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Listen to National Anthems
United States Hear the United States' anthem
Canada Hear Canada's anthem
France Hear France's anthem
Germany Hear Germany's anthem
Italy Hear Italy's anthem
Japan Hear Japan's anthem
Russia Hear Russia's anthem
United Kingdom Hear the United Kingdom's anthem

How to say "Hello"
Country Word Pronounced
Canada Hello/Bonjour Boh(n)-zhur
France Bonjour Boh(n)-zhur
Germany Guten Tag Goo-ten-Taug
Italy Buon Giorno Bon-jior-no
Japan Konnichi wa Kohn-nee-chee-wa
Russia Zdrastvuite Zdra stvooy tyeh
United Kingdom Hello  

How to say "Thank You"
Country Word Pronounced
Canada Thank you/Merci beaucoup Mair-SEE-bo-coo
France Merci beaucoup Mair-SEE-bo-coo
Germany Danke schoen Dahn keh shane
Italy Grazie GRAT-zee-eh
Japan Arigato Ah-ri-ga-to-oh
Russia Spasibo Spahseebah
United Kingdom Thank you  

How to say "Yes"
Country Word Pronounced
Canada Yes/Oui Wee
France Oui Wee
Germany Ja Yaah
Italy Si See
Japan Hai High
Russia Da Da
United Kingdom Yes  
How to say "Good-Bye"
Country Word Pronounced
Canada Good-bye/Au revoir Oh-reh-vwa
France Au revoir Oh-reh-vwa
Germany Auf Wiedersehen Owf vee dare zane
Italy Arrivederci a-ree-veh-DARE-chi
Japan Sayonara Sigh oh na ra
Russia Do svidaniia Dos vi danya
United Kingdom Good-bye  

How to say "Please"
Country Word Pronounced
Canada Please/Sil vous plait Seal vuh play
France Sil vous plait Seal vuh play
Germany Bitte Bit uh
Italy Per favore Per fa-VOAR-ay
Japan Kudasai Ku-da-sigh
Russia Pozhalaista Pozhalsta
United Kingdom Please  

How to say "No"
Country Word Pronounced
Canada No/Non Nah(n)
France Non Nah(n)
Germany Nein Nine
Italy No No
Japan Iie ee-eh
Russia Nyet nyet
United Kingdom No  
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