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Dean Rusk

Dean David Rusk

State of Residency: New York
Appointment: Jan 21, 1961
Entry on Duty: Jan 21, 1961
Termination of Appointment: Jan 20, 1969
Presidency: Kennedy/Johnson

As Secretary of State

Foreign Travels of Secretary of State Dean Rusk

Foreign Relations of the United States:
1961-1963 (vol. 1-24), 1964-1968 (vol. 1-34)

FRUS online 1961-1968

Born: February 9, 1909
Died: December 20, 1994
Married: Virginia Foisie
Education: Davidson College; Oxford University
Occupation: Public Official

Government Positions

Notable Events

  • On the faculty of Mills College, Oakland, California and appointed Dean of Faculty from 1934-1940

  • President of the Rockefeller Foundation

  • Professor of International law at the University of Georgia

  • Previous Secretary of State: Christian Herter
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