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Tourism Statistics FARQ

Sample Questions That Can Be Answered Using This FARQ

  • How many international tourists came to the U.S. in 1998?
  • Where can I find statistics on tourism to Jamaica?

Thanks for your question regarding tourism statistics. The following Web sites may be useful to you:

Bureau of Transportation Statistics: American Travel Survey

International Trade Administration: Tourism Industries

Assistant Secretary Mary A. Ryan: Statement, February 10, 2000
(includes some tourism data for 1998)

Consular Bureau: Visa Statistics

Consular Bureau: Passport Statistics

Through our service as a U.S. Federal Depository Library, we can also refer you to the following nongovernmental source(s) of information. Note that none of these sources are officially endorsed by the State Department nor do they represent official U.S. foreign or domestic policy.

For links to tourism boards in different countries, see:

Governments on the WWW: Institutions in the area of Tourism

You may also wish to visit your local library for additional statistics and information available in books or journal articles, such as articles in business journals or trade journals for tourism. Your local librarian can show you how to search for articles by subject using article indexes and databases. You can find your local libraries listed here:

Find Your Local Libraries Worldwide

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