31) 574492; COM FAX 
[62] (31) 574-492
CG:-- Mark C. Eaton
POL/ECO:-- Richard M. McCrensky
COM:-- Ned Quistorff
-- (resident in Jakarta)
ADM/CON: -- Edward J. Fendley
BPAO:-- Michael J. Hurley

Baghdad (E), Opp. For. Ministry Club  (Masbah Quarter); P.O. 
Box 2447 Alwiyah, Baghdad, Iraq; Tel  [964] (1) 719-6138/9, 
7181840, 719-3791; Telex 212287 USINT IK, 213966 USFCS IK; 
COM FAX [964] (1) 718-9297
Operations have been suspended temporarily.

Dublin (E), 42 Elgin Rd., Ballsbridge; Tel  [353] (1) 
6687122; Afterhours Tel [353] (1) 6689612;  FAX [353] (1) 
6689946; COM FAX  [353] (1)  682-840
AMB:-- Jean Kennedy Smith
AMB SEC:-- Edith D. Ferrante
DCM:-- Dennis A. Sandberg
POL:-- James H. Glenn
ECO:-- Robert C. Friel
COM:-- Gene R. Harris
CON:-- James P. Callahan
ADM:-- Kevin C. Milas
RSO:-- Todd M. Keil
PAO:-- John P. Treacy
CPO:-- Francis E. Morgan
ISM:-- Charles R. Shuster
ODA:-- Col  Michael E. Ryan
AGR:-- James P. Rudbeck
-- (resident in London)
INS:-- Denis C. Riordan
-- (resident Shannon, Co. Clare)
CUS:-- John A. Hurley
-- (resident in London)
FAA:-- Carl Burleson
-- (resident in London)
FAA/CASLO:-- Jeff Coghill
-- (resident in London)
FAA/FSIDO:-- John Humflet
-- (resident in London)
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)
Tel Aviv (E), 71 Hayarkon St.; PSC 98, Box 100, APO AE 
09830; Tel [972] (3) 517-4338; Afterhours [972] (3) 517-
4347; FAX [972] (3) 663-449; USIS FAX [972] (3) 510-3830; 
ADM/GSO FAX [972] (3) 510-2444; FCS FAX [972] (3) 510-7215; 
FCS tel. [972] (3) 510-7212
AMB:-- Edward P. Djerejian
DCM:-- James A. Larocco
POL:-- Bruce G. Burton
ECO:-- Alan Parker 
COM:-- Judith A.  Henderson
CON:-- Robert E. Tynes
ADM:-- Wayne K. Logsdon
PAO:-- David P. Good
RSO:-- William L. Adams
IMO:-- Audrey M. Anderson
ISO:-- Michael K. Haftel
DAO:-- Col John V. Siebert, USAF
LAB:-- Leslie A. Bassett
EST:-- David W. Mulenex
AGR:-- Paul Hoffman
-- (resident in Athens)
AID:-- Harry F. Birnholz
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA/CASLO:-- Joseph Teixeira 
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA/FSIDO:-- William J. Reed
-- (resident in Brussels)
IRS:-- Frederick Pablo
-- (resident in Rome)

Rome (E), Via Veneto 119/A, 00187-Rome, PSC 59, Box 100, APO 
AE 09624; Tel  [39] (6) 46741; Telex 622322 AMBRMA;  USIS 
Via Boncompagni 2, 00187 Rome; FAX [39] (6) 488-2672; COM 
FAX [39] (6) 4674-2113; FAX USIS [39] (6) 4674-2655;  To 
utilize the leased line to AmEmbassy Rome and/or FODAG from 
the Department, dial 8-674 and the four-digit extension.  
Mission switchboard number is 8-674-0000.
AMB:-- Reginald Bartholomew
AMB SEC:-- Karen Heitkotter
DCM:-- James F. Creagan
POL:-- Harry L. Coburn
POL/MIL:-- Frank F. Foulger
ECO:-- Kevin J. McGuire
COM:-- Keith R. Bovetti
CON:-- Michael M. Mahoney
ADM C:-- Anne M. Hackett
ADM O:-- Theodore E. Strickler
RSO:-- Paul C. Leibengood
PAO:-- Victor B. Olason
IMO:-- William L. Wuensch
ISM:-- Valorie Strickler
EST:-- Gregory Dunn
ODA:-- Capt Philip A. Bozzelli, USN
ODC:-- Col. Claude V. Christianson, USA
AGR:-- Frank A. Padovano
APHIS:-- Joseph F. Karpati
LAB:-- Charles R. Hare
CUS:-- Riccardo J. Olivieri
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
FAA/CASLO:-- Joseph Teixeira
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
FIN:-- Gay Sills Hoar
IRS:-- Larry J. Legrand
INS:-- Benedict J. Ferro

U.S. Mission to the United Nations Agencies for Food and 
Agriculture (FODAG), Villino Pacelli, Via Aurelia 294, 00165 
Rome;  or c/o U.S. Embassy Rome, PSC 59 Box 100, APO AE 
09624-0007; Tel [39] (6) 639-4260; Telex 622322 AMBRMA;  FAX 
[39] (6) 639-0027
US REP: -- William H. Marsh
DEP REP:-- Frank D. Bucholz
AID:-- Hugh I. Smith
AGR:-- Francis  J. Vacca

Milan (CG), Via Principe Amedeo, 2/10, 20121 Milano; c/o 
U.S. Embassy, Box M; PSC  59, APO AE 09624; Tel [39] (2)  
290-351; Telex 330208 USIMCI; FAX [39] (2) 29-00-11-65.  
Commercial Section: Centro Cooperazione Internazionale, 
Piazzale Giulio Cesare, 20145 Milan; Tel [39] (2) 498-
2241/2/3; FAX [39] (2) 4982241/2/3; COM FAX [39] (2) 481-
CG:-- Richard J. Shinnick
DPO/POL:-- Sharon K. Mercurio
POL:-- Thomas L. Delare
COM:-- Peter B. Alois
CON:-- Alma F. Engel
ADM:-- William A. Eaton
GSO:-- Megan Gaal
RSO:-- Christopher A. Baker 
IPO:-- Harry M. Rivers
AGR:-- Holly  S. Higgins
USTTA:-- Carol S. Ross
CUS:-- Stephen R. Callan
DEA:-- Thomas P. Pasquarello

U.S. Information Service, Via Bigli 11/A, 20121 Milano; Tel 
[39] (2) 795051,2,3,4,5; FAX USIS [39] (2) 781-7368
PAO: -- Jeffrey C. Murray

Naples (CG), Piazza della Repubblica 80122 Naples; Box 18, 
PSC 810, FPO AE 09619-0002; Tel [39] (81) 583-8111; FAX [39] 
(81) 761-1869; FAX USIS [39] (81) 664-207; COM Tel [39] (81) 
761-1592; COM FAX [39] (81) 761-1869  
CG:-- Richard N. Dertadian
CG SEC:-- Ellen Ockey
POL/ECO:-- George M. White
CON:-- Anthony C. Perkins
ADM:-- Patricia Ann Gregory
RSO:-- Paul C. Leibengood
-- (resident in Rome)
BPAO:-- James D. O'Callaghan
POLAD:-- James L. Clunan (res. in London)

Palermo (CA).  The post closed in January 1994.

Florence (CG), Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci, 38, 50123 Firenze; 
APO AE 09613; Tel [39] (55) 239-8276/7/8/9, 217-605; Telex 
570577 AMCOFI I; FAX [39] (55) 284-088; Commercial Section 
Tel [39] (55) 211-676; FAX COM [39] (55) 283-780; USIS Tel 
[39] (55) 216-531, 294-921; FAX [39] (55) 288-338
CG:-- Sue H. Patterson
CON:-- Nereida Vazquez
RSO:-- Christopher A. Baker
-- (resident in Milan)
BPAO:-- Lucille DiPalma

Genoa  (CG).  The post closed in June 1993.

IVORY COAST-See Cote d'Ivoire

Kingston (E), Jamaica Mutual Life Center, 2 Oxford Rd., 3d 
fl.; Tel  (809) 929-4850 thru 9; FAX (809) 926-6743; USIS 
FAX (809) 929-4850 ext. 1042
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Lacy A. Wright, Jr.
POL:-- Robert A. Proctor
ECO: -- John P. Riley
COM:-- Laurence Eisenberg
-- (resident in Santo Domingo)
CON:-- John W. Vessy III
ADM:-- James B. Lane, Jr.
RSO:-- Douglas K. Roberts
PAO:-- Virginia Farris
CPO:-- Fredrick J. Vinson
ISM:-- Anita D. Banks
AID:-- Robert S. Queener
ODA:-- Ltc Norman Wiggins, USMC
MLO:-- Ltc Mark Daniel, USA
AGR:-- Susan Schayes
-- (resident in Santo Domingo)
APHIS:-- Lawrence H. Tengan
NAU:-- Walter N. Davenport, Jr.
PC:-- Janet P. Simoni
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- Edmond  E. Seay III
IRS:-- Louis Hobbie (res. in JAPAN

Tokyo (E), 10-5, Akasaka 1-chome, Minato-ku (107); Unit 
45004, Box 258, APO AP 96337-0001; Tel [81] (3) 3224-5000;  
FAX [81] (3) 3505-1862;  CPU [81] (3) 3224-5700; CPO [81] 
(3) 3224-5691; COM FAX [81] (3) 3589-4235; ATO Address: 
Tameike Tokyu Bldg., 1-14 Akasaka 1-chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 
107; Tel [81] (3) 3224-5115; Telex J29180 ATO Tokyo; FAX 
[81] (3) 3582-6429
AMB:-- Walter F. Mondale
DCM:-- Rust M. Deming
POL:-- Lawrence F. Farrar
ECO:-- John H. Penfold
COM:-- George Mu
CON:-- Michael Carpenter
ADM:-- Robert A. MacCallum
RSO:-- Nickolas W. Proctor
PAO:-- Paul P. Blackburn
IMO:-- Marvin A. Konopik
EST:-- Michael A. G. Michaud
ODA:-- Capt John S. Fitzgerald, USN
MDO:-- Col Wilbur G. Thomas 
AGR:-- James V. Parker
APHIS:-- Ralph Iwamoto
ATO:-- David Salmon
LAB:-- James P. Dodd
IRS:-- Dennis Tsujimoto
CUS:-- Gary W. Waugh
DOE:-- Milton A. Eaton
USTTA:-- Sandra T. Gamo
FAA:-- Fred Laird
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Agor
FAA/FSIDO:-- Wayne Bair
-- (resident in San Francisco)
FIN:-- John I. Weeks
LEGAT:-- Harry J. Godfrey III

U.S. Trade Center, 7th Fl., World Import Mart, 1-3 Higashi  
Ikebukuro 3-chome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170;  Tel [81] (3) 
3987-2441; FAX [81] (3) 3987-2447; COM FAX [81] (3) 3987-
DIR:-- Thomas Moore

Naha, Okinawa (CG), 2564 Nishihara, Urasoe City, Okinawa 
90121; PSC 556, Box 840, Unit 45, FPO AP 96372-0840; Tel 
[81] (98) 876-4211; FAX [81] (98) 876-4243
CG:-- Richard A. Christenson
POL/MIL:-- Thomas G. Reich
ADM/CON:-- Janice L. Trickel

Osaka-Kobe (CG), 11-5, Nishitenma 2-chome, Kita-Ku, Osaka 
530;  Unit 45004, Box 239; APO AP 96337-0002; Tel (81) (6) 
315-5900; Telex 5233037 AMCONJ; FAX [81] (6) 361-5397; COM 
FAX [81] (6) 361-5978; CON FAX [81] (6) 315-5930; ATO 
Address: Shima Office Bldg., 3F, 1-18, Kitahama 3-chome, 
Chuo-Ku, Osaka 541; Tel [81] (6) 208-0303; Telex 5233037; 
FAX [81] (6) 208-0306
CG:-- David A. Pabst
ECO:-- Robert G. Rapson
COM:-- Ira Kasoff
ADM:-- George T. Novinger
BPAO:-- Warren Soiffer
ATO:-- Geoffrey W. Wiggin

Sapporo (CG), Kita 1-Jo Nishi 28-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 
064; Unit 45004, Box 276, APO AP 96337-0003; Tel [81] (11) 
641-1115/7;  FAX [81] (11) 643-1283; COM FAX [81] (11) 643-
CG:-- Dennis J. Ortblad
CON:-- Nicholas M. Hill
BPAO:-- Mark J. Davidson

Fukuoka (C), 5-26 Ohori 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-810 or 
Unit 45004, Box 242, APO AP 96337-0001;  Tel [81] (92) 751-
9331/4; Telex 725679; FAX [81] (92) 713-9222; COM FAX [81] 
(92) 713-922
PO:-- Donald Y. Yamamoto
ECO:-- Stanley A. Otto
CON:-- Richard H. Morgan
BPAO:-- Judith Bryan

Nagoya (C); Nishiki SIS Building 6F 10-33 Nishiki 3-chome 
Naka-ku, Nagoya 460; c/o AMEMB Tokyo, Unit 45004, Box 280, 
APO AP 96337-0001; Tel [81] (52) 203-4011; COM Tel. (direct) 
[81] (52) 203-4277  FAX [81] (52) 201-4612
PO:-- Frank W. Stanley

Jerusalem (CG), 18 Agron Rd., Jerusalem 94190, P.O. Box 290; 
PSC 98, Box 100; APO AE 09830; Tel [972] (2) 253288  (via 
Israel); Afterhours [972] (2) 253201; FAX [972] (2) 259270; 
Consular  and USIS Sections: 27 Nablus Rd., P.O. Box 290, 
PSC 98, Box 100, APO AE 09830; CON Tel [972] (2) 
894748/894113; Afterhours Tel [972] (2) 253201; FAX [972] 
(2) 894198 (both  offices via Israel); USIS Tel [972] (2) 
895117; FAX [972] (2) 894711; USAID FAX [972] (2) 259484 
CG:-- Edward G. Abington, Jr.
CG SEC:-- Elaine Ott
DPO:-- John H. Bargeron
POL:-- Maura Connelly
POL:-- Michele D. Dunne
ECO/COM:-- Charles W. Dunne
CON:-- Kathleen A. Riley
ADM:-- Marcia L. Nye
RSO:-- Neil J. MacNeil
PAO:-- Keren L. Perez
CPO:-- Thomas H. Lien
AID:-- Karen D. Turner
IRS:-- Larry J. Legrand
-- (resident in Rome)

Amman (E), P.O. Box 354, Amman 11118 Jordan or APO AE 09892-
0200; Tel [962] (6) 820-101; Direct line to Post 1 [962] (6) 
820-148; USAID Office Tel [962] (6) 820-101; EXEC/POL FAX 
[962] (6) 820-159; ECON FAX [962] (6) 820-146; COM FAX [962] 
(6) 820-146 AID FAX  [962] (6) 820-143; USIS FAX [962] (6) 
820-121; MAP FAX [962] (6) 820-160
AMB:-- Wesley W. Egan, Jr.
AMB SEC:-- June Ward
DCM:-- Douglas R. Keene
POL:-- W. William Jordan
ECO/COM:-- Douglas B. Neumann
CON:-- Raymond E. Clore
ADM:-- Joseph Huggins
RSO:-- Richard T. Pelych
PAO:-- Peter J. Kovach
CPO:-- Rudolph L. Szabados
ISM:-- Sally Caldwell
AID:-- William T. Oliver
ODA:-- Col Thomas F. Young, USA
AGR:-- Forrest Geerken, Jr.
-- (resident in Cairo)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes (res. in Ridyadh)
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Sokoloff (res. in Manama)
FAA/FSIDO:-- William J. Reed
-- (resident in Brussels)

Almaty (E), 99/97 Furmanova St.; Almaty, Republic of 
Kazakhstan 480012; Tel [7] (3272) 63-24-26; CPU and 
Afterhours [7] (3272) 63-39-05, ext. 116; INMARSAT 02-00-
873-151-2725; FAX [7] (3272) 63-38-83
AMB:-- William H. Courtney
DCM:-- Jackson McDonald
POL:-- Jim Bigus
ECO:-- Pamela Weber
ADM:-- Jeffrey Vandreal
CPO:-- Ivan Kern (TDY)
CON:-- Lauren Catipon
GSO:-- Bruce Hudspeth
COM:-- Susan Weidner
IPO:-- Ritchie Miller
PAO:-- Richard Lankford
AID:-- Craig Buck
PC:-- Paul Burnore
RSO:-- Chris Paul
-- (resident in Tashkent)
ODA:-- Maj George Levitsky, USA (TDY)
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
AGR:-- Mary Revelt
-- (resident in Moscow)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)

Nairobi (E), Moi/Haile Selassie Ave.; P.O. Box 30137, Unit 
64100; APO AE 09831; Tel [254] (2) 334141; CPU STU-III 
334122; Telex 22964; FAX [254] (2) 340838; COM FAX [254] (2) 
AMB:-- Aurelia Brazeal
AMB SEC:-- Christine E. Everhart
DCM:-- E. Michael Southwick
POL:-- Marilyn F. Jackson
ECO:-- Constance J. Freeman
COM:-- Nikki M. Brajevich (Acting)
CON:-- Marsha von Duerckheim 
ADM:-- Elaine B. Schunter
RSO:-- James A. McWhirter
PAO:-- Frederick E. V. La Sor
IMO:-- Russell M. Ikegami
ISM:-- Brad Summers
AID:-- John R. Westley
AID/REDSO:-- Fred C. Fischer
AGR:-- James M. Benson
-- (resident in Pretoria)
APHIS:-- James P. Cavanaugh
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Sokoloff
-- (resident in Manama)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
LAB:-- Lois A. Aroian
UNEP:-- Richard Hoover
INS:-- Donald J. Monica
MLO:-- Col  David 
Swartzlander, USA
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)

Mombasa (C).  The post closed in May 1993.

