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•Press Releases
06/10/04: Governor Perdue Greets African Delegation
06/09/04: Georgia's Business Environment Empowers Success
06/08/04: DaimlerChrysler GEM Electric Vehicles Briefing Advisory
06/08/04: Governor Perdue Greets Prime Minister of Canada
06/08/04: Background Briefings by Assistant Press Secretary Jiro Okuyama, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
06/08/04: NOAA Media Briefing at G8 Economic Summit
06/08/04: Canadian Briefing Schedule
06/06/04: Sea Island Summit Sherpas to use Tablet PCs
06/06/04: Daily briefing of day's events
06/06/04: United States Government G8 Briefings
06/06/04: G8 International Media Center
06/05/04: Detailed Information about the Upcoming Sea Island Summit
06/04/04: President Ghazi Ajil al-Yawer of the Iraqi Interim Government to Attend the G8 Summit in Sea Island
06/04/04: U.S. Officials Available for Interviews During the G8 Summit
06/02/04: President Bush Thanks Georgia Coast In Radio Message
06/01/04: G8 Leaders to Drive GEM Cars at Sea Island Summit
05/28/04: Department of Homeland Security Implements Information Exchange System for G8
05/27/04: Governor Perdue Announces Names of G8 Sea Turtles
05/26/04: President Bush Invites Turkey to G8 Summit as Democratic Partner
05/24/04: President Bush Invites Leaders from the Greater Middle East to the G8
05/18/04: President Bush Invites Leaders of Six African Countries to Meet with G8
05/04/04: Summit Table Nearly Complete
05/03/04: G8 Summit Volunteers Begin Training
04/22/04: **PDF** Security Planning Underway for Sea Island Summit
04/16/04: School Children to Welcome G8 Leaders
02/02/04: Leader Vehicles for G8 Summit Unveiled
12/17/03: Media Advisory Domestic Press Credentialing Process
12/17/03: Media Advisory International Press Credentialing Process
10/03/03: Cooper Named Chairman of G8 Summit Host Committee
07/22/03: Governor Perdue Announces G-8 Working Group
07/15/03: Statement by the White House
07/14/03: Statement by Governor Perdue
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