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Bolivia: A Methodology for Emissions Inventory and Vulnerability
and Adaptation Assessment
--  Bolivia Country Study Project Team

Central America: Vulnerability Assessment to Climate Change for
the Water, Coastal,and Agricultural Resources    
--  Central America Country Studies Project Team

China: Studies Addressing Global Climate Change
--  Guo Yuan, Institute of Nuclear Technology, Tsinghua University,
    Beijing, P.R. China
--  Lin Erda, Agrometeorology Institute, Chinese Academy of
    Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, P.R. China
--  Liu Zhiping, Energy Research Institute, State Planning Commission
    and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P.R. China

The Czech Republic: Preliminary Results of Country Study on
Climate Change
--  RNDr. Bedrich Moldan et al., National Climate Program of the
    Czech Republic


Egypt: Inventory and Mitigation Options, and Vulnerability and
Adaptation Assessment
--  Dr. Mohamed El-Raey, Dean, Institute of Graduate Studies &
    Research, Alexandria University
--  Dr. Dia H.El-Quosy, Director, Water Management Research
    Institute, National Water Research Center
--  Dr. Mahmoud El-Shaer, Professor & Head of Agron. Dept., Cairo
--  Dr. Osama A.El Kholy, Senior Advisor, Egyptian Environmental
    Affairs Agency (Project Manager)
--  Eng. Ayat Soliman, Assistant to Project Manager, Egyptian
    Environmental Affairs Agency

Estonia: Greenhouse Gas Emissions
--  J.M. Punning, M. Mandre, M. Ilomets, A. Karindi, Institute of
    Ecology, Estonian Academy of Sciences
--  A. Martins, Institute of Energy Research, Estonian Academy of
--  H. Roostalu, Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry,
    Estonian Agricultural University

Ethiopia: Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sources
--  Asress Wolde Giorgis, Ethiopian Energy Authority


Kazakhstan: Overall Approaches and Preliminary Results from
Country Study  
--  Sergei Kavalerchik, Asya Fisher, Main Administration for
    Hydrometeorology at the Cabinet of Ministry of the 
    Republic of Kazakhstan
--  Vsevolod Golubtsov, Edward Monocrovich, Olga Pilifosova, Irene
    Yeserkepova, Paishan Kozhahmetov, Lubov Lebed, Olga Glumova, Ivan
    Skotselyas, Valery Lee, Svetlana Dolgih, Zoja Korneeva, Svetlana
    Mizina, Dmitriy Danchuk, Kazakh Scientific-Research
    Hydrometeorological Institute 
--  Ervin Gossen, Alexei Startsev, Academy of Agricultural Sciences
--  Maria Amirhanova, State Statistical Committee
--  Nina Inosemtseva, Georgy Papafanasopulo, Ministry of Energy and
    Fuel Resources
--  Boris Akimov, Valentin Matveev, Ministry of Industry
    Vladimir Medvedev, Alshin Ahmedzhanov, Ministry of the Environment

Malawi: Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Assessment of Climate Change
--  Francis X. Mkanda1 et al., Department of National Parks and

Mexico: Emissions Inventory, Mitigation Scenarios, and
Vulnerability and Adaptation  
--  Mexico Country Studies Project Team


Mongolia: Preliminary 1990 Greenhouse Gas Inventory
--  D. Dagvadorj and M. Munkh-tsetseg, Hydrometeorological Research
    Institute, Ministry for Nature and the Environment, Mongolia

Peru: Emissions Inventory for Energy and Nonenergy Sectors
--  Jorge Ruiz Botto, Jorge Ponce Urquiza, Cesar Pizarro Castro, Juan
    Avila Lopez, Ivan Llamas Montoya, Elizabeth Culqui Diaz,
    Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (UNI), (Facultad de Ingenieria
    Ambiental) and Instituto Peruano de Energia Nuclear (IPEN),
    Servicio Nacional de Meteorologia e Hidrologia (SENAMHI)

Uruguay: Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment
Methods for Coastal Resources and Agriculture
--  Annie Hareau, Ral Hofstadter, Cecilia Ramos-Mane, and Andres A.
    Saizar, Uruguay Climate Change Country Study Team, Comision
    Nacional sobre el Cambio Global, Montevideo, Uruguay

Venezuela: Preliminary National Greenhouse Gas Inventory
--  Martha Perdomo, Nora Pereira, Yamil Bonduki, Ministry of
    Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, Ministry of Energy
    and Mines

Zimbabwe: Climate Change Impacts on Maize Production and Adaptive
Measures for the Agricultural Sector
--  C. H. Matarira, Scientific and Industrial Research and
    Development Centre (SIRDC)
--  J. M. Makadho, Agritex 
--  F. C. Mwamuka, SIRDC
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