Seoul (E), 82 Sejong-Ro; Chongro-ku;  AMEMB, Unit 15550, APO 
AP 96205-0001; Tel [82] (2) 397-4114; FAX [82] (2) 738-8845; 
ATO Address: Room 303, Leema Bldg, 146-1, Susong-dong, 
Chongro-ku; Tel [82] (2) 397-4188; FAX [82] (2) 720-7921 
AMB:-- James T. Laney
AMB SEC:-- Carol J. Mills
DCM:-- Charles Kartman
POL:-- Mark C. Minton
ECO:-- John F. Hoog
COM:-- Robert S. Connan
CON:-- John R. Ratigan
ADM:-- M. Bart Flaherty
RSO:-- Bernhard B. Collins, Jr.
PAO:-- William H. Maurer, Jr.
IMO:-- Michael C. Bowcutt
ISM:-- Paul A. Converti
CUS:-- Paul W. O'Brien
EST:-- F. Kenneth Crosher
ODA:-- Col William R. McKinney, USA
MAAG:-- Col Keith Young, USA
AGR:-- John Child
APHIS:-- Ray I. Miyamoto
ATO:-- Charles T. Alexander
DEA:-- Dannie West
FAA:-- Allen Agor
-- (resident in Tokyo)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Wayne Bair (res. in San Franciso)
INS:-- Robert L. Butler
IRS:-- Dennis Tsujimoto
-- (resident in Tokyo)

U.S. Export Development Office/U.S. Trade Center, c/o U.S. 
Embassy; Tel [82] (2) 397-4212; FAX [82] (2) 739-1628
DIR:-- (Vacant)

Pusan (C), 24 2-Ka, Daechung-Dong, Chung-ku; Tel [82] (51) 
246-7791; FAX [82] (51) 246-8859
PO:-- Edward W. Kloth, Jr.
CON:-- Kin Wah Moy

Kuwait (E), P.O. Box 77 SAFAT, 13001 SAFAT, Kuwait; Unit 
69000 APO AE 09880-9000; Tel [965] 242-4151 thru 9;  FAX 
[965] 244-2855; Workweek:  Saturday through Wednesday; Telex 
2039  HILTELS KT; FCS FAX [965] 244-7692; GSO FAX [965] 245-
2490; OMC-K FAX [965] 242-4192
AMB:-- (Vacant)
AMB SEC:-- Beverly A. Oliver
CHG:-- Georgia Debell
POL:-- Matthew H. Tueller
POL/MIL:-- Lyman L. Hubbard, Jr.
ECON:-- Paul H. Tyson
COM:-- Johnny Brown
CONS:-- Steven P. Coffman
ADM:-- Lyle A. Dittmer
RSO:-- Roy A. Deibler
PAO:-- Albert W. Dalgliesh, Jr.
CPO:-- Thomas J. Zuraw
ISM:-- Ernest R. Olivarez
OMC-K:-- Bg Robert R. Ivany, USA
ATO:-- Edwin Porter
-- (resident in Dubai)
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Sokoloff
-- (resident in Manama)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
'-- (resident in Frankfurt)
FIN:-- Marvin Lee Wolfe
-- (resident in Riyadh)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)
VOA:-- Terry Donovan

Bishkek  (E), Erkindik Prospekt #66, 720002; Tel 7-3312 22-
29-20, 22-27-77; Telex 245133 AMEMB SU; FAX 7-3312 22-35-51; 
GSO FAX 7-3312 22-35-51; CON FAX 7-3312 22-32-10 
AMB:-- Edward Hurwitz
DCM:-- Benjamin Tua
POL/MIL:-- John J. Murphy
POL/ECO:-- Michael D. Scanlan
CON:-- Mark Cameron
ADM:-- Mary Wright
GSO:-- Shawn Dorman
RSO:-- Christopher Paul
-- (resident in Tashkent)
PAO:-- Craig B. Springer
-- (resident in Vienna)
CPO:-- Aurelius J. Manupella
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
AGR:-- Mary Revelt
-- (resident in Moscow)
IRS:-- Joe  D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)

Vientiane (E), Rue Bartholonie, B.P. 114; Mail to: AMEMB 
Vientiane Box V, APO AP 96546; Tel [856] 2220, 2357 or 3570, 
16-9581; Cellular Tel  [856] (21) 130-423; Afterhours: [856] 
(21) 212581; FAX  [856] (21) 212854
AMB:-- Victor L. Tomseth
DCM:-- Alan W. Barr
POL/ECO:-- Frank G. Light, Jr.
CON/COM:-- Sally Mathiasen Light
ADM:-- Robert W. Pons
PAO:-- Mary H. Johnson
RSO:-- Gerard Lopez
-- (resident in Bangkok)
FAA:-- (Vacant)
CPO:-- Roger M. Grovdahl
NAS:-- Albert L. Bryant

Riga (E), Raina Boulevard 7, 226050;  Tel [371] (2) 213-962; 
Cell. Tel. [371] 882-0046; Cell FAX {371]-882-0047
AMB:-- Ints M.  Silins
AMB SEC:-- Marcia W. Vajay
POL/ECO:-- Jonathan Bemis
CON:-- Jeffrey Rathke
IPO:-- Kenneth Knudsen
ADM:-- Susan Pazina
AID:-- Baudovin DeMarken
PAO:-- James Kenney
AGR:-- Thomas A. Hamby
-- (resident in Stockholm)
FAA:-- Patrick N. Poe
-- (resident in Brussels)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)

Beirut (E), Antelias, P.O. Box 70-840, or PSC 815, Box 2; 
FPO AE 09836-0002; Tel [961] (1) 402-200, 403-300, 416-502, 
426-183, 417-774; FAX [961] (1) 407-112; ADM FAX [961] (1) 
403-313; ODA FAX [961] (1) 416-215 (Telefax messages from 
Washington, D.C., should be transmitted by the State 
Department to AMEMB Nicosia, FAX [357] (2) 365-478, who, in 
turn, will transmit the fax message to post.)
AMB:-- Mark G. Hambley
AMB SEC:-- Catherine Elliott
DCM:-- Vincent M.  Battle
POL:-- Paul G. Wickberg
ECON:-- (Vacant) (Contact COM)
CONS/COM:-- George W. Brazier III
ADM:-- James Kessinger
RSO:-- Steven Bray
PAO:-- (Vacant) (contact POL)
CPO:-- Joseph J. Hromatka
AID:-- (Vacant) (contact DCM)
ODA/OMC:-- William A. Behrens, USA
AGR:-- Forrest Geerken, Jr.
-- (resident in Cairo)
LEGAT:-- Stephen P. Walker 
-- (resident in Athens)
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes (res.  in Riyadh)

Maseru (E), P.O. Box 333, Maseru 100 Lesotho; Tel [266] 312-
666;  FAX [266] 310-116; USAID Tel [266] 313-954; USAID 
Telex 4506 LO   
AMB:-- (Vacant)
AMB SEC:-- Beverly J. Krause
CHG:-- Karl Hofmann
ADM/CON:-- Cassie Ghee
RSO:-- Thomas J. Colin
-- (resident in Gaborone)
PAO:-- Judith Butterman
CPO:-- Ray Shankweiler
ODA:-- Col Kim J. Henningsen, USA
-- (resident in Pretoria)
SAO:-- Ltc Dan Pike, USA
-- (resident in Gaborone)
PC:-- Donovan Russell
AID:-- F. Gary Towery
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
AGR:-- James M. Benson
-- (resident in Pretoria)
LAB:-- Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.
-- (resident in Johannesburg)
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley (res. in London)

Monrovia (E), 111 United Nations Dr.;  P.O. Box 10-0098, 
Mamba Point; Tel [231] 222-991 thru 4; FAX [231] 223-710
CHG:-- William P. Twaddell
AMB SEC:-- Terri Lee Tedford
DCM:-- John W. Fuhrer
POL:-- Donald V. Hester
ECON:-- John R. Savage
ECO/COM:-- John Michael Garner
CON:-- Micaela A. Cella
ADM:-- J. Richard Mason
RSO:-- Bernard Dougherty, Jr.
PAO:-- James C. Palmer
AID:-- Lowell E. Lynch
IMO:-- Michael A. Bricker
CPO:-- Eileen J. Nesberg
ISM:-- Christopher Graham
ODA:-- Ltc William H. Dixon, USMC
-- (resident in Dakar)
ODA/MAAG:-- Ltc Mary A. Becka, USA
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
AGR:-- Jonathan Gressel
-- (resident in Abidjan)
LAB:-- Fred B. Cook
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)
IRS:-- Stanley Newman
-- (res. in Sao Paulo)

Vilnius (E), Akmenu 6, 2600;  APO AE 09723; Tel  370-2-223-
031; FAX 370-2-222-779
AMB:-- Darryl N. Johnson
AMB SEC:-- Elizabeth Roberts
POL/ECO:-- Algirdas Rimas
CON:-- Derwood K. Staeben
COM:-- Joan Edwards
-- (resident in Warsaw)
ADM:-- Laura Greulich
IPO:-- Marcellus D. Davis
AID:-- John Cloutier
PAO:-- Viktor Sidabras
AGR:-- Thomas A. Hamby
-- (resident in  Stockholm)
DAO:-- Col. Tiiu Kera
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook (res. in Bonn)

Luxembourg (E), 22 Blvd. Emmanuel-Servais, 2535 Luxembourg; 
PSC 11, APO AE 09132-5380; Tel [352] 460123;  FAX [352] 46 
14 01
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- William T. Harris
POL:-- Charna L. Lazar
POL/ECO/COM:-- Ronald L. Kates
CON:-- Laurie Trost
ADM:-- Deborah W. Glassman
RSO:-- Frederick Mecke
-- (resident in Brussels)
CPO:-- John N. Wickersham
ODC:-- Lt Col Gordon C. Crighton, USA
-- (resident in Brussels)
AGR:-- Steven Yoder
-- (resident in  The Hague)
FAA:-- Carl Burleson
-- (resident in London)
FAA/CASLO:-- Salvatore Cilluffo
-- (resident in Brussels)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
LEGAT:-- Roland L'Allier
-- (resident in Brussels)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)

MACEDONIA (the former Yugoslav Republic of)
Skopje (USLO), c/o USAID 26 Veljko Vlahovic, 9100 Skopje; 
APO address USLO Skopje c/o Embassy Sofia APO AE 009213-
5740; Pouch address Embassy Sofia (USLO Skopje) Department 
of State, Washington D.C. 20521-9900;  Tel [389] (91) 117-
2121; FAX [389] (91) 118-105
PO:-- Robert L. Norman

Antananarivo (E), 14-16 Rue Rainitovo, Antsahavola; B.P. 
620; Tel [261] (2) 212-57, 200-89 or 207-18; Telex USA EMB 
MG 22202, 101 Antananrivo; FAX [261] 234-539
AMB:-- Dennis P. Barrett
AMB SEC:-- Sophie G. Jorgensen
DCM:-- Barbara L. Schell
POL:-- Christopher Davis
ECO:-- Paul E. Rohrlich
COM:-- K. Malaika Williams
CON:-- Robert Kragie
ADM:-- Garace A. Reynard
RSO:-- Bruce F. Warren
PAO:-- Lawrence Wohlers
IPO:-- Jerry T. Scrosia, Jr.
AID:-- George Carner
ISM:-- Christopher Graham
ODA:-- LCdr John Logan, Jr., USN
FAA:-- Ronald  L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
PCD:-- Robert Friedman
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)

Lilongwe (E), P.O. Box 30016 Lilongwe 3, Malawi; Tel [265] 
783-166; Telex 44627; FAX [265] 780-471
AMB:-- Michael T. F. Pistor
AMB SEC:-- Diane S. Isaacson
DCM:-- Gregory W. Engle
ECO/COM:-- Constance C. Arvis
CONS/POL:-- Jill C. Lundy
ADM:-- Amy Pitts
RSO:-- Walter M. Huscilowitc
-- (resident in Harare)
PAO:-- Charles V. Barclay
CPO:-- Mark D. Traxler
AID:-- Cynthia F. Rozell
ODA:-- Ltc Paul D. Keller, USA
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
LAB:-- Lois A. Aroian
-- (resident in Nairobi)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)

Kuala Lumpur (E), 376 Jalan Tun Razak; 50400 Kuala Lumpur; 
P.O. Box No. 10035, 50700 Kuala Lumpur, APO AP 96535-8152; 
Tel [60] (3) 248-9011; FAX [60] (3) 242-2207; COM/AGR FAX 
[60] (3) 242-1866
AMB:-- John S. Wolf
AMB SEC:-- Lois L. Bozilov
DCM:-- Wendy Chamberlin
POL:-- G. Nicholas Mauger III
ECO:-- Deborah L. Linde
COM:-- Paul T. Walters
CON:-- Philip C. French
ADM:-- Steven J. White
RSO:-- John L. Tello
PAO:-- Nicholas Mele
IPO:-- Alexander Kleinsmith
ISM:-- James L. Sundstrom
ODA:-- Ltc Donald R. Moran, USA
AGR:-- Kent D. Sisson
APHIS:-- James I. Moulthrop
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/CASLO:-- Tommy Dome
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
LAB:-- Gregory M. Talcott
-- (resident in Jakarta)
IRS:-- Charles W. Landry
-- (resident in Singapore)

Bamako (E), Rue Rochester NY and Rue Mohamed V, B.P. 34; Tel  
[223]  225470; Telex 2448 AMEMB MJ; FAX [223] 223712
AMB:-- William H. Dameron III
AMB SEC:-- Robin J. Welker
DCM:-- Peggy Blackford
POL:-- David A. Alarid
ECO/COM:-- Douglas B. Dearborn
CON:-- Franklin L. Milhous
LAB:-- Fred B. Cook
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)
ADM:-- Anita G. Schroeder
RSO:-- Robert G. Reed
PAO:-- Michael P. Pelletier
CPO:-- Sebastian R. Failla
ISM:-- Janet A. Cote
-- (resident in Dakar)
AID:-- Charles W. Johnson
ODA:-- Maj Craig S. McLane, USA -- (Acting)
-- (resident in Dakar)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
RETO:-- Timothy H. Robinson
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

Valletta (E), 2d Fl., Development House, St. Anne St., 
Floriana, Malta; P.O. Box 535, Valletta; Tel [356] 235960; 
FAX [356] 243229
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- William A. Moffitt
SA:-- Daniel F. Sheehan
ECO/COM/CON:-- Paul J. Andersen
POL:-- Earl S. Robinson
ADM:-- Sarah F. Drew
RSO:-- Paul C. Leibengood
-- (resident in Rome)
PAO:-- Matthew J. McGrath
IPO:-- Michael M. Pingree
AGR:-- Frank A. Padovano
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace (res. in Rome)
IRS:-- Larry J. Legrand (res. in Rome)

Majuro (E), P.O. Box 1379, Republic of the Marshall Islands, 
96960-1379; Tel (692) 247-4011; FAX  (692) 247-4012;  Pouch: 
Majuro, 20521-4380; via U.S. Mail PO Box 680, Majuro, MH 
96960; No APO/FPO is available.
AMB:-- David C. Fields
AMB SEC:-- Kathleen A. Snider
POL/ECO/CON:-- Thomas M. Murphy
ADM:-- John W. Dinkelman
RSO:-- Walter H. Sargent
-- (resident in Manila)
USIA:-- Ken Yates
-- (resident in Honolulu)
FAA:-- Barry Brayer
-- (resident in Los Angeles)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Peter Beckner
-- (resident in Honolulu)
MLO:-- Maj Joe Buchanan, USA
IRS:-- Dennis Tsujimoto
-- (resident in Tokyo)

Nouakchott (E), B.P. 222; Tel  [222] (2) 526-60 or 526-63; 
Telex AMEMB 5558 MTN; FAX [222] (2) 515-92; Workweek:  
Sunday through Thursday
AMB:-- Gordon S. Brown
AMB SEC:-- Sharon S. Rault
DCM:-- Joseph D. Stafford
POL: -- Carol Colloton
ECO/COM/CON:-- Marie C. Damour
CON:-- Thomas E. Cairns
-- (resident in Dakar)
ADM:-- Robert L. Lane
RSO:-- Robert G. Reed
-- (resident in Bamako)
CPO:-- Robert P. McCumber
ODA:-- Ltc William H. Dixon, USMC
-- (resident in Dakar)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
LAB:-- Fred B. Cook
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)
ISM:-- Janet A. Cote
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

Port Louis (E), Rogers House (4th Fl.), John Kennedy St.;  
Tel [230] 208-9763 thru 7; FAX [230] 208-9534
AMB:-- Leslie M. Alexander
AMB SEC:-- Judy R. Snyder
DCM:-- Margaret C. Jones
POL:-- David Rank
ECO/COM:-- Jeanne L. Foster
ADM/CON:-- Thomas M. Bovaird
RSO:-- Richard L. Fuller
-- (resident in Antananarivo)
PAO:-- Mary Ellen Gilroy
CPO:-- Michael Cesena
ODA:-- LCdr John Logan, Jr., USN
-- (resident in Antananarivo)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
LAB:-- Lois A. Aroian
-- (resident in Nairobi)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes (res. in Riyadh)

Mexico City, D.F. (E), Paseo de la Reforma 305,  Colonia 
Cuauhtemoc, 06500 Mexico, Distrito Federal; Mail: P.O. Box 
3087, Laredo, TX  78044-3087; Tel [52] (5) 211-0042; FAX 
[52] (5) 511-9980, 208-3373; COM FAX [52] (5) 207-8938
AMB:-- James R. Jones
AMB SEC:-- Gloria Gutierrez
DCM:-- David R. Beall
POL:-- Theodore S. Wilkinson III
ECO:-- Daniel L. Dolan
COM:-- Carlos F. Poza
CON:-- Bruce A. Beardsley
CG:-- Kathleen J. Mullen
ADM:-- Russell F. King
RSO:-- Jeffrey N. Pursell
PAO:-- William J. Dieterich
ISM:-- Charles D. Wisecarver, Jr.
AID:-- Arthur H. Danart
EST:-- S. Ahmed Meer
AGR:-- David B. Conable
APHIS (Reg. 1):-- Percy W. Hawkes
APHIS (Reg. 5):-- John H. Wyss
ATO:-- Marvin L. Lehrer
FAA:-- Hugh Hartley
-- (resident in Ft. Worth)
FAA/CASLO:-- Don Rendon
FAA/FSIDO:-- Walter E. Garrard
-- (resident in Dallas)
LAB:-- Richard T. Booth
INS:-- Luis Garcia
NAS:-- Robert L. Retka
CUS:-- Alfredo J. Villarreal, Jr.
DAO:-- Col. Bernard J. Lawless, USA
MLO:-- Col Ralph E. Duncan, USAF
IRS:-- Daniel R. Dietz
FIN:-- Jack V. Sweeney
EPA:-- (Vacant)
LAB:-- Richard T. Booth

USDA/AGR Trade Office (ATO), Edificio Parque Virreyes, Monte 
Pelvoux No. 220, Esquina. Prado Sur, Colonia Lomas de 
Chapultepec, 11000 Mexico D.F.; Mail P.O. Box 3087, Laredo, 
Texas 788044-3087.  Tel [52] (5) 202-0434, 202-0168, and 
202-0212; FAX [52] (5) 202-0528
DIR:-- Marvin L. Lehrer

U.S. Export Development Office, Liverpool 31, Colonia Benito 
Juarez, 06600 Mexico, D.F.; Tel [52] (5) 591-0155; FAX [52] 
(5) 566-1115
DIR:-- Robert W. Miller

U.S. Travel and Tourism Office, Plaza Comermex, M. Avila 
Camacho 1-402, 11560 Mexico, D.F.; Tel [52] (5) 520-2101; 
FAX [52] (5) 202-9231
DIR:-- Peter F. Bohen

Ciudad Juarez (CG), Chihuahua Avenue Lopez Mateos 924 N, 
32000 Ciudad Juarez; Mail: Box 10545, El Paso, TX 79995-
0545; Tel [52] (16) 113000; FAX [52] (16) 169056.  Other 
Consular/Admin # 011 [52] (16) 113000; Immigrant Visas only 
011 [52] 16-134048
CG:-- Richard R. Peterson
CON:-- John P. Caulfield
ADM:-- Rufus A. Watkins
INS:-- Ramona Flores

Guadalajara (CG), JAL; Progreso 175, 44100 Guadalajara, 
Jalisco, Mexico; Mail: Box 3088, Laredo, TX 78044-3088;  Tel 
[52] (3) 825-29-98, 825-27-00; FAX [52](3) 626-6549
CG:-- John P. Jurecky
COM:-- William B. Smith, Jr.
CON:-- Ronald J. Kramer
ADM:-- (Vacant)
BPAO:-- Marjorie Coffin
IPO:-- Steven M. Derrick
USDA/APHIS:-- Kenneth Bedat
FBU:-- Bernadino Gonzalez
LEGAT:-- Gilbert A. Alvarez
DEA:-- Samuel Herrera

Monterrey (CG), Nuevo  Leon;  Avenida Constitucion 411 
Poniente 64000 Monterrey, N.L.; Mail: Box 3098, Laredo, TX 
78044-3098; Tel  [52] (83)  45-2120; Telex 0382853 ACMYME; 
FAX [52] (83) 45-7748
CG:-- Jake M. Dyels, Jr.
CG SEC:-- Frances R. Kendrick
POL:-- Deborah  M. Odell
ECO:-- Mary Lee K. Garrison
COM:-- John A. Harris
CON:-- Patsy G. Stephens
ADM:-- Isiah L. Parnell
RSO:-- Wolfgang G. Fuchs
BPAO:-- Robert L. Hugins
CPO:-- Simon  M. Guerrero
INS:-- Yvette M. La Gonterie
CUS:-- Dale F. Wisley

