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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

State of Residency: Virginia
Appointment: Sep 26, 1789
Entry on Duty: Mar 22, 1790
Termination of Appointment: Dec 31, 1793
Presidency: Washington

As Secretary of State:

Foreign Travels:

Born: April 13, 1743
Died: July 4, 1826
Married: Martha (Wayles) Skelton
Education: College of William and Mary
Occupation: Lawyer

Government Positions: 

Notable Events

  • Engaged in literary, architectural, scientific, and agricultural pursuits

  • Participated in the founding and served as rector of the University of Virginia

  • After the burning of Washington in the War of 1812, Jefferson sold his extensive library to the government to  form the Library of Congress

  • In his retirement he wrote Notes on the State of Virginia, a scientific compilation that mirrored his philosophic  views

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