DOSFAN Electronic Research Collection

Frequently Asked Reference Questions (FARQs)

The following is a list of standard answers to questions we've received more than once.

SubjectTypes of Questions this FARQ Can Answer
Adoption Where can I find out about international adoption?
Ambassadors Can you give me a biography of a former ambassador?
Animals Can I take my dog with me to the Philippines?
Background Notes When will the Country Background Notes be updated?
Birth Certificate How can I get a copy of my foreign birth certificate?
Briefings Where can I find the text of last Friday's press briefing?
BusinessWhere can I find business information?
CareersHow do I find out about jobs and careers at the State Department?
Chart/MissionWhere is the organizational chart for the State Department?
CitationsHow do I cite your Web page in my report?
Citizenship and Dual CitizenshipIf my parents are Swedish but I was born in America, do I hold dual citizenship?
Civil Rights ComplaintHow do I complain about a violation of my civil rights?
CountriesHow do I find statistics for Peru?
Economic and Trade ReportsWhere can I find the 1990 copy of this report?
EducationHow can I get scholarships and study at a U.S. university?
E-mailHow can I e-mail an embassy or State Dept. employee?
EmbargoesWhat countries or products are embargoed?
EmbassiesHow do I e-mail the U.S. Embassy in Russia or the Russian embassy in the U.S.?
EmployeesHow do I find contact info for State Department employees?
FOIAWhere can I find older declassified documents on the Web?
Foreign AidHow much in foreign aid did the U.S. send to Africa in 1998?
Foreign Service ExamWhere can I get the latest information about the upcoming Foreign Service Exam?
GenealogyHow can I find information about my immigrant grandmother?
Great SealCan I use the Great Seal on my homepage?
Human Rights ReportsWhere can I find Human Rights Reports from 1991?
ImmigrationHow can I apply for immigration or naturalization?
Immigration StatisticsHow many Romanian immigrants came to the U.S. last year?
InternshipsHow can I apply for an internship at the State Department?
International Religious Freedom RptsWhy do I get gibberish when I look at IRF files?
Key Officers ListWhen will the Key Officers List be updated?
LibraryHow do I find print publications on my topic?
LinkingMay I have permission to link to the State Department Web site?
ListservsHow do I subscribe to a State Department listserv?
Military How can I locate a former service person?
Narcotics Reports Where can I find older Narcotics Reports?
NARA How can I get old State Department records from 1920?
Passports How do I find out about getting a passport?
Per Diems Please explain housing per diems in Romania.
Policy Where can I find current and historic State Department policy information?
Protocol What is the protocol for playing national anthems or raising flags?
Reports When will the next Human Rights Report be available?
Sales Please contact me about buying my product.
Secretaries of U.S. States Where can I find business forms or services from the State of Illinois?
State DepartmentWhere is the can I learn more about the State Department bureaus and mission?
State Department ReorganizationWhere is ACDA and what happened to USIA?
State Department ScholarshipsWhere can I find scholarships and student opportunities at the State Department?
Taxes I'm in Germany; how can I file my U.S. taxes?
Teaching Overseas How can I get a job teaching in overseas schools?
Technical Problems I can't access the Web site; what's wrong?
Tourism Statistics Where can I find numbers on Japanese tourists visiting the U.S.?
Travel Advisories Is it safe to travel to Tanzania?
Traveler's Aid I'm in Kenya and need help. What can I do?
Treaties Where can I find the text of this treaty?
United States Where can I find information about the USA?
Visas for Foreign Citizens How do I find out about getting a visa to the U.S.?
Visas for Americans Do I need a visa to travel to Japan?
Visa Services E-mail How can I ask my visa question by e-mail?
Visa Categories Where can I find a list of visa categories?
Visa Denials Is there anything I can do after my visa application has been denied?
Visa Lottery How can I apply for the Visa/Green Card lottery?

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