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For Immediate Release

Contact: Evan Keefer

Monday, April 16, 2004

School Children to Welcome G8 Leaders

Savannah - Third graders from several area schools will be on hand to welcome G8 leaders when they arrive at Georgia for the Sea Island Summit on June 8. Students from seven different coastal Georgia schools will attend the arrival ceremonies for the leaders of the G8 nations.

“Each group of third graders is assigned to greet a specific leader,” said Barry Bennett, Communications Director for the Sea Island Summit. “This is a great opportunity to extend a warm Georgia welcome to each of the leaders, and at the same time give the children a chance to learn about the countries in a personal way.”

The arrival of each leader will be marked by a formal Head of State arrival ceremony. The Sea Island Summit Planning Organization is carefully coordinating the arrival schedules, according to official protocol order of the G8 Summit. Members of the press will also be present to cover the arrivals.

Each leader will be welcomed by school children from one of the invited schools.

“We’re very excited the children are taking the time to help make it a memorable welcome for the leaders,” Bennett said. “The school children exemplify the hospitality and warmth we are looking for to set the stage for the Summit.”

Schools participating in the arrival ceremonies are:

Georgetown Elementary School (Savannah)
Welcoming: Prime Minister Tony Blair, United Kingdom

Windsor Forest Elementary School (Savannah)
Welcoming: President Jacques Chirac, France

White Bluff Elementary School (Savannah)

Welcoming: President Vladimir Putin, Russia

St. Simons Elementary School
Welcoming: Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Italy

Glyndale Elementary School (Brunswick)
Welcoming: Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, Germany

Satilla Marsh Elementary School (Brunswick)
Welcoming: Prime Minister Paul Martin, Canada

C.B. Greer Elementary School (Brunswick)
Welcoming: Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, Japan

Schools were selected by the Education Program Working Group, a collection of individuals currently involved in education initiatives in the state of Georgia. Members of the working group include teachers, non profit education organizations, curriculum coordinators and school system employees.

The Sea Island Summit will be held on Sea Island June 8-10.

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