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December 1994:  Treaty Actions
Office of the Legal Advisor

Treaty Actions

Convention on the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral
awards.  Done at New York June 10, 1958.  Entered into force June 7,
1959; for the U.S. Dec. 29, 1970.  TIAS 6997; 21 UST 2517.
Accession:  Mali, Sept. 8, 1994.

Chemical Weapons
Convention on the prohibition of the development,
production,stockpiling, and use of chemical weapons and on their
destruction, with annexes.  Done at Paris Jan. 13, 19931.  [Senate]
Treaty Doc. 103-21.
Ratifications:  Australia, May 6, 1994; Bulgaria, Aug. 10, 1994; Cook
Islands, July 15, 1994; Germany, Aug. 12, 1994; Maldives, May 31, 1994;
Mexico, Aug. 29, 1994; Sri Lanka, Aug. 19, 1994.

International convention for the protection of new varieties of plants
of Dec. 2, 1961, as revised.  Done at Geneva Oct. 23, 1978.  Entered
into force Nov. 8, 1981.  TIAS 10199; 33 UST 2703.
Accession:  Uruguay, Oct. 13, 1994.

Patent cooperation treaty, with regulations.  Done at Washington June
19, 1970.  Entered into force Jan. 24, 1978.  TIAS 8733; 28 UST 7645.
Accession:  Uganda, Nov. 9, 1994.

Convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization. 
Done at Stockholm July 14, 1967.  Entered into force Apr. 26, 1970; for
the U.S. Aug. 25, 1970.  TIAS 6932; 21 UST 1749.
Accession:  Lao People's Democratic Republic, Oct. 17, 1994.


Project grant agreement for the Agrobased Industries and Technology
Development Project (ATDP).  Signed at Dhaka Sept. 28, 1994.    Entered
into force Sept. 28, 1994.

Economic, technical, and related assistance agreement.  Signed at Phnom
Penh Oct. 25, 1994.  Entered into force Oct. 25, 1994.

International express mail agreement, with detailed regulations. 
Signed at Phnom Penh and Washington Apr. 27 and Oct. 28, 1994.  Enters
into force Jan. 1, 1995.

Memorandum of understanding concerning scientific and technical
cooperation in the earth sciences, with annexes.  Signed at Reston and
Cairo Aug. 26 and Sept. 26, 1994.  Entered into force Sept. 26, 1994. 

Agreement on cooperation in research in the geosciences, with annex. 
Signed at Bonn Mar. 7, 1994.  Entered into force Mar. 7, 1994.

Agreement on intellectual property, with protocol and exchanges of
letters.  Signed at Washington Sept. 24, 1993.  Entered into force Nov.
9, 1994.

Convention with respect to taxes on income.  Signed at Washington Nov.
20, 1975.

Protocol amending the convention with respect to taxes on income signed
at Washington on Nov. 20, 1975, with exchanges of notes.  Signed at
Washington May 30, 1989. 

Second protocol amending the convention with respect to taxes on income
of Nov. 20, 1975, as amended, with exchange of notes.  Signed at
Jerusalem Jan. 26, 1993.  Entered into force Dec. 30, 1994.

Agreement regarding the reduction of certain debts related to foreign
assistance owed to the Government of the United States, with annexes. 
Signed at Amman Sept. 29, 1994.  Entered into force Sept. 29, 1994.

Russian Federation
Agreement regarding the consolidation and rescheduling of certain debts
owed to or guaranteed by the United States Government, with annexes. 
Signed at Moscow Oct. 25, 1994.  Enters into force following signature
and receipt by Russian Federation of written notice from U.S. that all
necessary U.S. domestic legal requirements have been fulfilled. 

Agreement relating to the employment of dependents of official
government employees.  Effected by exchange of notes at Washington Nov.
21, 1994.  Entered into force Nov. 21, 1994.

1  Not in force.

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