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Jeremiah Black

Jeremiah Sullivan Black

State of Residency: Pennsylvania
Appointment: Dec 17, 1860
Entry on Duty: Dec 17, 1860
Termination of Appointment: Mar 5, 1861
Presidency: Buchanan

As Secretary of State:

Foreign Travels:

Born: January 10, 1810
Died: August 19, 1883
Married: Mary Forward
Education: attended public schools
Occupation: Lawyer

Government Positions: 

Notable Events:

  • Prepared Black's Report's, in two volumes

  • Practiced law with outstanding success

  • Engaged in controversial writing

  • Was counsel for William Belknap in his impeachment trial in 1876 and for Samuel J. Tilden before the   Electoral Commission in 1877

  • Previous Secretary of State: Lewis Cass
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