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	Earth Day 25 has proven the ideal occasion to help strengthen 
commitments around the world for global environmental stewardship and 
sustainable development. The U.S. foreign affairs community, in 
cooperation with domestic agencies and non-governmental organizations, 
has facilitated a range of educational and outreach programs. 
	More than100 Embassies -- including AID, USIS, also Peace Corps 
staff and volunteers -- have mounted diverse Earth Day activities.  
These run the gamut from  cleanup campaigns and recycling initiatives, 
to symposia, other communication and cultural events, educational 
programs, and exploration of new energy and environmental technologies. 
	Other Highlights: 
	"Service for the Environment"
Encourages varied environmental action projects -- particularly between 
Earth Day or World Environment Day, June 5.  Participants include the 
overseas American International Schools, U.S. Military Dependents 
Schools, GLOBE schools, member schools of the National Geographic Kids 
Network, schools in Sister Cities programs, and educational institutions 
in contact with USIS posts, AID Missions and the Peace Corps.  A "core 
educational packet" is provided both to enhance environmental education 
and to foster "learning through service."  The National Association for 
Environmental Education has established an Internet connection, 
"GreenServe" for groups to exchange ideas and experiences on 
environmental service. 
	"Global Natural Resources"
A Catalogue of Support Groups and Programs for International 
Environmental Involvement, presents easily used references to major USG 
and NGO environmental organizations, their activities, information and 
	GLOBE First Anniversary
Marking the first anniversaryof GLOBE, USIA is carrying a brief video 
promotional  for the program, and conveying a message/byliner by Vice 
President Al Gore. The Vice President's initiative for global learning 
and scientific monitoring of environmental conditions around the world, 
will involve 15-20 schools abroad by Earth Day, and approximately 1,500 
schools in the U.S. with more schools here and abroad continuing 
tobecome partners. 
	CSD Presentation on Biodiversity
With the Department of the Interior, U.S. Mission to the United Nations 
and private groups, the Department is organizing a special multi-media 
presentation April 20 in conjunction with the conference of the 
Commission for Sustainable Development, on indigenous peoples 
contributions to protection of forests and biodiversity. 
	USIA/USIS-Organized Events
Some 50 WORLDNET TV Interactives will be the centerpiece of U.S. 
Mission-organized symposia with officials, environmental leaders and 
media around  the globe on varied subjects. These events and other 
communications activities will be supported through an array of media 
including, a specially designed Earth Day 25 poster set; re-issue of  
displays on global climate change and environmental action, special 
Wireless File coverages and print publications, varied news and feature 
coverages in 45 languages by the Voice of America, special features on 
TV Series "Assignment Earth; inclusion of environmental information on 
the USIA Home Page on World Wide Web, a number of digital video 
teleconferences, etc. 
	AID: Environmental "Lessons Without Borders"
Set for Seattle during Earth Week (April 17-21)  Special programs on 
biodiversity, capacity building for sustainable development. 
	Peace Corps Expanded Environmental Education underway, including 
inventive teacher's guide; diverse special events from northern coast of 
Honduras to Tonga, environmental awareness campaigns.  
	Greening the Department/Embassies
The Department is taking steps in both energy efficiency and 
environmental protection, including a pilot project in energy efficiency 
performance contracting and a major design contest for Embassy Berlin to 
include energy and environmental safeguards.  The Department has 
produced a brochure outlining energy and environmental efforts to date 
and next steps. 
	U.S. Environmental Technologies
The Department is collaborating with others on "G-Net" -- Internet 
connections and databases promoting U.S. environmental technologies, in 
support of the National Environmental Technology Strategy to be unveiled 
by the Administration April 18.  With assistance from the Department of 
Energy and cooperation of other agencies, the Department is producing a 
video documentary showing the application of environmental technologies 
for sustainable devlopment and sustainable communities. 
	Earthwatch/ the Earth Corps
To strengthen scientific inquiry and environmental monitoring, the 
Department is cooperating with Massachusetts-based NGO, Earthwatch, to 
foster Earth Corps teams abroad.  U.S. Embassies, overseas Americans and 
citizens or organizations of other countries have been invited to take 
part in Earth Corps projects. 
The Department of State OES and INR Bureaus will sponsor a feasibility 
study for a new computerized map of the world that will serve as the 
basis for a wide range of environmental monitoring, resource management 
and land-use planning activities. 
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