Tijuana (CG), B.C.N.;  Tapachula 96, 22420 Tijuana, Baja 
California Norte; Mail: P.O. Box 439039, San Diego,  CA 
92143-9039; Tel  [52] (66) 81-7400; FAX [52] (66) 81-8016
CG:-- Edwin P. Cubbison
CG SEC:-- Elizabeth A. Bobick
CON:-- Edwin L. Beffel
NIV:-- Paul C. Kline
ADM:-- John P. Markey, Jr.
BPAO:-- (Vacant)
IPO:-- Arnold Olivo, Jr.
INS:-- Raul Ozuna

Hermosillo (C), Sonora; Monterrey 141, 83260 Hermosillo, 
Sonara; Mail:  Box 3598, Laredo, TX 78044-3598; Tel [52] 
(62) 17-2375; FAX [52] (62) 17-2578
PO:-- Gregory T. Frost
PO SEC:-- Jean C. Wax
CON:-- Frederick L. Kupke
ADM:-- Caroline B. Mangelsdorf
ECON:-- William D. Douglas
CPO/GSO:-- (Vacant)
CUS:-- Javier G. Vasquez
AGR/APHIS:-- (Vacant)
DEA:-- W. A. "Butch" Sears

Matamoros (C), Tamaulipas; Calle Primera 2002; Mail:  Box 
633; Brownsville, TX 78522-0633; Tel [52] (88) 12-44-02;  
FAX  [52] (88) 12-21-71
PO:-- Janice L. Jacobs
CON/COM:-- William H. Duncan
ADM:-- Ricardo F. Zuniga

Mazatlan (C).  The post closed in May 1993.
Merida (C), Yucatan; Paseo Montejo 453, 97000 Merida, 
Yucatan; Mail:  Box 3087, Laredo, TX 78044-3087; Tel. [52] 
(99) 25-5011; FAX [52] (99) 25-6219
PO:-- David R. van Valkenburg
CON:-- Nathaniel P. Dean
CUS:-- Robert Gracia

Nuevo Laredo (C), Tamps.; Calle Allende 3330, Col. Jardin; 
88260 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.; Mail:  Drawer 3089, Laredo, TX 
78044-3089; Tel [52] (871) 4-0512; FAX [52] (871)4-0512, 
PO:-- Mary M. Daniel

Kolonia (E), P.O. Box 1286, Pohnpei, Federated States of 
Micronesia 96941; Tel [691] 320-2187; FAX 691-320-2186
AMB:-- March Fong Eu
DCM/POL/ECO:-- Donald E. Ahern
ADM:-- John W. Dinkelman
-- (resident in Majuro)
RSO:-- Walter H. Sargent
-- (resident in Manila)
PAO:-- Virginia Loo Farris
-- (resident in Honolulu)
FAA:-- Barry Brayer
-- (resident in Los Angeles)
IRS:-- Dennis Tsujimoto (res. in Tokyo)

Chisinau (E),  Strada Alexei Mateevici, #103; Tel 373 (2) 
23-37-72, 373 (2) 23-3044; Telex 163261 EMB SU; FAX 7-0422-
AMB:-- Mary C. Pendleton
AMB SEC:-- Selina Berriman 
POL/ECO:-- Rebecca Joyce
ADM:-- Sandra Wenner-Yeaman
GSO:-- David McAuley
CON:-- Sarah Penhune
CPO:-- James Vanderpool
RSO:-- Harold Countryman
-- (resident in Bucharest)
PAO:-- Ian Kelly
-- (resident in Vienna)
ODA:-- Ltc Paul H. Nelson, USA
-- (resident in Moscow)
AGR:-- William P. Huth
-- (resident in Sofia)
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook (res. in Bonn)

Ulaanbaatar (E), c/o American Embassy Beijing, Micro Region 
11, Big Ring Road, PSC 461, Box 300, FPO AP 96521-0002;  
Tel. [976] (1) 329095  or [976] (1) 329-606; FAX [976] (1) 
320-776; Telex 080079253 AMEMB MH
AMB:-- Donald C. Johnson
DCM/ADM:-- David W. Williams
POL:-- Cheryl A. Martin
ECON/CONS:-- Alaina B. Teplitz
IPO:-- David W. Gabbard
AID:-- William Nance
PC:-- Jean Mead
PAO:-- Ann E. Welden
RSO:-- Timothy W. Fountain
-- (resident in Beijing)
ODA:-- Col Michael Brynes, USA
-- (resident in Beijing)
FAA:-- Fred Lee (res. in Beijing)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
IRS:-- Dennis Tsujimoto
-- (resident in Tokyo)

Rabat (E), 2 Ave. de Marrakech; PSC 74, Box 003 APO AE 
09718; Tel [212] (7) 76 22 65; FAX [212] (7) 76 56 61;  
Telex 31005M; USAID FAX [212] (7) 70 79 30; USIS FAX [212] 
(7) 75 08 63; COM FAX [212] (7) 76 56 51
AMB:-- Marc C. Ginsberg
CHG:-- Joan  M. Plaisted
POL:-- John Hurd Willett
ECO:-- Jack G. Aubert
CON:-- Doreen Soler
ADM:-- Walter Woolwine
RSO:-- C. David Harrison
PAO:-- Robert Petersen
IMO:-- Charles R. Wills
ISO:-- Harry Lumley
AGR:-- John H. Wilson
AID:-- Martin V. Dagata
ODA:-- Col Lawrence A. Smith, USAF
MLO:-- Col  John T. Boyd, USAF
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)
FAA:-- Andre Perze
-- (resident in Paris)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)

Casablanca (CG), 8 Blvd. Moulay Youssef; APO AE 09718 (CAS); 
Tel [212] (2)26-45-50; FAX [212] (2) 20-41-27; COM FAX [212] 
(2) 22-02-59
CG:-- Anne O. Cary
LAB/POL:-- John F. McNamara
ECO:-- Michael A. Ratney
COM:-- Frederic J. Gaynor
CON:-- Cathy Hurst
ADM:-- Jocelyn Breeland
BPAO:-- Judith Baroody
CPO:-- Thomas Schuh

Maputo (E), Avenida Kenneth Kaunda 193; P.O. Box 783;  Tel 
[258] (1) 49-27-97;  Telex 6-143 AMEMB MO; FAX [258] (1) 49-
AMB:-- Dennis Coleman Jett
AMB SEC:-- Lena R. Steinhoff
DCM:-- Christopher W. Dell
POL:-- William G. Gray
ECO/COM:-- Todd C. Chapman
CON:-- Philip F. Reilly
ADM:-- John E. Olson
RSO:-- Daniel C. Becker
CPO:-- Lewis F. Fierke
AID:-- Roger D. Carlson
ODA:-- Ltc Gregory M. Saunders, USA
PAO:-- David L. Ballard
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
LAB:-- Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.
-- (resident in Johannesburg)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)

Windhoek (E),  Ausplan Building, 14 Lossen St.; Private Bag 
12029 Ausspannplatz, Windhoek, Namibia; Tel [264] (61) 221-
601; FAX [264] (61) 229-792
AMB:-- Marshall F. McCallie
AMB SEC:-- Donna J. Scott
DCM:-- Katherine H. Peterson
POL:-- Carl F. Troy
ECO/COM:-- Philip R. Drouin
CON:-- James H. Williams
ADM:-- Gordon R. Olson
RSO:-- Marilyn M. Wanner
PAO:-- Helen B. Picard
CPO:-- Edward  Melnick
AID:-- Richard L. Shortlidge
ODA:-- Maj Gary E. Walker, USA
FAA:-- Ronald  L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
AGR:-- James Benson
-- (resident in Pretoria)
LAB:-- Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.
-- (resident in Johannesburg)
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)

Kathmandu (E), Pani Pokhari; Tel [977] (1) 411179; Telex 
2381 AEKTM NP; FAX [977] (1) 419963; USAID FAX [977] (1) 
AMB:-- Sandra L. Vogelgesang
AMB SEC:-- S. Anne Leverette
DCM:-- Michael E. Malinowski
POL/ECO:-- Peter S. Gadzinski
COM:-- Craig Arness
CON:-- Rekha Arness
ADM:-- Mark Jacobs
RSO:-- Eric Levine
PAO:-- David A. Queen
CPO:-- Gary Cook
AID:-- Kelly C. Kammerer
ODA:-- Ltc James Dunn, USA
IRS:-- Charles W. Landry
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA:-- Fred Lee (res. in Beijing)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham (res. in -- Singapore)

The Hague (E), Lange Voorhout 102, 2514 EJ The Hague, PSC 
71, Box 1000, APO AE 09715; Tel [31] (70) 310-9209; FAX 
[31](70)361-4688; COM FAX [31] (70) 363-2985
AMB:-- K. Terry Dornbush
DCM:-- Michael Klosson
POL:-- Donald K. Holm
ECO:-- Daniel T. Fantozzi
COM:-- Rafael Fermoselle
ADM:-- Warrington E. Brown
RSO:-- George Gaines
PAO:-- Arthur S. Berger
IPO:-- Michael F. Soares
ISM:-- Edward M. Shearer
ODA:-- Capt Bruce W. Barker, USN
ODC:-- Col Brian Spitzer, USAF
AGR:-- Steven Yoder
APHIS:-- William H. Forster
FAA:-- Carl Burleson
-- (resident in London)
FAA/CASLO:-- Steve Tochterman
-- (resident in Brussels)
FAA/FSIDO:-- William J. Reed
-- (resident in Brussels)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)
LAB:-- Eleanore Raven-Hamilton

Amsterdam (CG), Museumplein 19; 1071 DJ Amersterdam; PSC 71, 
Box 1000, APO AE 09715; Tel [31] (20) 5755 309; FAX CG [31] 
(20) 5755 310; COM FAX [31] (20) 5755 350
PO:-- Roger D. Pierce
COM:-- Tapan Banerjee
USTTA:-- Louis Santamaria II

Curacao (CG), St. Anna Blvd. 19; P.O. Box 158, Willemstad, 
Curacao;  Tel [599] (9) 613066; Telex 1062 AMCON NA; FAX 
[599] (9) 616489
CG:-- Bernard J. Woerz
DPO:-- (Vacant)
CON:-- Michael Petrucelli
RSO:-- Edward R. Napoliello
-- (resident in Caracas)
PAO:-- Stephen M. Chaplin
-- (resident in Caracas)
AGR:-- Larry Senger (res. in Singapore)
LAB:-- George Dempsey
-- (resident in Caracas)
LEGAT:-- Rinaldo Campana
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
IRS:-- Charles Shea
-- (resident in Caracas)

Wellington (E), 29 Fitzherbert Terr., Thorndon, Wellington; 
P.O. Box 1190, Wellington; PSC 467, Box 1, FPO  AP 96531-
1001; Tel [64] (4) 472-2068; ADM FAX [64] (4) 471-2380; EXEC 
FAX [64] (4) 472-3537
AMB:-- Josiah Horton Beeman
AMB SEC:-- Kathleen Peterson
DCM:-- Sylvia G. Stanfield
POL:-- Keith P. McCormick
ECO:-- Samuel V. Smith
CON:-- James E. Flynn
ADM:-- Steven G. Leach
RSO:-- Robert E. Morris
-- (resident in Canberra)
PAO:-- Timothy M. Randall
CPO:-- David W. Smith
DAO:-- Capt Richard L. Norwood, USN
AGR:-- Theodore Horoschak
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/CASLO:-- Steve Earnest
-- (resident in Sydney)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Wayne Bair
-- (resident in San Francisco)
LAB:-- Stephen R. Snow
IRS:-- Vivian Simon
-- (resident in Sydney)

Auckland (CG), 4th fl., Yorkshire General Bldg., corner of 
Shortland and O'Connell Sts., Auckland; Private Bag, 92022, 
Auckland; PSC 467, Box 99, FPO AP 96531-1099; Tel [64] (9) 
303-2724; FAX [64] (9) 366-0870; COM FAX [64] (9) 302-3156
CG:-- Mina S. Goldberg
COM:-- M. Philip Gates
CON:-- Alcy R. Frelick

Managua (E), Km. 41/2 Carretera Sur.; APO AA 34021; Tel 
[505] (2) 666010, 666013, 666015-18, 666026-27, 666032-34; 
FAX [505] (2) 666046; USIS FAX  [505] (2) 663861
AMB:-- John F. Maisto
AMB SEC:-- Dannette Sachs
DCM:-- Heather M. Hodges
POL:-- Robert A. Millspaugh
ECO/COM: -- Paul A. Trivelli
CON:-- Kathleen M. Daly
ADM:-- Russell L. Keeton
RSO:-- Richard J. Watts
PAO:-- Steven Monblatt
CPO:-- Donald A. Becker
IMO:-- Frederick R. Sadler
AID:-- Janet C. Ballantyne
ODA:-- Col. Ellis Perkins, USA
AGR:-- Scott Bleggi
-- (resident in San Jose)
APHIS:-- Alan Terrell
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/CASLO:-- Victor H. Echevarria
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- Donald R. Knight
-- (resident in Guatemala City)
IRS:-- Daniel R. Dietz
-- (resident in Mexico City)

Niamey (E), Rue Des Ambassades; B.P. 11201; Tel [227] 72-26-
61 thru 4; FAX [227] 73-31-67;  Telex EMB NIA 5444 NI
AMB:-- John S. Davison
DCM:-- Ravic R. Huso
EXEC ASST:-- Ellen Morrissey
POL:-- (Vacant)
ECON/COM:-- James A. Stewart
CON:-- (Vacant)
ADM:-- Wilbert Stitt, Jr.
RSO:-- Raymond Lee Yates
PAO:-- Shirley O. Stanton
IPO:-- Jeffrey S. Myers
ODA:-- Col Randall T. Gray, USA
-- (resident in Abidjan)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
SAO:-- Maj Douglas E. Lathrop, USA
ISM:-- Janet A. Cote
-- (resident in Dakar)
RETO:-- Timothy H. Robinson (res. in -- Dakar)

Lagos (E), 2 Eleke Crescent; P.O. Box 554; Tel  [234] (1) 
261-0097; Telex 23616 AMEMLA NG; FAX  [234] (1) 261-0257; 
Consular Section  FAX [234] (1) 261-2218; COM  FAX [234] (1) 
261-9856;  DEA  FAX [234] (1) 261-7874; USIS FAX [234] (1) 
263-5397; AID FAX [234] (1) 261-4698; Family Health Serv. 
FAX [234] (1) 261-2815
AMB:-- Walter C. Carrington
AMB SEC:-- Sandra K. Slaughter
DCM:-- Tibor P. Nagy, Jr.
POL:-- Robert E. Downey
ECO:-- Herbert Yarvin
COM:-- Walter Hage
CON:-- Richard Hermann
ADM:-- Thomas M. Widenhouse
CPO:-- Dennis Thatcher
RSO:-- William H. Lamb
RMO:-- Dr. Gretchen McCoy
PAO:-- Thomas Hull
AID:-- Eugene Chiavaroli
ODA:-- Maj James R. Story, USA
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
SAO:-- (Vacant)
AGR:-- Maurice House
DEA:-- George E. Williams
LAB:-- Jon Peter Dorschner

Kaduna (CG), 9 Maska Road, P.O. Box 170; Tel [234] (62) 
235990, 235991, 235992; Telex 71617 CG NG
CG:-- (Vacant)
POL/ECO:-- (Vacant)
ADM:-- Cheryl Lester
CON:-- Monica Eppinger
BPAO:-- Timothy Smith
CPO:-- Richard McDonald
NOTE:  Kaduna will close in early summer 1994 and the BPAO 
will be the only officer remaining at post.

Ibadan (USIS), Bodija Estate; Tel. (022) 410-775, 410-836, 
and 412-802
BPAO:-- Claud R. Young

Abuja (BO) 11 Mambilla, Maitama District; P.O. Box 5760, 
Garki District; Tel. [234] (9) 523-0960; FAX [234] (9) 523-
0353.   Branch Office offers neither consular nor commercial 
services.  Consular services will be available in Abuja 
after July 1; commercial services are at Embassy Lagos.
Officer in Charge:-- Patrick Del Vecchio
ADM:-- Richard Ingram
POL:-- Russell Hanks
BPAO:-- Claudia Anyaso

Oslo (E), Drammensveien 18, 0244 Oslo 2, or PSC 69, Box 
1000, APO AE 09707; Tel [47] 22-44-85-50; FAX [47] 22-43-07-
77; FCS FAX [47] (22-55-88-03; USIS FAX [47] (22-44-04-36.
AMB:-- Thomas A. Loftus
DCM:-- William C. McCahill, Jr.
POL:-- Harold E. Meinheit
ECO:-- George T. Boutin
COM:-- E. Scott  Bozek
CON:-- Eli N. Lauderdale
ADM:-- Robert I. Weisberg
RSO:-- Joseph F. Noon
PAO:-- William M.  Zavis
CPO:-- Murrell C. McCumber
ODA:-- Richard P. Vidosic, USN
ODC:-- Col Jeffrey M. Posner, USAF 
AGR:-- Margaret Dowling
-- (resident in Copenhagen)
LAB:-- Theodore Tanoue
FAA:-- Carl Burleson
-- (resident in London)
FAA/CASLO:-- Donald Tyson
-- (resident in Copenhagen)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)
FBI:-- James W. Greenleaf
-- (resident in London)

U.S. Information Office, Storgaten 92, 9000 Tromso, or 
Amembassy Oslo, PSC 69, Box 1000, APO AE 09707; Tel [47] 77-
68-37-45; FAX [47] 77-68-99-08
IROG:-- Paul J. Mailhot

Muscat (E), P.O. Box 202, Code No. 115 Muscat; Tel [968] 
698-989; Afterhours Tel [968] 699-049; FAX COE [968] 695-
157; DAO FAX 699-779;  ECA FAX 699-669;  POL/ECO/Com FAX 
[968] 604-316; USAID FAX 797-778; GSO FAX 699-778; OMC FAX 
604-327; USIS FAX 699-771; Workweek: Saturday through 
Wednesday (7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
AMB:-- David J. Dunford
DCM:-- Elizabeth McKune
POL/ECON:-- Roberta L. Chew
POL/MIL:-- Robert G. Richer
ECO/COM:-- Richard M. Eason
CON:-- Manish K. Mishra
ADM:-- Ernest J. Parkin, Jr.
RSO:-- Michael T. Manegan
PAO:-- Matthew R. Lussenhop
CPO:-- Robert D. Haines
FBO:-- Jack M. Reedy
DAO-- Col Ronald C. Smith
OMC:-- Col  Paul S. Feyereisen
ECA:-- Ltc William B. Smith, USMC
COE:-- Richard L. Grimm
ATO:-- Edwin Porter
-- (resident in Dubai)
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA/FSIDO:-- William J. Reed
-- (resident in Brussels)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes (res. in Riyadh)

U.S. Delegation to the Oman/American Joint Commission for 
Economic and Technical Cooperation, P.O. Box 3001, Code No. 
112, Ruwi, Oman; Tel (968) 703-000; FAX 797-778
U.S. Amb. -- David J. Dunford
CO-CHAIRMAN/AID REP:-- Mark S. Matthews

