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What is a Sherpa? The role of the sherpa at the g8 summit

Each year, the leaders of the Group of Eight, or G8, gather informally at the annual Summit meeting.

Personal representatives of the G8 leaders, commonly referred to as "Sherpas," meet throughout the year to prepare for the Summit. Sherpa, a Nepali expert mountain guide, assists climbers in ascending Himalayan summits and are essential in ensuring a successful ascent to the top of the mountain. In a similar fashion, the G8 Sherpas guide the leaders by representing their leaders in negotiations that lead up to the Summit.

The leaders' discussions at the Summit highlight priority issues of the day. Most recently, the G8 leaders have focused on economic growth and development, non-proliferation, counter-terrorism, debt relief in developing countries and efforts to combat infectious diseases. Following each Summit, the Sherpas continue to meet to ensure that commitments made at the annual Summit are implemented

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