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Security planning for the Sea Island Summit 2004 is well underway. The United States Secret Service, the lead law enforcement agency for the Summit, is in the process of developing the security plan by relying on a core strategy of forming partnerships with all the participating law enforcement, public safety, and event officials. Its goal is to implement, with the numerous participating entities, a seamless security plan that will create a safe and secure environment for visiting dignitaries, event participants, and the general public of the greater Sea Island area.

The Sea Island Summit has been designated a National Special Security Event (NSSE). When an event is designated as a NSSE, the United States Secret Service assumes its mandated role as the lead agency responsible for security design, planning, and implementation. Since 1999, the Secret Service has led security operations at 14 NSSEs. In addition to the Sea Island Summit, both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions have been designated NSSEs in 2004.

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