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How can students get involved?
The G8 Host Committee is organizing an art submission project. The purpose of this project is to have students help welcome the G8 Leaders to Georgia.

What are the guidelines?
Students will draw a picture on one side of a note card and on the other side write a message welcoming the G8 Leaders to Georgia. The note card should be a 4x6 card. Art must be hand drawn and not computer generated. Any medium may be used (marker, paint, crayon, fabric, etc.)

What will be done with the art?
Once the art has been received by the G8 Host Committee, students from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) will help create a display of the cards. The cards will be on display at the arrival ceremonies of each leader. Art will also be exhibited throughout the Cloister on Sea Island.

Where do the cards need to be sent?
G8 Host Committee
P.O. Box 94333
Atlanta, GA 30377

When are the cards due?
To be included in the display, cards must be in the mail and postmarked by May 3, 2004.

Please note that the art will NOT be returned to the students.

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