Islamabad (E), Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5; P.O. Box 1048, 
PSC 1212, Box 2000, Unit 6220, APO AE 09812-2000; Tel [92] 
(51) 826161 thru 79; Telex 82-5864 AEISL PK; FAX [92] (51) 
214222; Workweek: Sunday through Thursday
AMB:-- John C. Monjo
AMB SEC:-- Mildred M. Tangney
DCM:-- (Vacant)
POL:-- Eric A. Kunsman
ECO:-- Rafael L. Marin
CON:-- June H. Kunsman
ADM:-- Jeremy Nice
RSO:-- Arthur A. Maurel
PAO:-- Ray Peppers
CPO:-- Robert L. Burkhart
ISM:-- Roger E. Sawyer
ODA:-- Col John B. Longenecker, USAF
ODRP:-- Col Orin A. Nagel, USA
PC:-- Mark Parkison
AGR:-- Frank  A. Coolidge
NAS:-- James B. Magnor
REF:-- Caryl M. Courtney
DEA:-- John E. O'Connor
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Sokoloff
-- (resident in Manama)
FAA/FSIDO:-- William J. Reed
-- (resident in Brussels)
AID:-- John S. Blackton
AID/REP:-- Frederick E. Machmer, Jr.
MAAG:-- BG John D. Howard, USA
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)

Karachi (CG), 8 Abdullah Haroon Rd., PSC 1214, Box 2000, 
Unit 62400, APO AE 09814-2400; Tel  [92] (21) 5685170 thru 
79; Telex 82-21001ACGK PK; FAX [92] (21) 5683089 or 5680496; 
Workweek:  Sunday through Thursday
CG:-- Richard C. Faulk
CG SEC:-- Barbara F. Maloney
POL/ECO:-- Nancy M. Mason
COM:-- Daniel D. Devito
CON:-- Kenneth A. Duncan
ADM:-- William M. Campbell
RSO:-- Jan D. Abbott
BPAO:-- Jack A. Sears
CPO:-- Carrie A. Ullman
ISM:-- Robert S. Blankenship
DEA:-- John Atlee
LOC:-- Mya T. Helen Poe

Lahore (CG), 50 Sharah-E-Bin Badees (50 Empress Rd.), Simla 
Hills Lahore K; Unit 62216, APO AE 09812-2216; Tel [92] 
6365530 through 6365539; FAX [92] (42) 6365177; Workweek: 
Sunday through Thursday
CG:-- Eric D. Tunis
CG SEC:-- Judith A. Franco
POL:-- Anne Simon
ECO/COM:-- Paul R. Zalucky
CON:-- Patrick  W. Walsh
ADM:-- Bruce F. Knotts
BPAO:-- Lois W. Mervyn
CPO:-- Kenneth Spaulding
DEA-- Robert A. Dinius

Peshawar (C), 11 Hospital Road, Peshawar Cantt; AC Peshawar, 
Unit 62217, APO AE  09812-2217; Tel [92] (521) 279801, 
279802, 279803;  Telex [92] 52364 AMCON PK; FAX [92] (521) 
276712; Workweek:  Sunday through Thursday
PO:-- Richard H. Smyth
PO SEC:-- Jane B. McCarthy
POL/ADM:-- Donald Lu
POL:-- Margaret McKean
BPAO:-- David Mees
CPO:-- George F. Kaminski
AID:-- John Tucker
DEA:-- James Hughes

Koror (USLO), P.O. Box 6028, Republic of Palau 96940; Tel. 
(680) 488-2920; FAX 680-488-2911
USLO:-- Lloyd W. Moss
FAA:-- Barry Brayer
-- (resident in Los Angeles)

Panama City (E), Apartado 6959, Panama 5, Rep. de Panama; 
AMEMB Panama, Unit 0945,  APO AA 34002; Tel [507] 27-1777; 
FAX [507] 27-1964;   Afterhours and weekends [507] 27-1778; 
GSO/FBO [507] 27-2128; COM FAX [507] 27-1713
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Oliver P. Garza
CHG SEC:-- Barbara Matchey
POL:-- Stephen G. Wesche
ECO:-- James M. Roberts (Acting)
COM:-- Americo Tadeu
CON:-- L. Bradley Hittle
ADM:-- William P. Francisco
RSO:-- Paul P. Gaffney
PAO:-- Peter DeShazo
AID:-- Kevin Kelly
DOD REP:-- Col Benjamin Vega, USA
AGR:-- Scott Bleggi
-- (resident in San Jose)
APHIS:-- Dr. Eloisa Jones
LAB:-- John Mohanco
CUS:-- Raphael G. Lopez
IMO:-- Joseph E. Zeman
ICITAP:-- Robert Doguim
NAS:-- Paul T. Belmont
LEGAT:-- Luis Fernandez
FAA/CASLO:-- Victor Echevarria
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
PC:-- Joseph W. Hindman

Port Moresby (E), Armit St.; P.O. Box 1492, APO AE  96553; 
Tel (675) 211-455/594/654; Telex  22189 USAEMB; FAX (675) 
AMB:-- Richard W. Teare
AMB SEC:-- Arlene Wehner
DCM:-- Robyn M. Bishop
POL:-- Karen E. Krueger
ECO/COM:-- Kirk D. Lindly
CON:-- Linda S. Specht
ADM:-- Allen R. Bishop
RSO:-- Bruce W. Tully
-- (resident in Jakarta)
PAO:-- Karl E. Stoltz
IPO:-- Ricardo Chiarella
AID:-- Paul H. Greenough
ATO:-- Robert D. Fondahn
-- (resident in Singapore)-- 
ODA:-- Ltc Mark A. Swaringen
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/CASLO:-- Tommy Dome
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
IRS:-- Vivian Simon (res. in Sydney)

Asuncion (E), 1776 Mariscal Lopez Ave.; Casilla Postal 402; 
Unit 4711, APO AA 34036-0001; Tel [595] (21) 213-715; FAX 
[595] (21) 213-728
AMB:-- Jon David Glassman
DCM:-- Gerald C. McCulloch
POL:-- Stephen Geis III
ECO/COM:-- Luis E. Acosta
CON:-- Denise Boland
ADM:-- Franklin D. English
AGR:-- David N. Kiefner
-- (resident in Buenos Aires)
RSO:-- David C. Zebley
PAO:-- Mark T. Jacobs
CPO:-- Harold Muroaka
AID:-- Richard B. Nelson
ODA:-- Ltc Alfonso Gomez, USA
ODC:-- Col Raymond H. Becerril, USA
FAA:-- Santiago Garcia
-- (resident in Rio de Janeiro)
FAA/CASLO:-- Larry Bruce
-- (resident in Buenos Aires)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
PC:-- Kristine B. Vega
IRS:-- Stanley Newman
-- (resident in Sao Paulo)

Lima (E), corner Avenidas Inca Garcilaso de la Vega and 
Espana;  P.O. Box 1995, Lima 1; or American Embassy (Lima) , 
APO AA 34031; Tel [51] (14) 33-8000, Afterhours [51] (14) 
33-2442; FAX [51] (14) 31-6682; USEMB/ADM Section:  
Larrabure Y Unanue 110, Lima 1, Tel. [51] (14) 33-0555; 
(USEMBGSO) FAX [51] (14) 33-4588; Consular Section: Grimaldo 
del Solar 346, Miraflores, Lima 18; Tel. [51] (14) 44-3621; 
FAX [51] (14) 47-1877;  Commercial Section:  Larrabure Y 
Unanue 110, Lima 1; Tel. [51] (14) 33-0555; FAX [51] (14) 
33-4887; USAID;  Larrabure Y Unanue 110 Lima 1;  Tel. [51] 
(14) 33-3200;  FAX [ 51] (14) 33-7034; Agriculture (FAS):  
Larrabure Y Unanue 110, Lima 1, Tel. [51] (14) 33-0555; FAX 
[51] (14) 33-4623; USIS:  Larrabure Y Unanue 110, Lima 1; 
Tel. [51] (14) 33-0555; FAX [51] (14) 33-4635
AMB:-- Alvin P. Adams, Jr.
AMB SEC:-- Alice F. Boynton
DCM:-- Charles H. Brayshaw
POL:-- Stephen G. McFarland
ECO:-- John R. Riddle
COM:-- Dean Anderson
CON:-- (Vacant)
ADM:-- Alphonse Lopez
RSO:-- Wallace Ray Williams
IMO/ISM:-- Susan H. Swart
PAO:-- Pamela Corey-Archer
CPO:-- Gregory J. Tyson
AID:-- George Wachtenheim
ODA:-- Capt Manuel Y. Durazo, USN
MAAG:-- Col Roy R. Trumble, USAF 
DMA:-- John O. Gates
AGR:-- Bill Emerson
-- (resident in Quito)
FAA:-- Victor Tamariz
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/CASLO:-- Victor Echevarria
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LEGAT:-- Samuel C. Martinez
-- (resident in Montevideo)
NAS:-- Sherman N. Hinson
FCS:-- Richard Lenahan
-- (resident in Bogota)
IRS:-- Stanley Newman
-- (resident in Sao Paulo)

Manila (E), 1201 Roxas Blvd., Ermita Manila 1000; APO AP 
96440; Tel (632) 521-7116 ; Telex 722-27366 AME PH;  FAX 
(632) 522-4361; COM 395 Senator Gil J. Puyat Ave., Makati; 
Tel  (632) 818-6674; Telex 22708 COSEC PH; COM FAX (632) 
AMB:-- John D. Negroponte
AMB SEC:-- Katherine M. Astala
DCM:-- Raymond F. Burghardt, Jr.
POL:-- Peter F. Spalding
ECO:-- Donald F. McConville
COM:-- August Maffry, Jr.
CON:-- John H. Adams
ADM:-- Donald R. Schoeb
RSO:-- Walter H. Sargent
PAO:-- Philip C. Harley
CPO:-- Reynald  P. Grammo
ISM:-- R. Peter Rice
IMO:-- Reynald P. Grammo
AID:-- Thomas W. Stukel
ODA:-- Col Morrill E. Marston, USAF
JUSMAG:-- Col Wayne M. Barth, USA
AGR:-- Lawrence E. Hall
FAA:-- Fred Laird
-- (resident in Tokyo)
FAA/CASLO:-- Tommy Dome
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Wayne Bair
-- (resident in San Francisco)
LAB:-- James J. Ehrman
INS:-- Hipolito  M. Acosta
IRS:-- Dennis Tsujimoto
-- (resident in Tokyo)

Asian Development Bank (Manila), #6 ADB Avenue Mandaluyong, 
Metro Manila; P.O. Box 789, APO AP 96440; Tel (632) 632-
6050; FAX (632) 632-4003; Telex 63587 ADB PN; 42205 ADBPM, 
and 29066 ADP PH; COM FAX (632) 632-4003; (632) 632-6044; 
COM ADB OFF 395 Buenida Ave., Ext., Makati, Metro Manila; 
Tel (632) 813-3248; FAX (632) 632-4003; (632) 632-6044 
U.S. EXEC DIR:-- Linda Yang
U.S. ALT EXEC DIR:-- Carl Delfeld
COM/ADB:-- Janet G. Thomas

Cebu (C), 3d Fl., PCI Bank Building, Gorordo Avenue, Lahug 
Cebu City 6000; APO AP 96440; Tel [63] (32) 311-261; FAX 
[63] (32) 310-174PO:-- Lisa A. Piascik
CON/POL:-- Patricia M. Parker
BPAO:-- Karl G. Nelson

Warsaw (E), Aleje Ujazdowskie 29/31; AmEmbassy Warsaw,  Box 
5010, Unit 1340, APO AE 09213-1340; Tel  [48] (2) 628-3041; 
Telex 817771 EMUSA PL; FAX [48] (2) 628-8298
AMB:-- Nicholas Andrew Rey
DCM:-- Michael M. Hornblow  (dep. -- 7/94)
-- James R. Hooper  (arr. 7/94)
POL:-- Stephen D. Mull
ECO:-- J. Aubrey Hooks
COM:-- Joan H. Edwards
CON:-- David T. Hopper
ADM:-- W. Douglas Frank
RSO:-- Burley P. Fuselier (dep. 6/94)
-- James T. Cronin (arr. 7/94)
PAO:-- Richard Virden
IPO:-- Jerry M. Stephens
ISM:-- Cheryl M. Stephan
EST:-- James W. Chamberlin
AID:-- Donald L. Pressley
ODA:-- Col Branko B. Marinovich, USA
AGR:-- Roger A. Wentzel
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA/CASLO:-- Salvatore Cilluffo
-- (resident in Brussels)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
LAB:-- Mathew Boyse
IRS:-- Larry J. LeGrand
-- (resident in Bonn)

U.S. Trade Center (Warsaw), Aleje Jerozolimskie 56C, IKEA 
Building, 2d floor, 00-803 Warsaw;  Amembassy Warsaw, Unit 
25402, APO AE 09213; Tel [48] (22) 21-45-15, 21-42-16, 625-
4375; FAX [48] (22) 21-63-27
DIR:-- Joan H. Edwards

Krakow (CG), Ulica Stolarska 9, 31043 Krakow; Unit 25402, 
APO AE 09213; Tel [48] (12) 229764, 221400, 226040, 227793; 
Telex 325350 KRUSA PL; FAX [48] (12) 218292
CG:-- Dianne E. Markowitz (dep. 7/94)
   -- Mary B. Marshall (arr. 7/94)
POL/ECO:-- Michael Klecheski
CON:-- Fredericka Schmadel
ADM:-- Leslie Degraffenried
BPAO:-- John A. Matel

Poznan (CG), Ulica Chopina 4, 61708 Poznan; Unit 25402, APO 
AE 09213;  Tel [48] (61) 551088, 529587, 529874; Telex  
413474 USA PL; FAX [48] (61) 530053
CG:-- J. Christian Kennedy (dep. 7/94)
-- Janet M. Weber (arr 9/94)
CON:-- David T. Morris
ADM:-- Robert S. Needham
BPAO:-- Douglas Ebner

Lisbon (E), Avenida das Forcas Armadas, 1600 Lisbon;  PSC 
83,  APO AE 09726; Tel [351] (1) 726-6600, 726-6659, 726-
8670, 726-8880; FAX [351] (1) 726-9109; FCS FAX [351] (1) 
726-8914; USIS FAX [351] (1) 726-8814
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Sharon P. Wilkinson
POL:-- David M. Adamson
ECO:-- James M. McGlinchey
COM:-- Miguel Pardo de Zela
CON:-- David P. Bocskor
ADM:-- Raymond A. Boneski
RSO:-- Robert Q. Blackburn
PAO:-- Gail J. Gulliksen
AGR:-- Franklin D. Lee
-- (resident in Madrid)
FAA:-- Robert T. Francis II
-- (resident in Paris)
LAB:-- James G. Davis
CPO:-- Carl F. Obiden
ISM:-- Elizabeth B. McGaffey
ODA:-- Col Steven G. Joseph, USAF
MAAG:-- Capt Grant W. Sassen, USN
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo (res. in Paris)

Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores (C), 
Avenida D. Henrique; PSC 76, Box 3000, APO AE 09720-0002; 
Tel [351] (96) 22216/7/8/9; FAX [351] (96) 27216
PO:-- Sandra J. Salmon
VC:-- Leilani L. Straw
VC:-- Mark H. Lunardi

American Business Center (Oporto), Praca Conde de Samodaes, 
65, 4000 Porto, APO AE 09726; Tel [351] (2) 606-30-94 or 
606-30-95; FAX [351] (2) 600-27-37
DIR:-- Miguel Pardo de Zela
-- (resident in Lisbon)

Doha (E), 149 Ali Bin Ahmed St., Farig Bin Omran (opp. TV 
station); P.O. Box 2399;  Tel (0974) 864701/2/3; USLO Tel 
(0974) 875140; Commercial Section Tel (0974) 867460; FAX 
(0974) 861669; USIS Tel (0974) 351279, 351207; FAX (0974) 
AMB:-- Kenton W. Keith
AMB SEC:-- Virginia Phillips
POL/ECO:-- Marguerita D. Ragsdale
CON:-- Michael Adler
ADM:-- Scott R. Heckman
RSO:-- Berne M. Indahl
-- (resident in Riyadh)
PAO:-- Elizabeth Thornhill
CPO:-- Bruce E. Peters
ATO:-- Edwin Porter
-- (resident in Dubai)
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)
USLO:-- Ltc Neil Kacena, USA

Bucharest (E), Strada Tudor Arghezi 7-9, or  AmConGen 
(Buch), Unit 1315, APO AE 09213-1315; Tel [40] (1) 210-0149, 
[40] (1) 210-4042; Telex 11416; FAX [40] (1) 312-5567; 
Afterhours Tel [40] (1) 210-6384; CON FAX [40] (1) 610-5316; 
AGR Tel [40] (1) 312-0398;  USIS FAX [40] (1) 312-0396; USIS 
Cultural Ctr. Tel [40] (1) 614-0007 thru 9; FAX [40] (1) 
312-0396; ODA FAX [40] (1) 312-3360; GSO Tel [40] (1) 611-
5658; AID Tel [40] (1) 312-5568; FAX [40] (1) 312-0508; 
Peace Corps Tel [40] (1) 312-1289 (Call first); FAX [40] (1) 
AMB:-- John R. Davis, Jr.
AMB SEC:-- Frances Parish
DCM:-- Jonathan B. Rickert
POL:-- John O. Cook
ECO:-- Richard A. Rorvig
COM:-- William Schrage
CON:-- Nancy L. Pelletreau
ADM:-- Charles Kinn
RSO:-- Harold S. Countryman, Jr.
CPO:-- Robert A. Lacock
ISM:-- Lola A. Timmins
AID:-- Richard J. Hough
ODA:-- Col Frank L. Boyd, Jr., USAF
PAO:-- Christian Filostrat
PC:-- Arthur J. Flanagan
AGR:-- William P. Huth
-- (resident in Sofia)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA/CASLO:-- Amy Fitzgibbons
-- (resident in Vienna)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Larry J. Legrand
-- (resident in Rome)

Cluj-Napoca (BO), International address U.S. Branch Office, 
Universitatii 7-9, Etage 1, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 3400; APO 
address U.S. Embassy Branch Office Cluj-Napoca, c/o American 
Embassy Bucharest Unit 1315 APO AE 09213-1315; Tel [40] (95) 
19-38-15 (phone only); FAX and Tel [40] (95) 19-38-68.  
Office is staffed by Embassy Bucharest officers on a 
rotational basis.

