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James Addison Baker

State of Residency: Texas
Appointment: Jan 25, 1989
Entry on Duty: Jan 25, 1989
Termination of Appointment: Aug 23, 1992
Presidency: Bush

As Secretary of State

Foreign Travels of Secretary of State James Baker

Born: April 28, 1930
Married: Mary McHenry Baker (died); Susan Garrett Winston
Education: Princeton University; University of Texas at Austin
Occupation: Lawyer

Government Positions

Notable Events

  • Switched from Democrat to Republican

  • Campaign manager for Ford, Reagan, and Bush

  • Unsuccessfully ran for attorney general of Texas in 1978, his only bid for elective office

  • Oversaw the Florida recount, representing Governor George W. Bush as chief legal advisor in the Presidential election of 2000

  • Previous Secretary of State: George Shultz
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