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Department of Homeland Security Implements Information Exchange System for G8 Summit Events

For Immediate Release
Press Office
Contact: 202-282-8010
May 28, 2004

Fact Sheet: Homeland Security Agencies Protect National Special Security Events

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as part of its Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) initiative, announced today the implementation of its internet-based counterterrorism communications system for use by homeland security officials, state and local leadership, and first responders during the G8 Summit events at Sea Island, Georgia.  The system will also be implemented for other upcoming National Security Special Events as well as in connecting states, territories, Washington, D.C., and 50 major urban areas to strengthen the exchange of information.  

"The Homeland is more secure when each hometown is more secure," said Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge. "The better we share information between the federal government and our state and local partners, the more quickly we are able to implement security measures where necessary."

The HSIN initiative is supported by the Joint Regional Information Exchange System (JRIES) that was originally developed by state and local authorities in partnership with the federal government.  This system allows all states and major urban areas to collect and disseminate information between federal, state, and local agencies involved in combating terrorism.  The network is a secure 24/7 real-time collaborative tool that has interactive connectivity with the Department's Homeland Security Operations Center. This secure system significantly strengthens the exchange of real-time threat information at the Sensitive-but-Unclassified (SBU) level to all users.

"We believe that the use of this system is critical in providing a more secure environment for not only the G8 Summit but for other upcoming special events nationally," said Under Secretary Asa Hutchinson, Border and Transportation Security, Department of Homeland Security.  

Homeland Security Information Network participants using the JRIES system to create a more secure environment for the G8 Summit events were provided software licenses, technology, and training to participate in the implementation and use of JRIES for information sharing and situational awareness during this special timeframe.  Under the leadership of state and local homeland security advisors, this special implementation of the system provides unique access for a variety of users, including federal, state and local law enforcement, U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard, State Emergency Operations Centers, first responders and others.  Future program implementation will include the county level, communication at the classified SECRET level, and the involvement of the private sector.  

HSIN's Joint Regional Information Exchange System is a counterterrorism communications initiative founded and managed in conjunction with state and local governments, counterterrorism authorities, and law enforcement agencies.  At the request of state and local partners, this platform has been adopted by Homeland Security as the system of choice for information sharing.


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