Moscow (E), Novinskiy Bul'var 19/23 or APO/AE 09721; Tel [7] 
(095) 252-2451 thru 59; Telex 413160 USGSO SU; FAX [7] 
(095)-956-4261; Afterhours Tel [7] (095) 230-2001/2610; 
USAID Tel [7] (095) 956-4281; FAX [7] (095) 205-2813; USIS 
Tel [7] (095) 956-4126/4246; FAX [7] (095) 255-9766
AMB:-- Thomas R. Pickering
AMB EXEC ASST:-- Stella S. Brackman
DCM:-- Richard M. Miles
POL:-- Louis  D. Sell
ECO:-- Barbara J. Griffith
COM:-- Dale  V. Slaght
CON:-- Nancy H. Sambaiew
ADM:-- Peter S. Flynn
RSO:-- Robert J. Franks
PAO:-- Robert E. McCarthy
IPO:-- Leo A. Duncan
ISM:-- William N. McDonald
EST:-- Vladimir P. Sambaiew
AID:-- James A. Norris
DAO:-- Col Gary A. Rubus, USA
PC:-- Jonathan D. Darrah
AGR:-- Mary Revelt
FAA:-- Dennis B. Cooper
FAA/CASLO:-- Salvatore Cilluffo
-- (resident in Brussels)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
LAB:-- Kurt D. Donnelly
FIN:-- William C. Murden
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)
FBIS:-- Joseph Horcher
INS:-- Leonard Kovensky

U.S. Commercial Office (Moscow), Novinskiy Bul'var 15; Tel 
[7] (095) 956- 4255, [7] (095) 255-4848/4660 or [7] (502) 
224-1105; FAX [7] (095) 230-2101 or [7] (502) 224-1106
DIR:-- Dale V. Slaght

St. Petersburg (CG), Furshtatskaya Ulitsa 15, St. Petersburg 
191028 PSC 78 Box L, APO AE 09723; Tel [7] (812) 275-1701 or 
[7] (812) 850-4170; Telex 121527 AMCON SU; FAX [7] (812) 
850-1473; Afterhours Tel [7] (812) 274-8692  U.S. Commercial 
Office (St. Petersburg); Hotelship Peterhof, Vasilevsky 
Island, Pier Makarov Embankment, by the Tuchkov Bridge; Tel 
[7] (812) 213-6537; FAX [7] (812) 213-6962
CG:-- Jack L. Gosnell
DPO: -- Andrew Goodman
POL/ECO:-- Sheila Gwaltney
COM:-- Karen Zens
CON:-- Leigh Carter
ADM:-- Kaara N. Ettesvold
RSO:-- James C. Wellman
BPAO:-- David Evans
CPO:-- Thomas Hettel

Vladivostok (CG), Ulitsa Mordovtseva 12; Tel [7] (4232) 268-
458/554 or [7] (4232) 266-820; INMARSAT 011-7-50985-11011; 
Telex 213206 CGVLAD SU; FAX [7] (4232) 268-445; Con Tel [7] 
(4232) 266-734
CG:-- Randall Lecocq
ADM:-- George W. P. Atkins
COM:-- Roy Peterson

Kigali (E), Blvd. de la Revolution, B.P. 28; Tel [250] 
75601/2/3;  FAX [250] 72128; 7:30 am-5 pm; Amb.'s off.: 5 
pm-6 pm  [250] 72127; CPU [250] 72126; USAID Tel [250] 
74719; USAID FAX [250] 74735; USIS after 5 pm [250] 76339; 
Peace Corps  [250] 76339 
AMB:-- David P. Rawson
AMB SEC:-- Joan Marie Rufener
DCM:-- Joyce F. Leader
ECO/COM/CON:-- Laura Jeannine Lane
ADM:-- Kenneth C. Kowalchek
RSO:-- Chris Reilly
-- (resident in Bujumbura)
PAO:-- Linda Buggeln
CPO:-- Walter L. Myers
GSO:-- Julie D. Adams
AID:-- James A. Graham
ODA:-- Col Michael A. Peterson, USA
-- (resident in Kinshasa)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
RETO:-- Timothy H. Robinson
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)

Riyadh (E), Collector Road M, Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter; 
AMEMB, Unit 61307, APO AE 09803-1307; International Mail: 
P.O. Box 94309, Riyadh 11693; Tel [966] (1) 488-3800; USIS 
P.O. Box 94310, Riyadh 11693; FAX POL/ECO [966] (1) 488-
3278; FAX ADM and DPC [966] (1) 488-7360; COM FAX [966] (1) 
488-3237; FAX USIS [966] (1) 488-3989; FAX GSO 488-7939; FAX 
IRS [966] (1) 488-7531; ATO Tel [966] (1) 488-3800, ext. 
560; Telex 401363 USFCS SJ; FAX [966] (1) 482-4364 Workweek:  
Saturday through Wednesday
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- C. David Welch
CHG SEC:-- Donna P. Mmoh
POL:-- Kenneth R. McKune
POL/MIL:-- Richard A. Smith, Jr.
ECO:-- Frank S. Parker
COM:-- Kevin Brennan
CON:-- Gretchen Gerwe Welch
ADM:-- James J. Blystone
RSO:-- Berne Indahl
PAO:-- C. Edward Bernier
IMO:-- Raymond C. Langston
ISO: -- Willis C. Sorrell
ODA:-- Col Gary W. Nelson
ATO:-- David Culver
USMTM:-- Maj Gen William M. Boice, USA
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Sokoloff
-- (resident in Manama)
FAA/FSIDO:-- William J. Reed
-- (resident in Brussels)
FAA/CAAG:-- John Waltz
-- (resident in Jeddah)
FIN:-- Marvin Lee Wolfe
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes

Dhahran (CG), Between Aramco Hqtrs and Dhahran Int'l 
Airport; P.O. Box 81, Dhahran Airport 31932 or Unit 66803, 
APO AE 09858-6803; Tel [966] (3) 891-3200; FAX [966] (3) 
891-0464; GSO FAX [966] (3) 891-3296; COM FAX [966] (3) 891-
CG:-- William R. Brew
POL/MIL:-- Brad L. Braford
ECON:-- Samuel C. Laeuchli
COM:-- Thomas E. Moore
CON:-- Helen Bridget Burkart
ADM:-- Samuel A. Rubino
CPO:-- Donald J. Ivanich

Jeddah (CG), Palestine Rd., Ruwais; P.O. Box 149, Jeddah 
21411 or  Unit  62112, APO AE 09811-2112; Tel [966] (2) 667-
0080; COM Tel [966] (2) 667-0040; Telex 601459 USFCS SJ; COM 
FAX [966] (2) 665-8106; ATO Tel [966] (2) 667-0080, ext. 
299; direct line 661-2408; FAX [966] (2) 667-6196; USIS Tel 
[966] (2) 660-6355; FAX [966] (2)  660-6367; JECOR Tel. 
[966] (2) 640-0000, ext. 1398; Workweek:  Saturday through 
CG:-- Charles L. Daris
CG SEC:-- Patricia Bulmash
POL/ECO:-- David H. Rundell
COM:-- Renato L. Davia
CON:-- Jeanine E. Jackson
ADM:-- Mark H. Jackson
BPAO:-- Thomas Dougherty
CPO:-- George W. Little
ATO:-- David Culver
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA:-- Terrence Mann
FAA/CAAG:-- John Waltz
USGS:-- Kenneth A. Sargent
USMTM:-- Cdr. James R. Miller, USN

US Rep. to the Saudi Arabian U.S. Joint Commission on 
Economic Cooperation (USREP/JECOR), P.O. Box 5927, Riyadh; 
Tel [966] (1) 464-0433; Telex 201012
DIR:-- William Griever
DEP:-- Larry Bacon

Dakar (E), B.P. 49, Avenue Jean XXIII; Tel [221] 23-42-96 or 
23-34-24; USIS Tel [221] 23-59-28, 23-11-85; Telex 21793 
AMEMB SG; FAX [221] 22-29-91
AMB:-- Mark Johnson
AMB SEC:-- Cynthia Frances Larre
DCM:-- Robert J. Kott
POL:-- Robin R. Sanders
ECO:-- Michael A. Miegs
REG AFF:-- John D. Bennett
ECO/COM-- Alonzo Sibert
RCON:-- Thomas E. Cairns
ADM:-- Robert J. McAnneny
RSO:-- Gary M. Gibson
RMO:-- John G. Williams, Jr.
PAO:-- James C. Pollock
CPO:-- Larry D. Moyer
ISM:-- Janet A. Cote
SAO:-- Maj Clark Smith, USA
AID:-- Julius E. Coles
RIG/AUDIT:-- Thomas B. Anklewich
DATT:-- Maj Craig S. McLane
ODA:-- Ltc William H. Dixon, USMC
AGR:-- Jonathan Gressel
-- (resident in Abidjan)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
LAB:-- Fred B. Cook
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)
RETO:-- Timothy H. Robinson

Belgrade (E), American Embassy Box 5070, Unit 1310, APO AE 
09213-1310; Tel  [381] (11) 645-655; Telex 11529  AMEMBA YU;  
FAX [381] (11) 645-221; COM FAX [381] (11) 645-096;  GSO FAX 
[381] (11) 645-293
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Rudolf V. Perina
CHG SEC.-- Pamela H. Moore
DCM:-- James W. Swigert (Acting)
POL:-- Steven L. Blake
ECO:-- Harvey Lee
COM:-- (Vacant)
CON:-- Robert E. Sorensen
ADM:-- Robert M. Marshall
RSO:-- Michael J. Darmiento
PAO:-- Michael Seidenstricker
CPO:-- Marlin Tracy
ISM:-- (Vacant)
EST:-- (Vacant)
ODA:-- Ltc Robert W. Kershew, USAF
AGR:-- William P. Huth
-- (resident in Sofia)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)
FAA/CASLO:-- Amy Fitzgibbons
-- (resident in Vienna)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
LAB:-- John W. Zerolis
-- (resident in Zagreb)
IRS:-- Larry J. Legrand
-- (resident in Rome)

Victoria (E), Box 148, Unit 62501, APO AE 09815-2501 or 
Victoria House, Box 251,Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles;  Tel 
[248] 225256; FAX [248] 225189
AMB:-- (Vacant)
AMB SEC:-- Evelyn Cannestra
CHG/ADM:-- F. Stephen Malott
CON:-- Andrew S.E. Erickson
RSO:-- James A. McWhirter
-- (resident in Nairobi)
CPO:-- Dwight D. Bohnet
AID/REDSO:-- Fred C. Fischer
-- (resident in Nairobi)
ODA:-- Lcdr John W. Logan, USN 
-- (resident in Antananrivo)
LAB:-- Lois A. Aroian
-- (resident in Nairobi)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes (res. in Riyadh)

Freetown (E), Corner of Walpole and Siaka Stevens Sts.; Tel 
[232] (22) 226-481 through 226-485 (SWB); AMB Tel [232] (22) 
226-155; DCM's OFC: [232] (22) 227-192; FAX [232] (22) 
AMB:-- Lauralee M. Peters
EXEC ASST:-- Monika Dietrich Jennings
DCM:-- Charles A. Ray
POL:-- (Vacant)
ECO/COM:-- (Vacant)
CON:-- Thomas G. Rogan
ADM:-- Susan M. Selbin
RSO:-- James D. Pelphrey
PAO:-- Kiki S. Munshi
CPO:-- Joellis Smith
LAB:-- Fred B. Cook
-- (resident in Washington, D.C.)
ODA:-- Maj Eric A. Glasser
-- (resident in Monrovia)
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
AGR:-- Jonathan P. Gressel
-- (resident in Abidjan)
ODC:-- (Vacant)
PC:-- Maisha Strozier

Singapore (E), 30 Hill St.; Singapore 0617; FPO AP 96534; 
Tel (65) 338-0251; FAX (65) 338-4550
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- Ralph L. Boyce, Jr.
ECO/POL:-- C. Lawrence Greenwood, Jr.
COM:-- Stephen Craven
CON:-- Frank C. Turley
ADM:-- Marshall F. Atkins
RSO:-- Dale McElhattan, Jr. 
PAO:-- Dennis D. Donahue
CPO:-- James B. Fletcher
ISM:-- William R. Minsek
ODA:-- Capt William P. Cooper, USN
AID/RIG/AUDITOR:-- Richard C. Thabet
AID/IG/I/SFO:-- Philip Rodokanakis
ATO:-- Robert B. Fondahn
INS:-- David K. Johnston
SAO:-- Ltc Dennis B. Fowler, USAF
CUS:-- James W. Wilkie
RSPO:-- James E. Tyckoski
DEA:-- Larry M. Hahn
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
FAA/ILO:-- Craig Beard
FAA/CASLO:-- Tommy Dome
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
IRS:-- Charles W. Landry
LAB:-- Gregory M. Talcott
-- (resident in Jakarta)

USIS/American Center MPH Building, Level 4, 71-77 Stamford 
Road, Singapore 0617; Tel [65] 334-0910; FAX [65] 334-2780; 
Commercial Services and Library, 1 Colombo Court, Unit #05-
16 Colombo Ct., Building, North Bridge Road, Singapore 0617; 
Tel  [65] 338-9722; FAX [65] 338-5010; Telex RS25079 
(SINGTC); FAX [65] 338-5010

AGR/ATO OFF , 541 Orchard Road, Unit 08-04, Liat Towers 
Bldg., Singapore 0923; Tel [65] 737-1233; FAX [65]  732-
8307; Telex RS55318

USAID/RIG/A, 111 North Bridge Road, No. 17-03 Peninsula 
Plaza, Singapore 0617; Tel [65] 334-2766; FAX [65] 334-
2541FAA, Changi Airport Terminal 2, South Finger, 4th fl., 
Security Unit 048-002, International Area Office Director 
and Field Office Unit 048-006 Singapore 1781; Tel [65] 543-
1466; (65) 545-5822; FAX (65) 543-1952 or (65) 545-9722

Bratislava (E), (Int'l) Hviezdoslavovo Namestie 4, 81102 
Bratislava, Tel [42] (7) 330861 or [42] (7) 333338; FAX [42] 
(7) 330096; USIS FAX [42] (7) 335-934; AID Tel [42] (7) 
330667 or, 331588; AID FAX [42] (7) 334711
AMB:-- Theodore E. Russell
DPO/POL/ECO:-- Eleanor B. Sutter
ECON/COM:-- Christopher Sandrolini
ADM:-- Bernard E. Gross II
CON:-- Sharon V. Hurley
PAO:-- Helen McKee
AID:-- Patricia J. Lerner
IPO:-- Glenn Jones
RSO:-- Charles E. Sparks
-- (resident in Vienna)
ODA:-- Col. John Miller, USA
-- (resident in Vienna)
AGR:-- Francis J. Tarrant
-- (resident in Vienna)
CUS:-- Ivan E. Taborsky
-- (resident in Vienna)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace (res. in Rome)
FAA/CASLO:-- Steve Tochterman
-- (resident in Brussels)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook (res. in Bonn)

Ljubljana (E), Box 254, Prazakova 4, 61000 Ljubljana or 
AmEmbassy Ljubljana, Department of State, Washington, D.C. 
20521-7140; Tel [386] (61) 301-427/472/485; FAX [386] (61) 
301-401; AID:  Tel [386]  (61) 131-5114; FAX [386] (61) 301-
401; USIS: Cankarjeva 11 61000 Ljubljana; Tel [386] (61) 
125-8226 or 126-1169; FAX [386] (61) 126-4284
AMB:-- E. Allan Wendt
AMB SEC:-- Jacqueline A. Ball
POL/ECO:-- Mahlon Henderson
ADM/CON:-- David W. Ball
PAO:-- Eugene Santoro
IPO:-- Michael Cifarelli
RSO:-- Charles E. Sparks 
-- (resident in Vienna)
ODA:-- Col. John R. Miller, USAF
-- (resident in Vienna)
AGR:-- Frank J. Tarrant
-- (resident in Vienna)
LAB:-- John W. Zerolis
-- (resident in Zagreb)
AID:-- Michael Zak
-- (resident in Zagreb)
FAA:-- Steven B. Wallace
-- (resident in Rome)

Honiara (E).  The post closed in July 1993.

Mogadishu (USLO).  The U.S. Liaison Office in Mogadishu 
reopened in March 1994.  USLO Unit 64105, APO AE 09831-4105.  
Military personnel replace USLO with Unit Deployed 
COM:-- Amb. Richard W. Bogosian
DCM:-- Stevenson McIlvaine
ADM:-- Rudy G. Hall
POL:-- Donald G. Teitelbaum
MIL ADV:-- John A. Wahlquist
RSO:-- Charles R. Chase
REF:-- George M. Frederick
POL/CONS:-- Peter Vrooman
PAO:-- James Mandros
AID:-- Mark Wentling
IPO:-- Richard L. McInturff
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Sokoloff
-- (resident in Manama)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey (res. in Frankfurt)

Pretoria (E), 877 Pretorius St., Arcadia 0083; P.O. Box 
9536, Pretoria 0001; Tel  [27] (12) 342-1048;  FAX [27] (12) 
342-2244; USIS Tel [27] (12) 342-3006; FAX [27] (12) 342-
2090; AID Tel  [27] (12); FAX [27] (12) 
AMB:-- Princeton N. Lyman
AMB SEC:-- Barbara Anne Beckwith
DCM:-- Priscilla Clapp
POL:-- John Campbell
ECO:-- J. Michael Cleverley
COM:-- George A. Kachmar
-- (resident in Johannesburg)
CON:-- Colin Green
ADM:-- John A. Collins
RSO:-- Alan M. Nathanson
IMO:-- Floyd H. Hagopian
PAO:-- John T. Burns
CPO:-- Robert L. Bright
ISM:-- Larry D. Huffman
EST:-- Michael W. Holshey
AID:-- Leslie A. (Cap) Dean
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
ODA:-- Col Kim J. Henningsen, USA
AGR:-- James M. Benson
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)

Cape Town (CG), Broadway Industries Centre, Heerengracht, 
Foreshore; Tel [27] (21) 214-280; FAX [27] (21) 25-4151; 
USIS Tel [27] (21) 419-4822; FAX [27] (21) 461-3603
CG:-- Bismarck Myrick
CG SEC:-- Anita B. Stockdale
POL/ECO:-- Charles B. Gurney
ECO/COM:-- Matthew A. Meyer
ADM:-- Stephanie L. Brown
ARSO:-- Patrick McGhee
CON:-- Mark T. Hill
BPAO:-- Kyra Eberle
CPO:-- Earle S. Greene

Durban (CG), Durban Bay House, 29th Fl., 333 Smith St.; Tel 
[27] (31) 304-4737; FAX [27] (31) 301-8206; USIS FAX  [27] 
(31) 304-2847; USIS Tel [27] (31) 305-5068
CG:-- Pamela E. Bridgewater
CON:-- J. Baxter Hunt III 
BPAO:-- Philix Aragon

Johannesburg (CG), 11th Fl., Kine Center, Commissioner and 
Kruis Sts.;  P.O. Box 2155; 27] (11) 331-1327; USIS Tel [27] 
(11) 838-2231; FAX [27] (11) 838-3920; COM Tel [27] (11)  
331-3937; FAX [27] (11) 331-6178
CG:-- Alan R. McKee
CG SEC:-- Nancy M. Rasari
POL:-- Gary D. Robbins
ECO:-- Alexander P. Bolling
ADM:-- Robert P. Kepner
COM:-- George A. Kachmar
CON:-- Richele Keller
BPAO:-- Craig J. Stromme
MNL:-- Ruth M. Henderson
CPO:-- Arthur L. Pollick
ISM:-- (Vacant)
LAB:-- Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.

Madrid (E), Serrano 75, 28006 Madrid, or APO AE 09642; Tel 
[34] (1) 577-4000; FAX [34] (1) 577-5735;  COM FAX [34] (1) 
AMB:-- Richard N. Gardner
AMB SEC:-- Charlotte Chillura
DCM:-- David N. Greenlee
POL:-- Richard M. Ogden
ECO:-- Emil Castro
COM:-- Emilio Iodice
POL/MIL:-- Enrique F. Perez
CON:-- Harry Jones (arrives 7/94)
ADM:-- Herbert W. Schulz
RSO:-- Kenneth Sykes
PAO:-- Brian Carlson
IPO:-- Bradford W. Ham
ISO:-- Frank J. Ledahawsky
EST:-- Helen B. Lane
ODA:-- Col George I. Newton, USAF
-- Col John Tinsley, USAF (6/94)
ODC:-- Col Judy W. George, USAF
MAAG:-- Radm Gerald L. Riendeau
AGR:-- Franklin D. Lee (arrives 8/94)
LAB:-- Arlen R. Wilson
FAA:-- Robert T. Francis II (res. in Paris)
FAA/CASLO:-- David Flores
FAA/CAAG:-- Rudolph Escobedo
NASA:-- Anthony Carro
DEA:-- George Faz
LEGAT:-- H. Enrique Ghimenti
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

Barcelona (CG), Reina Elisenda 23, 08034 Barcelona or PSC 
61, Box 0005, APO AE 09642; Tel  [34] (3) 280-2227; FAX [34] 
(3) 205-5206; ADMIN FAX [34] (3) 205-7764; USIS FAX [34] (3) 
205-5857; COM FAX [34] (3) 205-7705
CG:-- Carolee Heileman
COM:-- Dorothy L. Lutter
CON:-- Clyde I. Howard, Jr.
ADM:-- Jeanette C. Pina
BPAO:-- Angier M. Peavy

Bilbao (C), Lehendakari Agirre 11-3, 48014 Bilbao; PSC 61, 
Box 0006, APO AE 09642; Tel [34] (4) 475-8300; Telex 32589 
ACBIL E; FAX [34] (4) 476-1240
PO:-- Delvin W. Junker
CON:-- Daniel Ross

Colombo (E), 210 Galle Rd., Colombo 3; P.O. Box 106; Tel 
[94] (1) 448007;  Telex 21305 AMEMB CE; FAX [94] (1) 437345; 
USAID:  356 Galle Rd., Colombo 3; Tel  [94] (1) 574333; FAX 
[94] (1) 574264; USIS: 44 Galle Rd., Colombo 3; Tel [94] (1) 
421271; FAX: [94] (1) 449070; VOA: 228/1 Galle Rd., Colombo 
4; Tel [94] (1) 589245; FAX [94] (1) 502675; Peace Corps: 75 
1/1 Kynsey Rd., Colombo 8; Tel [94] (1) 687617
AMB:-- Teresita C. Schaffer
AMB SEC:-- Donna L. Millet
DCM:-- Steven R. Mann
POL:-- Scott H. Delisi
ECO:-- Nicholas H. Riegg
COM:-- Roger M. Freeman
CON:-- Brian K. Oberle
ADM:-- Raymond J. Pepper
RSO:-- John Chornyak
PAO:-- Duncan H. MacInnes
DAO:-- Ltc Carl A. Cockrum
CPO:-- Robert A. Johnson
AID:-- David Cohen
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
AGR:-- Thomas Pomeroy
-- (resident in New Delhi)
LAB:-- Bradley A. Freden
IRS:-- Charles W. Landry
-- (resident in Singapore)
VOA:-- David M. Sites

Khartoum (E), Sharia Ali Abdul Latif; P.O. Box 699; APO AE 
09829 Tel 74700, 74611; Telex 22619 AMEM SD
AMB:-- Donald K. Petterson
AMB SEC:-- Shirley J. Dickman
DCM:-- Lawrence N. Benedict
POL/ECO:-- Lucien Vandenbroucke
CON:-- Jonathan Rice
ADM:-- Gloria Benedict (Acting)
RSO:-- James J. Burke
PAO:-- Lucien Vandenbroucke (Acting)
IPO:-- John S. Kramer
ISM:-- (Vacant)
USAID:-- Lawrence N. Benedict (Acting)
ODA:-- Ltc Michael J. Berry, USA
REF:-- Eric P. Whitaker
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA/CASLO:-- Alan Sokoloff
-- (resident in Manama)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
LAB:-- Lois A. Aroian
-- (resident in Nairobi)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)

Paramaribo (E), Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat 129; P.O. Box 1821; 
Tel [597]  472900; 477881; 476459;  FAX [597] 410025; USIS 
Tel [597] 475051; Telex 383 AMEMSU SN; USIS FAX [597] 
410025, 479829, 420800; CPU Tel 476793
AMB:-- Roger R. Gamble
AMB SEC:-- Grace Baldonado
DCM:-- John E. Hope
POL:-- Hartford T. Jennings
PRA:-- Robert Mathews
ECON:-- Michael Koplovsky
CON:-- Marjorie Ames
ADM:-- M. Eugene Aaron
RSO:-- Mike Eicher
-- (resident in Georgetown)
PAO:-- Daniel McGaffie
-- (resident in Port-of-Spain)
ODA:-- Ltc. Leocadio Muniz, USA
GSO:-- Arthur P. Strelick
CPO:-- Dante U. Espejo
AGR:-- Larry Senger
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- Raymond L. Brown
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
DEA:-- Richard Joyce
-- (resident in Curacao)
LEGAT:-- Rinaldo A. Campana
-- (resident in Caracas)
IRS:-- Charles Shea
-- (resident in Caracas)

Mbabane (E), Central Bank Bldg., Warner Street; P.O. Box 
199; Tel [268] 46441/5; FAX [268] 45959; USAID Telex  2016 
AMB:-- John T. Sprott
AMB SEC:-- Barbara B. Jacquin
DCM:-- Philip M. Jones
POL/ECO/COM:-- Mary T. Gudjonsson
ADM:-- Stephen B. Hogard
RSO:-- Daniel Becker
-- (resident in Maputo)
PAO:-- Brooks A. Robinson
AID:-- Valerie Dickson-Horton
CPO:-- Joseph M. Suddath
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
AGR:-- James Benson
-- (resident in Pretoria)
LAB:-- Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.
-- (resident in Johannesburg)
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)

Stockholm (E), Strandvagen 101, S-115 89 Stockholm; Tel [46] 
(8) 783-5300; FAX [46] (8) 661-1964 
AMB:-- Thomas L. Siebert
AMB SEC:-- Elizabeth A. Franke
DCM:-- Gregory L. Johnson
POL:-- Terrell R. Otis
ECO:-- Kenneth H. Kolb
COM:-- Barbara Slawecki
CON:-- Marianne U. Gustafson
ADM:-- William J. Haugh
RSO:-- Edward E. Fortney
PAO:-- Donald G. Besom
IPO:-- Stanley W. Lewis
ISM:-- Forrest R. Partovi
ODA:-- Col William R. Teske, USAF
AGR:-- Thomas A. Hamby
FAA:-- Carl Burleson
-- (resident in London)
FAA/CASLO:-- Donald Tyson
-- (resident in Copenhagen)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
LAB:-- Hugh M. Neighbour
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)

Bern (E), Jubilaeumstrasse 93, 3005 Bern; Tel [41] (31) 357-
7011; Telex (845) 912603; FAX [41] (31) 357-7344; CPU [41] 
(31) 357-7201; USIS FAX [41] (31) 357-7379; COM FAX [41] 
(31) 357-7336; FAS FAX [41] (31) 357-7363; ODA FAX [41] (31) 
AMB:-- M. Larry Lawrence 
DCM:-- Michael C. Polt
POL/ECO:-- L. Allen Nelsen
COM:-- Kay R. Kuhlman
CON:-- Brian M. Flora
ADM:-- Paul S. Ashby
AGR:-- Craig A. Thorn
-- (resident in Geneva)
RSO:-- John Rendeiro
PAO:-- Peter Becskehazy
IPO:-- Jimmie L. McCray
ODA:-- Col William H. Mitchell, USA
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)
FAA:-- Robert T. Francis II
-- (resident in Paris)
FAA/CASLO:-- Steve Tochterman
-- (resident in Brussels)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)

Geneva (BO).  The post closed in July 1993.  A Consular 
Agency is now open.
CON AGENT:-- John J. Kermisch

U.S. Mission to the  European Office of the UN and Other 
International Organizations (Geneva), Mission Permanente Des 
Etats-Unis, Route de Pregny 11, 1292 Chambesy-Geneva, 
Switzerland; Tel [41] (22)  749-4111; Telex 412865  USGV; 
FAX [41] (22) 749-4880; COM FAX [41] (22) 749-4885; To 
utilize the leased line to Geneva from the Department, dial 
4-493 and the four-digit office extension.  AmEmbassy Geneva 
switchboard number is 4111.
CM:-- Daniel L. Spiegel
CM SEC:-- Sharon Wells
DCM:-- H. Clarke Rodgers, Jr.
IEA (ECON):-- Stephen A. Schlaikjer
COM:-- Andrew Grossman
PSA (POL):-- Peter D. Eicher
REFUGEE/MIG AFF: -- Allan G. Jury
LEGAL-- John R. Crook
EST:-- Harlan W. Cohen
ADM:-- Ronald B. Rabens
PAO:-- Larry R. Taylor
RSO:-- Thomas McKeever
LAB:-- Nicholas A. Stigliani
CPO:-- Richard J. Aber
ISM:-- Evelyn U. Putnam

U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), Botanic Bldg., 1-3 Avenue 
de la Paix,  1202 Geneva, Switzerland; Tel [41] (22) 749-
4111; FAX [41] (22) 749-4885
CM:-- (Vacant)
CHG/DCM:-- Andrew L. Stoler
COM:-- Paul Salmon
AGR:-- Craig Thorn

U.S. Delegation to the Conference on Disarmament (CD), 
Botanic Building, 1-3 Avenue De La Paix, 1202 Geneva; Tel 
[41] (22) 749-5355; FAX [41] (22) 749-5326
US REP:-- Stephen J. Ledogar
DEP REP:-- James H. Madden
EXEC SEC:-- John H. King
ACDA REP:-- Katherine Crittenberger
DOE REP:-- Dorothy Donnelly
JCS REP:-- Capt Greg Meyer, USN
OSD REPS:-- Brian Knapp
-- Ltc Richard Baker
STATE REP:-- Edward Ifft

Zurich (CG) Zollikerstrasse 141, 8008  Zurich; Tel [41] (1) 
422-25-66;  Telex  0045-816830; FAX [41](1) 383-9814; COM 
FAX [41] (1) 382-26-55
CG:-- Sheldon I. Krebs
CON:-- Richard H. Wallen

Damascus (E), Abou Roumaneh, Al-Mansur St., No. 2; P.O. Box 
29; Tel  [963] (11) 332-814, 714-108, 333-0788; night 
contact number: 333-3232; FAX [963] (11) 224-7938; USIS Tel: 
333-1878, 333-8413; Telex 411919 USDAMA SY; Workweek: Sunday 
through Thursday.
AMB:-- Christopher W.S. Ross
AMB SEC:-- Phyllis Gain
DCM:-- Theodore H. Kattouf
POL:-- Douglas C. Greene
ECO/COM:-- Henry S. Ensher
CON:-- Sallybeth M. Bumbrey
ADM:-- Ronald L. Gain
RSO:-- Robert J. Nuernberger
PAO:-- Alberto M. Fernandez
CPO:-- Judith A. Chidester
ODA:-- Col Normand L. St. Pierre, USA
AGR:-- Forrest Geerken, Jr.
-- (resident in Cairo)
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)

Dushanbe (E), Interim Chancery, #39 Ainii Street; 
Oktyabrskaya Hotel; Tel [7] (3772) 21-03-56
AMB:-- Stanley T. Escudero
POL/ECO:-- Bradford Hanson
POL:-- Martha Patterson
CON/GSO:-- Elizabeth Sharrier
ADM:-- George Witt
AGR:-- Mary Revelt
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)

Dar Es Salaam (E), 36 Laibon Rd. (off Bagamoyo Rd.); P.O. 
Box 9123; Tel [255] (51) 66010 thru 5; Telex 41250 USA TZ; 
FAX [255] (51) 66701
AMB:-- Peter Jon de Vos
AMB SEC:-- Darlene K. Mann
DCM:-- Steven A. Browning
POL:-- Siria R. Lopez
ECO:-- John B. Long
COM:-- Alexander C. Tabb
CON:-- George H. Hogeman
ADM:-- Moosa A. Valli
RAO:-- Clifton J. Schafer
RSO:-- George G. Frederick
PAO:-- Gregory L. Lynch
IPO:-- David A. Mangum
ODA:-- Ltc Daniel W. Henk, USA
-- (resident in Harare)
AID:-- Dale B. Pfeiffer
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
LAB:-- Lois A. Aroian
-- (resident in Nairobi)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)

Bangkok (E), 95 Wireless Rd.; APO AP 96546; Tel [66] (2) 
252-5040; FAX [66] (2) 254-2990; COM 3d fl., Diethelm Towers 
Bldg., Tower A, 93/1 Wireless Rd., 10330; Tel [66] (2) 255-
4365 thru 7; COM FAX [66] (2) 255-2915
AMB:-- David F. Lambertson
DCM:-- Matthew P. Daley
POL:-- Margaret K. McMillion
ECO:-- John Medeiros
COM:-- Carol Kim
CON:-- James C. Struble
ADM:-- Jose J. Cao-Garcia
RSO:-- Gerard J. Lopez
PAO:-- John Reid
CPO:-- William O. Weatherford
ISM:-- Wayne A. Buehrer
AID:-- Thomas H. Reese III
ODA:-- Col Edward J. Corcoran, USA
JUSMAG:-- Col Joshua Kiser, Jr., USA
CDC:-- Edward F. Yacovone
NAS:-- Allen E. Nugent
REF:-- Edward H.  Wilkinson
CUS:-- Francisco P. Dominguez
INS:-- Daniel Solis
AGR:-- Peter Kurz
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
FAA/CASLO:-- Wendell L. Sims
FAA/FSIDO:-- Dennis Wilham
-- (resident in Singapore)
LAB:-- Robert D. Griffiths
IRS:-- Charles W. Landry
-- (resident in Singapore)

Chiang Mai (CG), Vidhayanond Rd., Box C, APO AP 96546;  Tel  
[66] (53) 252-629; FAX [66] (53) 252-633
PO:-- Judith A. Strotz
POL/CON:-- Cecile Shea
ADM:-- Dennis A. Droney
BPAO:-- Stephen J. Thibeault

Songkhla (C).  The post closed in June 1993.

Udorn (C), 35/6 Supakitjanya Rd.; Box UD; APO AP 96546; Tel 
[66] (42) 244-270; FAX [66] (42) 244-273
PO:-- Karen Stewart
POL:-- Paul O. Mayer 

Lome (E), Rue Pelletier Caventou and Rue Vauban; B.P. 852; 
Tel [228] 21-77-17 and 21-29-91 thru 94; FAX [228] 21-79-52
AMB:-- Harmon E. Kirby
AMB SEC:-- Patricia Anne Collins
DCM:-- Jeffrey C. Gallup
POL:-- (Vacant)
ECO/COM/CON:-- Whitney Young Baird
ADM:-- Marcia L. Norman
RSO:-- Nicky G. Morrow
PAO:-- Theodore A. Boyd
CPO:-- Richard A. Carpenter
AID:-- Sarah C. Clark
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
ODA:-- Col Randall T. Gray, USA
-- (resident in Abidjan)
AGR:-- Maurice House
-- (resident in Lagos)
LAB:-- Thomas P. Doubleday, Jr
-- (resident in Lagos)
LAB TECH:-- Mary Awantang
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo (res. in Paris)

Port-of-Spain (E), 15 Queen's Park West; P.O. Box 752; Tel 
(809) 622-6372/6, 6176; FAX (809)  628-5462; 
AMB:-- Sally G. Cowal
DCM:-- Charles S. Shapiro
POL/MIL:-- Timothy Inemer
ECO:-- Donald Cleveland
CON:-- Michael McCamman
ADM:-- George A. Forsyth
RSO:-- Thomas A. Barnard
GSO:-- Grenville Day
PAO:-- Daniel McGaffie
CPO:-- Ronnie J. Fontenot
AGR:-- Larry Senger
-- (resident in Caracas)
FAA:-- Ray Salazar
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- Raymond L. Brown
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
MLO:-- Maj Daniel Jacobson, USN
ODA:-- Ltc Clark Lynn II, USA
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
NAV:-- Capt Aaron D. Lonquist, USA 
-- (resident in Caracas)
LEGAT:-- Paul F. Nolan
-- (resident in Bridgetown)
IRS:-- Charles Shea
-- (resident in Caracas)

Tunis (E), 144 Ave. de la Liberte, 1002 Tunis-Belvedere; Tel 
[216] (1) 782-566; Telex 18379 AMTUN TN; FAX [216] (1) 789-
719; Telex 14307 USATO; FAX [216] (1) 785-345
AMB:-- John T. McCarthy
DCM:-- Carol K. Stocker
POL:-- Andrea M. Farsakh
ECO:-- David J. Peashock
COM:-- Paul C. O'Friel  
CON:-- Richard J. Adams
ADM:-- Richard E. Kramer
RSO:-- Doyle E. Cooper
PAO:-- James L. Bullock
CPO:-- Robert J. Cumming
ISM:-- Aila K. Long
FSI:-- Nazeh Y. Daher
AID:-- James A. Graham
LAB:-- Anthony Benesch
AGR:-- Evans "Duffy" Browne
ODA:-- Col Eugene M. Mensch II, USA
USLOT: -- Col James J. Poland, IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)
FAA:-- Robert T. Francis II
-- (resident in Paris)
FAA/CASLO:-- Andre Perze
-- (resident in Paris)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)

Ankara (E), 110 Ataturk Blvd.; PSC 93, Box 5000, APO AE 
09823;  Tel  [90] (312) 468-6110 thru 6128; Tel. USIS [90] 
(312) 468-6102 thru 6106; FAX EMB [90] (312) 467-0019; FAX 
GSO [90] (312) 467-0057; FAX FAS [90] (312) 467-0056; COM 
FAX  [90] (312) 467-1366; CON FAX [90] (312) 468-6131; FAX 
USIS [90] (312) 467-3624 (exec. off) and 467-6145
AMB:-- Richard  C. Barkley
AMB SEC:-- Joan E. Bebick
DCM:-- James H. Holmes
POL:-- Robert S. Pace
POL/MIL:-- James K. Connell
ECO:-- C. Eugene Dorris
COM:-- David K. Katz
CON:-- Lucy P. Uncu
ADM:-- William J. Burke, Jr.
EST:-- John L. Brady
RSO:-- Douglas J. Rosenstein
PAO:-- David D. Grimland
IPO:-- Franklin B. Pressley, Jr.
ISM:-- Peter K. Jensen
AGR:-- Larry L. Panasuk 
FAA:-- Stephen P. Walker
-- (resident in Athens)
FAA/CASLO:-- Joseph Teixeira
-- (resident in Rome)
LAB:-- Philip Dale Dean, Jr.
ODA:-- Col Ron A. Anthony, USAF
MAAG:-- Maj Gen. Philip W. Nuber,  USA
IRS:-- Larry J. Legrand
-- (resident in Rome)

Istanbul (CG), 104-108 Mesrutiyet Caddesi, Tepebasi, PSC 97, 
Box 0002, APO AE 09827-0002; Tel [90] (212) 251 36 02; Telex 
24077 ATOT-TR; GSO FAX [90] (212) 251-2554; ADM FAX [90] 
(212) 251-3632; EXEC FAX [90] (212) 251-3218; COM FAX [90] 
(212) 252-2417; CON FAX [90] (212) 252-7851
CG:-- Jerrold Mark Dion
CG SEC:-- Barbara A. Hering
POL:-- James B. Bond
ECO:-- John C. Zimmerman
COM:-- John G. H. Muehlke, Jr.
CON:-- Roger J. Daley
ADM:-- Constance Hammond
RSO:-- Stephen F. Smith
BPAO:-- Harriet L. Elam
CPO:-- Robert L. Hensley

Izmir (CG). The post closed in June 1993.

Adana (C), Ataturk Caddesi; PSC 94, APO AE 09824; Tel [90] 
(322) 453-9106, 545-2145, 454-3774; FAX [90] (322) 457-6591
PO:-- William Warren
POL/ECO:-- Olaf North Otto III
ADM/CON:-- John A. Figura

Ashgabat (E), 6 Teheran Street, Yubilenaya Hotel; Tel [7] 
36320 24-49-25 or 24-49-22
AMB:-- Joseph S. Hulings III
POL/ECO:-- Douglas Archard
ADM:-- Lewis Elbinger
IPO:-- T. Michael Jackson
GSO/CON:-- Benjamin Webber
AGR:-- David M. Schoonover
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook (res. in Bonn)

Kampala (E), Parliament Ave.; P.O. Box 7007; Tel [256] (41) 
259792/3/5; FAX [256] (41) 259794; Admin Tel [256] (41) 
259792; FAX [256] (41) 241863
AMB:-- Johnnie Carson
AMB SEC:-- Grace M. Wade
DCM:-- A. Ellen. Shippy
POL:-- Janet E. Beik
ECO/COM:-- Stanley Morris
CON:-- Beverly J. Berg
ADM:-- Frank W. Skinner, Jr.
RSO:-- Stephen V. Wright
PAO:-- Mark Larsen
CPO:-- Robert Claus
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
AID:-- Keith W. Sherper
LAB:-- Lois A. Aroian (res. in Nairobi)
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes (res. in Riyadh)

Kiev (E), 10 Yuria Kotsyubinskovo, 252053 Kiev 53; Tel [7] 
(044) 244-7349, 24 hr: [7] (044) 244-3745; Telex 131142 
CGKIV SU; FAX [7] (044) 244-7350; COM FAX [7] (044) 279-1485
AMB:-- William Green Miller
DCM:-- Shaun M. Byrnes
POL:-- Bruce Connuck
ECO:-- Natalie Jaresko
COM:-- Stephen Wasylko
CON:-- Jill Brynes
ADM:-- David Wick
RSO:-- Scott Bultrowizc
IPO:-- Howard L. Keegan
PAO:-- John Brown
AGR:-- Mary Revelt (res. in Moscow)
FCS:-- Stephen Wasylko
DAO:-- Ltc. John Sherkus
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/CASLO:-- Salvatore Cilluffo
-- (resident in Brussels)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
AID:-- Terrence McMahon
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)

Abu Dhabi (E), Al-Sudan St.; P.O. Box 4009;  Pouch: 
AmEmbassy Abu Dhabi, Dept. of State, Washington, D.C. 20521-
6010; Tel [971] (2) 436-691 or 436-692; Afterhours [971) (2) 
435-457; Chancery FAX [971] (2)  434-771; Admin FAX [971] 
(2)  435-441; CONS FAX [971] (2)  435-786; USIS FAX (971) 
(2) 434-802; USLO FAX (971) (2) 434-604; COM Section: FCS: 
Blue Tower Bldg., 8th Fl., Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St.; Tel 
[971] (2) 345-545; Telex 22229 AMEMBY EM; FAX [971] (2) 331-
374; Workweek:  Saturday through Wednesday
AMB:-- William A. Rugh
AMB SEC:-- Carmen S. Ryan
DCM:-- Bruce D. Strathern
POL:-- Juliana S. Peck
POL/MIL:-- Hendrik van der Muelen
ECO:-- Paul R. Siekert
COM:-- Paul Scogna
CON:-- Michelle M. Bernier-Toth
ADM:-- Jay N. Anania
RSO:-- Thomas K. Depenbrock
PAO:-- Magda S. Siekert
CPO:-- George  E. Williams
ODA:-- Col James C. Ritchey, USA
USLO:-- Col Paul F. Barb
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA/FSIDO:-- William J. Reed
-- (resident in Brussels)
FIN:-- Marvin Lee Wolfe 
-- (resident in Riyadh)

Dubai (CG), Dubai International Trade Center, 21st fl.; P.O. 
Box 9343;  Pouch:  AMCONGEN Dubai, Dept. of State, 
Washington, D.C., 20521-6020; Tel [971] (4) 313-115; [971] 
(4) 314-043; COM-FCS: Tel. [971] (4) 313-584; FAX [971] (4) 
313-131; USIS Tel. [971] (4) 314-882; USATO Tel. [971] (4) 
313-612/314-063; FAX (971-4) 314-998; Navy Regional 
Contracting Office-NRCC Tel. [971] (4) 311-888; FAX [971] 
(4) 315-764; Workweek: Saturday-Wednesday
CG:-- Joseph E. Le Baron
POL/ECON:-- David J. Whiddon
POL/MIL:-- Geoffrey H. Barnes
COM: FCS:-- Terry Sorgi
CON:-- Susan H. Frost
RSO:-- Jacob M. Wohlman
ATO:-- Edwin Porter
ODA:-- LCdr Timothy A. Zimmerman
NRCC:-- LCdr Raymond Rodriguez

London, England (E), 24/31 Grosvenor Sq., W. 1A 1AE; PSC 
801, Box 40, FPO AE 09498-4040; Tel  [44] (71) 499-9000;  
FAX [44] (71) 409-1637; COM FAX [44] (71) 491-4022 ATO 
Address Regent Arcade House, 19-25  Argyll St., London W1V 
1AA; Tel [44] (71) 287-2624; FAX [44] (71) 287-2629 
AMB:-- Raymond G. H. Seitz
AMB SEC:-- Linda Mann
DCM:-- Timothy E. Deal
POL:-- Michael J. Habib
ECO:-- Thomas H. Gewecke
COM:-- Kenneth P. Moorefield
CON:-- Elizabeth Ann Swift
ADM:-- Nicholas S. Baskey
RSO:-- Clifton W. Flowers
PAO:-- Michael O'Brien
IMO:-- Joseph T. Yanci
USSS:-- Barry Smith
EST:-- Jeffrey T. Lutz
INS:-- Richard H. Gottlieb
ODA:-- Capt Joseph E. Hart, USN
ODC:-- Col Russell T. Bolt, USA
AGR:-- James P. Rudbeck
LAB:-- John Warnock
CUS:-- Thomas A. McDermott
POLAD:-- Michael L. Durkee, USNAVEUR
DEA:-- John W. Lee
FAA:-- Carl Burleson
FAA/CASLO:-- Jeffrey Coghill
FAA/FSIDO:-- John Humflet
FIN:-- William McFadden
SAO:-- (Vacant)
USTTA:-- Margaret "B." Corkery
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
FBI:-- James W. Greenleaf

Belfast Northern Ireland (CG), Queen's House, 14 Queen St., 
BT1 6EQ; PSC 801, Box 40, APO AE 09498-4040; Tel [44] (232) 
328239;  FAX [44] (23) 224-8482
CG:-- Valentino E. Martinez
Vice CON:-- Thomas M. Ramsey
RSO:-- Clifton W. Flowers
-- (resident in London)
AGR:-- James P. Rudbeck

Edinburgh, Scotland (CG), 3 Regent Ter. EH7 5BW; PSC 801, 
Box 40, FPO AE 09498-4040; Tel [44] (31) 556-8315; FAX [44] 
(31) 557-6023
CG:-- Bobette K. Orr
RSO:-- Clifton W. Flowers
-- (resident in London)

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, One 
Exchange Square, London EC2A 2EH; Tel [44] (71) 338-6502; 
FAX [44] (71) 338-6487
EXEC DIR:-- (Vacant)
ALT DIR:-- Lee F. Jackson
COM:-- Thomas M. Kelsey

U.S. Mission to the United Nations (USUN), 799 United 
Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017-3505; Tel (212) 415-4050;  
After hours Tel:  (212) 415-4444; FAX (212) 415-4443; To 
utilize the leased line to USUN from the Department, dial 4 
and the four-digit extension; to utilize FTS to USUN from 
the Department, dial 8-667 and the four-digit office 
US PERM REP:-- Amb. Madeleine K. Albright
US REP SEC:-- Suzanne McPartland
DEP US REP:-- Amb. Edward S. Walker, Jr.
DEP US REP in the Security Council:-- Amb. Irvin Hicks
US REP  toECOSOC:-- Amb. Victor Marrero
ALT US REP for -- Amb. Karl F. Inderfurth

Special Political Affairs in the UN:
DEP US REP to ECOSOC:-- John Blaney
DEP US REP for Management  and UN Reform:-- (Vacant)
EXEC ASST-- Frances A. Zwenig

Wash Office:-- Elaine K. Shocas
POL:-- Robert T. Grey
RSO:-- Michael Viggiano
PAO: -- John Menzies
PRESS:-- James P. Rubin
UN RES MGT:-- Linda S. Shenwick
ADM: -- Dorothy M. Sampas
INT LEGAL:-- Robert B. Rosenstock 
HOST COUN:.-- Robert C. Moller
MSC:-- Col William R. Clontz, USA

U.S. Mission to the Organization of American States (USOAS), 
Department of State, Washington, D.C. 20520; Tel (202) 647-
9376; FAX (202) 647-0911
US REP:-- Amb. Harriet C. Babbitt
DEP US REP:-- Sarah R. Horsey-Barr
POL: -- William W. Milan
ECO:-- Barbara Bowie-Whitman
BUD INT ORG:-- Owen B. Lee
EDUC EST and CULT:-- Margarita Riva-Geoghegan
ADM:-- Jay A. Rini
PAO:-- Jan Edmondson

Montevideo (E), Lauro Muller 1776; APO AA 34035; Tel [598] 
(2) 23-60-61 or 48-77-77; FAX [598] (2) 488611
AMB:-- Thomas J. Dodd
DCM:-- Gerald J. Whitman
POL:-- John A. Ritchie
ECON/COM:-- Robert A. Gehring
ADM:-- John R. Baca (departs 6/94)
-- Robert D. Goldberg (arr. 7/94)
CON:-- Paul M. Doherty (departs 6/94)
-- Daniel D. Darrach (arr. 7/94)
RSO:-- (Vacant)
PAO:-- Cynthia F. Johnson
CPO:-- Christopher Bonsteel
AID:-- Robert J. Asselin, Jr.
ODC/MAAG:-- Col William A. Jordan, USAF
AGR:-- Max F. Bowser
-- (resident in Buenos Aires)
CUS:-- William C. Kavanaugh 
DEA:-- Leonard H. Williams
LAB:-- Glenda Gaye Maris
IRS:-- Stanley Newman
-- (resident in Sao Paulo)
FAA:-- Santiago Garcia
-- (resident in Rio de Janeiro)
FAA/CASLO:-- Larry Bruce
-- (Buenos Aires)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
PC:-- Robert A. Arias
LEGAT:-- David W. Schrimp

Tashkent (E), 82 Chelanzanskaya; Tel [7] (3712) 77-14-07, 
77-10-81; FAX [7] (3712) 77-69-53
AMB:-- Henry L. Clarke
AMB SEC:-- Mary C. Jorgenson
DCM:-- Michael Matera
POL/ECO:-- Dorothy Delahanty
ADM:-- John Gieske
COM:-- Timothy Smith
PAO:-- Jaroslav J. Verner
RSO:-- Chris Paul
CPO:-- Gregory Rice
AGR:-- Mary Revelt
-- (resident in Moscow)
CON:-- George Kent
GSO/CON:-- Jonathan Kenick
FAA:-- Dennis Cooper
-- (resident in Moscow)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Joe D. Hook
-- (resident in Bonn)

Caracas (E), Avenida Francisco de Miranda and Avenida 
Principal de la Floresta; P.O. Box 62291, Caracas 1060-A or 
APO AA 34037; Tel [58] (2) 285-2222; or [58] (2) 285-3111; 
Telex 25501 AMEMB VE; FAX [58] (2) 285-0366; US ATO Address 
Centro Plaza, Torre C, Piso 18, Los Palos Grandes, Caracas 
1062; Tel [58] (2) 283-2353/Direct line 283-2521; FAX [58] 
(2) 284-5412
AMB:-- Jeffrey Davidow
AMB SEC:-- Celestina Renteria
DCM:-- Robert B. Morley
POL:-- Thomas M. Tonkin
ECO:-- Charles S. Ahlgren
COM:-- Edgar Fulton
CON:-- Thomas Holladay
ADM:-- Arnold A. Munoz
RSO:-- Edward R. Napoliello
PAO:-- Stephen M. Chaplin
CPO:-- Richard Gunn
ISM:-- Marion I. Middlebrooks
CUS:-- Robert Benavente
DEA:-- Leo Arreguin
ODA:-- Col Michael J. Kenna, USAF 
MILGP:-- Col William Hunter, USA
FBO:-- Knox Burchett
AGR:-- Larry Senger
APHIS:-- Nicholas Gutierrez
FAA:-- Victor H. Tamariz
-- (resident in Miami)
FAA/CASLO:-- Victor H. Echevarria
FAA/FSIDO:-- Tony Kijek
-- (resident in Miami)
LAB:-- George Dempsey
IRS:-- Charles Shea
NAU:-- Joel Cassman
LEGAT:-- Rinaldo A. Campana

Apia (E), 5th fl., Beach Rd., P.O. Box 3430, Apia; Tel (685) 
21-631;  Telex (779) 275 AMEMB SX; FAX (685) 22-030
AMB:-- Josiah Horton Beeman
-- (resident in Wellington)
DCM:-- Robert T. Yamate
RSO:-- Robert E. Morris
-- (resident in Canberra)
FAA:-- David L. Knudson
-- (resident in Singapore)
IRS:-- Vivian Simon
-- (resident in Sydney)

Sanaa (E), Dhahr Himyar Zone, Sheraton Hotel District, P.O. 
Box 22347, Sanaa, Republic of Yemen or Sanaa-Dept. of State, 
Washington, D.C. 20521-6330; Tel [967] (1) 238-843/52; Telex 
2697 EMBSAN YE; FAX [967] (1) 251-563; USIS Tel [967] (1) 
216-973 and 203-364; USPC Tel [967] (1) 275-504; USAID Tel 
[967] (1) 231-213/4 and 231-732; USPC Tel [967] (1) 275-504; 
Workweek: Saturday through Wednesday
AMB:-- Arthur H. Hughes
AMB SEC:-- Marlene Hirakawa
DCM:-- Allen J. Kepchar
POL:-- William Stewart
POL/MIL:-- David A. Kiel
ECO/COM:-- Lucy Abbott
CON:-- Frederick Polasky
ADM:-- Judith A. Chammas
RSO:-- James M. Crowe
PAO:-- Haynes Mahoney
GSO:-- Thomas E. Weinz
RMO:-- Dr. Scott Kennedy
ODA:-- Maj Christopher Batchelder, USA
IPO:-- Kenneth Hill
AID:-- William McKinney
ATO:-- David Culver (resident in Riyadh)
FAA:-- Dennis Beres
-- (resident in Riyadh)
FAA/FSIDO:-- William J. Reed
-- (resident in Brussels)
PC:-- Cecelia Hitte
IRS:-- Victoria Hodes
-- (resident in Riyadh)

Kinshasa (E), 310 Avenue des Aviateurs, Unit 31550; APO 
09828; Tel [243] (12) 21532, 21628; Telecel [243] (88) 
43604/43608 Telex 21405 US EMB ZR; FAX  [243] (12) 21534/5, 
ext. 2308 or [243] (88) 43805/43467
AMB:-- (Vacant)
CHG:-- John M. Yates
DCM:-- Gerald W. Scott
POL:-- Alan W. Eastham, Jr.
ECO/COM:-- Edward L. Williams
CON:-- Dale L. Rumbarger
ADM:-- Richard F. Fisher
RSO:-- Kenneth W. Kayatin
PAO:-- Mary C. Yates
CPO:-- James T. Tuten
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
AGR:-- Jonathan Gressel
-- (resident in Abidjan)
AID:-- Wayne J King
ODA:-- Ltc Thomas P. Odom, USA
IRS:-- Frederick D. Pablo
-- (resident in Paris)

Lubumbashi (CG).  The post closed in September 1991.

Lusaka (E), corner of Independence and United Nations Aves.; 
P.O. Box 31617; Tel  [260] (1) 228-595, 228-601/2/3; Telex 
AMEMB ZA 41970; FAX [260] (1) 261-538; USIS Tel 227-993/4;  
FAX [260] (1) 226-523; USAID Tel [260] (1) 221-314, 229-327;  
FAX [260] (1) 225-741
AMB:-- Roland K. Kuchel
AMB SEC:-- Beverly McLaurin
DCM:-- Michael Arietti
POL:-- Donald Gatto
ECO/COM:-- Necia L. Quast
CON:-- Donald Heflin
ADM:-- Sharon A. Lavorel-Rutherford
RSO:-- Jo Ann Moore
PAO:-- Stedman Howard
CPO:-- Dale Johnson
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
AGR:-- James M. Benson
-- (resident in Pretoria)
LAB:-- Lois A. Aroian
-- (resident in Nairobi)
AID:-- Fred  E. Winch
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)

Harare (E), 172 Herbert Chitepo Ave., P.O. Box 3340; Tel 
[263] (4) 794-521; Commercial Section: 1st Fl., Century 
House West,  36 Baker Ave.; Tel [263] (4) 728-957; Telex 
24591 USUSFCS ZW; FAX [263] (4) 796488
AMB:-- E. Gibson Lanpher
AMB SEC:-- Maria C. Huscilowitc
DCM:-- George M. Staples
POL:-- Virginia E. Palmer
ECO/COM:-- J. Anthony Holmes
CON:-- David W. Abell
ADM:-- Stephen J. Nolan
RSO:-- Walter M. Huscilowitc
PAO:-- Lucy Hall
IMO:-- Danny D. Lockwood
IPO:-- Phillip C. Brown
AGR:-- James Benson
-- (resident in Pretoria)
LAB:-- Jon Danilowicz
AID:-- Ted D. Morse
ODA:-- Col Daniel Henk, USA
FAA:-- Ronald L. Montgomery
-- (resident in Dakar)
FAA/FSIDO:-- Jim Coffey
-- (resident in Frankfurt)
IRS:-- Stanley Beesley
-- (resident in London)

Unofficial commercial and other relations with the people of 
Taiwan are conducted through an unofficial  instrumentality, 
the American Institute in Taiwan, which has offices in 
Taipei and Kaohsiung.  AIT Taipei operates an American Trade 
Center, located at the Taipei World Trade Center.  The 
addresses of these offices are:

American Institute in Taiwan, #7 Lane 134, Hsin Yi Road 
Section 3 Taipei, Taiwan; Tel [886] (2) 709-2000; Afterhours 
Tel [886] (2) 709-2013; FAX [886] (2) 702-7675

American Trade Center, Room 3207 International Trade 
Building, Taipei World Trade Center, 333 Keelung Road 
Section 1, Taipei 10548, Taiwan; Tel [886] (2)720-1550; COM 
FAX [886] (2) 757-7162 

American Institute in Taiwan, 5th fl., #2 Chung Cheng 3d Rd. 
Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Tel [886] (7) 224-0154/7; FAX [886] (7) 

For further information, contact the Washington, D.C., 
office of the American Institute in Taiwan, 1700 N. Moore 
St. Arlington, VA Suite 1700, 22209-1996; Tel (703) 525-
8474; FAX (703) 841-1385.

Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire (E)
Abu Dhabi, United Arab 
Emirates (E)
Abuja, Nigeria (BO) 
Accra, Ghana (E)
Adana, Turkey (C)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (E)
Algiers, Algeria (E)
Almaty,  Kazakhstan (E)
Amman, Jordan (E)
Amsterdam, Netherlands (CG)
Ankara, Turkey (E)
Antananarivo, Madagascar (E)
Apia, Western Samoa (E)
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan (E)
Asmara, Eritrea (E)
Asuncion, Paraguay (E)
Athens, Greece (E)
Auckland, New Zealand (CG)
Baghdad, Iraq (E)
Baku, Azerbaijan (E)
Bamako, Mali (E)
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei (E)
Bangkok, Thailand (E)
Bangui, Central African Rep. (E)
Banjul, The Gambia (E)
Barcelona, Spain (CG)
Barranquilla, Colombia (C)
Beirut, Lebanon (E)
Belfast, Northern Ireland,U.K. (CG)
Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro (E)
Belize City, Belize (E)
Berlin, Fed. Rep. of Germany (BO)
Bern, Switzerland (E)
Bilbao, Spain (C)
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (E)
Bissau, Guinea-Bissau (E)
Bogota, Colombia (E)
Bombay, India (CG)
Bonn, Fed. Rep. of Germany (E)
Bordeaux, France (CG)
Brasilia, Brazil (E)
Bratislava, Slovak Republic (E)
Brazzaville, Congo (E)
Bridgetown, Barbados (E)
Brisbane, Australia (C)
Brussels, Belgium (E) (USEC) (USNATO)
Bucharest, Romania (E)
Budapest, Hungary (E)
Buenos Aires, Argentina (E)
Bujumbura, Burundi (E)
Cairo, Egypt (E)
Calcutta, India (CG)
Calgary, Canada (CG)
Canberra, Australia (E)
Cape Town, South Africa (CG)
Caracas, Venezuela (E)
Casablanca, Morocco (CG)
Cebu, Philippines (C)
Chengdu, China (CG)
Chiang Mai, Thailand (CG)
Chisinau, Moldova (E)
Cluj-Napoca, Romania (BO)
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (CG)
Colombo, Sri Lanka (E)
Conakry, Guinea (E)
Copenhagen, Denmark (E)
Cotonou, Benin (E)
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles (CG)
Dakar, Senegal (E)
Damascus, Syria (E)
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (E)
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (CG)
Dhaka, Bangladesh (E)
Djibouti, Djibouti (E)
Doha, Qatar (E)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CG)
Dublin, Ireland (E)
Durban, South Africa (CG)
Dushanbe, Tajikistan (E)
Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. (CG)
Florence, Italy (CG)
Frankfurt Am Main, Fed. Rep of Germany (CG)
Freetown, Sierra Leone (E)
Fukuoka, Japan (C)
Gaborone, Botswana (E)
Geneva, Switzerland (U.S. Mission to European Office of the 
    UN and Other International Organizations)
Georgetown, Guyana (E)
Guadalajara, Mexico (CG)
Guangzhou, China (CG)
Guatemala City, Guatemala (E)
Guayaquil, Ecuador (CG)
Hague The, Netherlands (E)
Halifax, Canada (CG)
Hamburg, Fed. Rep. of Germany (CG)
Hamilton, Bermuda
Harare, Zimbabwe (E)
Havana, Cuba (USINT)
Helsinki, Finland (E)
Hermosillo, Mexico (C)
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (CG)
Islamabad, Pakistan (E)
Istanbul, Turkey (CG)
Jakarta, Indonesia (E)
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (CG)
Jerusalem, Jerusalem (CG)
Johannesburg, South Africa (CG)
Kaduna, Nigeria (CG)
Kampala, Uganda (E)
Karachi, Pakistan (CG)
Kathmandu, Nepal (E)
Khartoum, Sudan (E)
Kiev, Ukraine (E)
Kigali, Rwanda (E)
Kingston, Jamaica (E)
Kinshasa, Zaire (E)
Kolonia, Micronesia (E)
Koror, Palau (USLO)
Krakow, Poland (CG
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (E)
Kuwait, Kuwait (E)
Lagos, Nigeria (E)
Lahore, Pakistan (CG)
La Paz, Bolivia (E)
Leipzig, Fed. Rep. of Germany (CG)
Libreville, Gabon (E)
Lilongwe, Malawi (E)
Lima, Peru (E)
Lisbon, Portugal (E)
Ljubljana, Slovenia (E)
Lome, Togo (E)
London, England, U.K. (E)
Luanda, Angola (USLO)
Lusaka, Zambia (E)
Luxembourg, Luxembourg (E)
Madras, India (CG)
Madrid, Spain (E)
Majuro, Marshall Islands (E)
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea (E)
Managua, Nicaragua (E)
Manama, Bahrain (E)
Manila, Philippines (E)
Maputo, Mozambique (E)
Maracaibo, Venezuela (C)
Marseille, France (CG)
Maseru, Lesotho (E)
Matamoros, Mexico (C)
Mbabane, Swaziland (E)
Medan, Indonesia (CG)
Melbourne, Australia (CG)
Merida, Mexico (C)
Mexico City, D.F., Mexico (E)
Milan, Italy (CG)
Minsk, Belarus (E)
Mogadishu, Somalia (E)
Monrovia, Liberia (E)
Monterrey, Mexico (CG)
Montevideo, Uruguay (E)
Montreal, Canada (CG) (ICAO)
Moscow, Russia  (E)
Munich, Fed. Rep. of Germany (CG)
Muscat, Oman (E)
Nagoya, Japan (C)
Naha, Japan (CG)
Nairobi, Kenya (E) (UNEP)
Naples, Italy (CG)
Nassau, Bahamas (E)
N'Djamena, Chad (E)
New Delhi, India (E)
New York, N.Y. (USUN)
Niamey, Niger (E)
Nicosia, Cyprus (E)
Nouakchott, Mauritania (E)
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (C)
Osaka-Kobe, Japan (CG)
Oslo, Norway (E)
Ottawa, Canada (E)
Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso (E)
Panama City, Panama (E)
Paramaribo, Suriname (E)
Paris, France (E) (UNESCO) (USOECD)
Perth, Australia (CG)
Peshawar, Pakistan (C)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia (E)
Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal (C)
Port-au-Prince, Haiti (E)
Port Louis, Mauritius (E)
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (E)
Porto Alegre, Brazil (C)
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (E)
Poznan, Poland (CG)
Prague, Czech Republic (E)
Praia, Cape Verde (E)
Pretoria, South Africa (E)
Pusan, Korea (C)
Quebec, Canada (CG)
Quito, Ecuador (E)
Rabat, Morocco (E)
Rangoon, Burma (E)
Recife, Brazil (C)
Reykjavik, Iceland (E)
Riga, Latvia (E)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (CG)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (E)
Rome, Italy (E) (FODAG)
St. George's, Grenada (E)
St. Johns, Antigua and Barbuda (E)
St. Petersburg, Russia  (CG)
San Jose, Costa Rica (E)
San Salvador, El Salvador (E)
Sanaa, Yemen Arab Rep. (E)
Santiago, Chile (E)
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (E)
Sao Paulo, Brazil (CG)
Sapporo, Japan (CG)
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (E)
Seoul, Korea (E)
Shanghai, China (CG)
Shenyang, China (CG)
Singapore, Singapore (E)
Skopje, Macedonia (former Yug. Rep. of)
Sofia, Bulgaria (E)
Stockholm, Sweden (E)
Strasbourg, France (CG)
Stuttgart, Fed. Rep. of Germany (CG)
Surabaya, Indonesia (CG)
Suva, Fiji (E)
Sydney, Australia (CG)
Tallinn, Estonia (E)
Tashkent, Uzbekistan (E)
Tbilisi, Georgia (E)
Tegucigalpa, Honduras (E)
Tel Aviv, Israel (E)
Thessaloniki, Greece (CG)
Tijuana, Mexico (CG)
Tirane, Albania (E)
Tokyo, Japan (E)
Toronto, Canada (CG)
Tunis, Tunisia (E)
Udorn, Thailand (C)
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (E)
Valletta, Malta (E)
Vancouver, Canada (CG)
Vatican City, The Holy See (E)
Victoria, Seychelles (E)
Vienna, Austria (E) (UNVIE)
Vientiane, Laos (E)
Vilnius, Lithuania (E)
Vladivostok, Russia (CG)
Warsaw, Poland (E)
Washington, D.C. (USOAS)
Wellington, New Zealand (E)
Windhoek, Namibia (E)
Yaounde, Cameroon (E)
Yerevan, Armenia (E)
Zagreb, Croatia (E)
Zurich, Switzerland (CG)


ACM-- Assistant Chief of Mission
ADM-- Administrative Section
ADV-- Adviser
AGR-- Agricultural Section -- (USDA/FAS)
AID-- Agency for International Development
ALT-- Alternate
AMB-- Ambassador
AMB  SEC-- Ambassador's Secretary
APHIS-- Animal and Plant Health Inspection  Service  Officer
APO-- Army Post Office
ATO-- Agricultural Trade Office (USDA/FAS)
BCAO-- Branch Cultural Affairs Officer (USIS)
Bg-- Brigadier General
BIB-- Board for  International Broadcasting
BO-- Branch Office (of Embassy)
BOB/EUR-- Board of Broadcasting, European Office
BPAO-- Branch Public Affairs Officer (USIS)
B.P.-- Boite Postale
C-- Consulate
CA-- Consular Agency/Agent
CAO-- Cultural Affairs Officer (USIS)
Capt-- Captain (USN)
CDC-- Centers for Disease Control
Cdr-- Commander
CEO-- Cultural Exchange Officer (USIS)
CG-- Consul General, Consulate General
CG SEC-- Consul General's Secretary
CHG-- Charge d'Affaires
CINCAFSOUTH-- Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Southern 
CINCEUR-- Commander-in-Chief U.S. European Command
CINCUSAFE-- Commander-in-Chief U.S. -- Air Forces Europe
CINCUSAREUR-- Commander-in-Chief U.S. Army Europe
Col-- Colonel
CM-- Chief of Mission
COM-- Commercial Section (FCS)
CON-- Consul, Consular Section
COUNS-- Counselor
C.P.-- Caixa Postal
CPO-- Communications Program Officer
CUS-- Customs Service (Treasury)
DAC-- Development Assistance Committee
DCM-- Deputy Chief of Mission
DEA-- Drug Enforcement Agency
DEP-- Deputy
DEP DIR-- Deputy Director
DIR-- Director
DOE-- Department of Energy
DPAO-- Deputy Public Affairs Officer (USIS)
DPO-- Deputy Principal Officer
DSA-- Defense Supply Adviser
E-- Embassy
ECO-- Economic Section
ECO/COM-- Economic/Commercial Section
EDO-- Export Development Officer
ERDA-- Energy Research and Development Administration
EST-- Environment, Science, and Technology
EX-IM-- Export-Import
FAA-- Federal Aviation Administration
FIC/JSC-- Finance Committee and Joint Support Committee
FIN -- Financial Attache (Treasury)
FODAG-- Food and Agriculture Organizations
FPO-- Fleet Post Office
IAEA-- International Atomic Energy Agency
IAGS-- Inter-American Geodetic Survey
ICAO-- International Civil Aviation Organization
IMO-- Information Management Officer
IO-- Information Officer (USIS)
IRM-- International Resources Management
IRS-- Internal Revenue Service
ISM-- Information Systems Manager
JUS/CIV-- Department of Justice, Civil Division
JUSMAG-- Joint US Military Advisory Group
LAB-- Labor Officer
LO-- Liaison Officer
Ltc-- Lieutenant Colonel
LEGAT-- Legal Attache
M-- Mission
Mg-- Major General
MAAG-- Military Assistance Advisory Group
MILGP-- Military Group
MSG-- Marine Security Guard
MIN-- Minister
MLO-- Military Liaison Office
MNL-- Minerals Officer
NARC-- Narcotics
NATO-- North Atlantic Treaty  Organization
NAU-- Narcotics Assistance Unit
OAS-- Organization of American States
ODA-- Office of the Defense Attache
ODC-- Office of Defense Cooperation
OIC-- Officer in Charge
OMC-- Office of Military Cooperation
PAO-- Public Affairs Officer (USIS)
PO-- Principal Officer
PO SEC-- Principal Officer's Secretary
POL-- Political Section
POL/LAB-- Political and Labor Section
POLAD-- Political Adviser
POL/ECO-- Political/Economic Section
Radm-- Rear Admiral
REDSO-- Regional Economic Development Services Office
REF-- Refugee Coordinator
REP-- Representative
RES-- Resources
RHUDO-- Regional Housing and Urban Development Office
ROCAP-- Regional Officer for Central American Programs
RPSO-- Regional Procurement and Support Office
RSO-- Regional Security Officer
SAO-- Security Assistance Office
SCI-- Scientific Attache
SEC DEL-- Secretary of Delgation
SHAPE-- Supreme Headquarters  Allied Powers Europe
SLG-- State and Local Government
SR-- Senior
STC-- Security Trade Control
UNEP-- United Nations Environment Program
UNESCO-- United Nations Educational,  Scientific, and 
Cultural Organizations
UNIDO-- United Nations Industrial Development Organization
USA-- United States Army
USAF-- United States Air Force
USDA/APHIS-- Animal and Plant Health Inspection  Service
USEC-- US Mission to European Communities
USGS-- US Geological Survey
USINT-- United States Interests Section
USIS-- United States Information Service
USLO-- United States Liaison Office
USMC-- United States Marine Corps
USMTM-- US Military Training Mission
USN-- United States Navy
USNATO-- US Mission to the North  Atlantic Treaty 
USOAS-- US Mission to the Organization of American States
USOECD-- US Mission to the Organization for Economic 
Cooperation and Development
USTTA-- US Travel and Tourism Agent
USUN-- US Mission to the United Nations
VC-- Vice Consul
VOA-- Voice of America


In conjunction with the U.S. Postal Service's new system of 
9-digit ZIP Codes, the Department of State has assigned a 
unique 4-digit number to each Foreign Service post.  All 
mail sent through the Department's pouch system (for posts 
without APO/FPO addresses) should add the 4-digit number to 
the current ZIP Code 20521.  For example, the new ZIP Code 
for  Abidjan  would be 20521-2010; for Abu Dhabi, 20521-
6010.  Refer to the following list for each Foreign Service 
post's unique number.

Abidjan-- 2010
Abu Dhabi-- 6010
Accra-- 2020
Adana-- 5020
Addis Ababa-- 2030
Algiers-- 6030
Almaty-- 7030
Amman-- 6050
Amsterdam-- 5780
Ankara-- 7000
Antananarivo-- 2040
Apia-- 4400
Ashgabat-- 7070
Asmara-- 7170
Asuncion-- 3020
Athens-- 7100
Auckland-- 4370
Baghdad-- 6060
Baku-- 7050
Bamako-- 2050
Bandar Seri Begawan-- 4020
Bangkok-- 7200
Bangui-- 2060
Banjul-- 2070
Barcelona-- 5400
Barranquilla-- 3040
Beijing-- 7300
Beirut-- 6070
Belfast-- 5360
Belgrade-- 1310
Belize-- 3050
Berlin-- 5090
Bern-- 5110
Bilbao-- 5410
Bishkek-- 7040
Bissau-- 2080
Bogota-- 3030
Bombay-- 6240
Bonn-- 7400
Bordeaux-- 5580
Brasilia-- 7500
Bratislava-- 5840
Brazzaville-- 2090
Bridgetown-- 3120
Brisbane-- 4130
Brussels (USNATO-M)-- 5230
Brussels (E)-- 7600
Bucharest-- 1315
Budapest-- 1320
Buenos Aires-- 3130
Bujumbura-- 2100
Cairo-- 7700
Calcutta-- 6250
Calgary-- 5490
Canberra-- 7800
Cape Town-- 2480
Caracas-- 3140
Casablanca-- 6280
Cebu-- 4230
Chengdu-- 4080
Chiang Mai-- 4040
Chisinau-- 7080
Ciudad Juarez-- 3270
Cluj-Napoca-- 1315
Colombo-- 6100
Conakry-- 2110
Copenhagen-- 5280
Cotonou-- 2120
Curacao-- 3160
Dakar-- 2130
Damascus-- 6110
Dar Es Salaam-- 2140
Dhahran-- 6310
Dhaka-- 6120
Djibouti-- 2150
Doha-- 6130
Dubai-- 6020
Dublin-- 5290
Durban-- 2490
Dushanbe-- 7090
Edinburgh-- 5370
Florence-- 5670
Frankfurt-- 0115
Freetown-- 2160
Fukuoka-- 4310
Gaborone-- 2170
Geneva (M)-- 5120
Georgetown-- 3170
Guadalajara-- 3280
Guangzhou-- 4090
Guatemala City-- 3190
Guayaquil-- 3430
The Hague-- 5770
Halifax-- 5500
Hamburg-- 5180
Hamilton-- 5300
Harare-- 2180
Havana-- 3200
Helsinki-- 5310
Hermosillo-- 3290
Hong Kong-- 8000
Islamabad-- 8100
Istanbul-- 5030
Jakarta-- 8200
Jeddah-- 6320
Jerusalem-- 6350
Johannesburg-- 2500
Kaduna-- 2260
Kampala-- 2190
Karachi-- 6150
Kathmandu-- 6190
Khartoum-- 2200
Kiev-- 5850
Kigali-- 2210
Kingston-- 3210
Kinshasa-- 2220
Kolonia.-- 4120
Koror-- 4260
Krakow-- 5140
Kuala Lumpur-- 4210
Kuwait-- 6200
Lagos-- 8300
Lahore-- 6160
La Paz-- 3220
Leipzig-- 5860
Libreville-- 2270
Lilongwe-- 2280
Lima-- 3230
Lisbon-- 5320
Ljubljana-- 7140
Lome-- 2300
London-- 8400
Luanda-- 2550
Lusaka-- 2310
Luxembourg-- 5380
Madras-- 6260
Madrid-- 8500
Majuro-- 4380  
Malabo-- 2320
Managua-- 3240
Manama-- 6210
Manila-- 8600
Maputo-- 2330
Maracaibo-- 3150
Marseille-- 5600
Maseru-- 2340
Matamoros-- 3300
Mbabane-- 2350
Medan-- 4190
Melbourne-- 4140
Merida-- 3320
Mexico City-- 8700
Milan-- 5690
Minsk-- 7010
Mogadishu-- 4105
Monrovia-- 8800
Monterrey-- 3330
Montevideo-- 3360
Montreal-- 5510
Moscow-- 5430
Munich-- 5190
Muscat-- 6220
Naha-- 4320
Nairobi-- 8900
Naples-- 5700
Nassau-- 3370
N'Djamena-- 2410
New Delhi-- 9000
Niamey-- 2420
Nicosia-- 5450
Nouakchott-- 2430
Nuevo Laredo-- 3340
Osaka-Kobe-- 4330
Oslo-- 5460
Ottawa-- 5480
Ouagadougou-- 2440
Panama City-- 9100
Paramaribo-- 3390
Paris-- 9200
Perth-- 4160
Peshawar-- 6170
Phnom  Penh -- 4540
Ponta Delgada-- 5340
Port-au-Prince-- 3400
Port Louis-- 2450
Port Moresby-- 4240
Porto Alegre-- 3070
Port-of-Spain-- 3410
Poznan-- 5050
Prague-- 1330
Praia-- 2460
Pretoria-- 9300
Pusan-- 4270
Quebec-- 5520
Quito-- 3420
Rabat-- 9400
Rangoon-- 4250
Recife-- 3080
Reykjavik-- 5640
Riga-- 4520
Rio de Janeiro-- 3090
Riyadh-- 6300
Rome-- 9500
St. George's-- 3180
St. Johns-- 3010
St. Petersburg-- 5440
San Jose-- 3440
San Salvador-- 3450
Sanaa-- 6330
Santiago-- 3460
Santo Domingo-- 3470
Sao Paulo-- 3110
Sapporo-- 4340
Sarajevo-- 7130
Seoul-- 9600
Shanghai-- 4100
Shenyang-- 4110
Singapore-- 4280
Sofia-- 1335
Stockholm-- 5750
Strasbourg-- 5620
Stuttgart-- 5200
Surabaya-- 4200
Suva-- 4290
Sydney-- 4150
Tallinn-- 4530
Tashkent-- 7110
Tbilisi-- 7060
Tegucigalpa-- 3480
Tel Aviv-- 9700
Thessaloniki-- 5060
Tijuana-- 3350
Tirana-- 9510
Tokyo-- 9800
Toronto-- 5530
Tunis-- 6360
Udorn-- 4060
Ulaanbaatar -- 4410
Valletta-- 5800
Vancouver-- 5540
Vatican City-- 5660
Victoria-- 2510
Vienna-- 9900
Vientiane-- 4350
Vilnius-- 4510
Vladivostok-- 5880
Warsaw-- 1340
Wellington-- 4360
Windhoek-- 2540
Yaounde-- 2520
Yerevan-- 7020
Zagreb-- 1345
Zurich-- 5130


Below is the procedure for telephoning a Foreign Service 
post.  American Embassy Canberra is used as an example.
Calling From a U.S. Government Agency:

Dial 9 + international access code + country code + city 
code + local number

Ex:  9 + 011 + [61] + (6) + 2705000

Dial international access code + country code + city code + 
local number

Ex:  011 + [61] + (6) + 2705000

NOTE:  Some international calls will require operator 
assistance because the country is not an international dial 
country.  The telephone listing for these countries will not 
be preceded by a country code and city code (always shown in 
brackets and parentheses).

-- Calls to certain points outside the continental U.S. can 
be dialed in the same manner as long distance.  Simply dial 
the area code or country code and the local number.  For 
these locations, no city code will appear with the telephone 

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