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State-USIA-AID-Peace Corps cooperation with other federal agencies and 

NGOs will produce a richly varied and dynamic global observance of the 

25th anniversary of Earth Day.  As a result, we will strengthen 

constituencies and committments to sustainable development, enhance the 

education of young people and advance the adoption abroad of U.S. 

environmental technologies.

More than 60 reports from Embassies -- including AID, USIS also Peace 

Corps -- have outlined plans for Earth Day activities.  These run the 

gamut from cultural events, symposia and cleanup campaigns, to 

initiating recycling, creating educational programs, and promoting 

bilateral cooperation on environmental policy concerns. :

Other Highlights:

Idea Exchange - „Earth Day 25 Updateš

A newsletter issued through DosNet, the USIA e-mail system, and in 

print, to more than a thousand officers here and abroad, as well as 

others in the U.S.  A vehicle for Missions to exchange ideas on 

environmental programs.

„Service for the Environmentš

Encourages varied environmental action projects -- particularly around 

Earth Day or World Environment Day, June 5.  Participants will include 

overseas American International Schools, U.S. Military Dependents 

Schools, GLOBE schools, member schools of the National Geographic Kids 

Network, schools in Sister Cities programs, and other in contact with 

USIS posts, AID Missions and the Peace Corps.  A „core educational 

packetš is provided both to enhance environmental education and to 

foster „learning through service.š  The National Association for 

Environmental Education has established an Internet connection, 

„GreenServeš for groups to exchange ideas and experiences on 

environmental service.

„Global Natural Resourcesš

A Catalogue of Support Groups and Programs for International 

Environmental Involvement, presents easily used references to major USG 

and NGO environmental organizations, their activities, information and 


GLOBE First Anniversary

To mark the first anniversary, on Earth Day, of the Vice President‚s 

initiative for global learning and scientific monitoring of 

environmental conditions around the world, conducted by school children,  

special tailored TV messages by the Vice President to be carried by USIA 

for participating and interested countries.  Fifteen - 20 countries will 

have joined GLOBE by Earth Day.

USIA/USIS Program Support

Some 20 WORLDNET TV Interactives to be the centerpiece of Mission 

organized symposia with officials, environmental leaders and media 

around the globe on varied subjects.  Also, a specially designed Earth 

Day 25 poster set; re-issue of  displays on global climate change and 

environmental action, special Wireless File coverages and print 

publications, varied feature coverages in 45 languages by the Voice of 

America, special features on TV Series „Assignment Earth; inclusion of 

environmental information on the USIA Home Page on World Wide Web, a 

number of digital video teleconferences, etc.

AID: Environmental „Lessons Without Bordersš

Set for Seattle during Earth Week (April 17-21.)

Peace Corps Expanded Environmental Education underway, including 

inventive teacher‚s guide; diverse special events from northern coast of 

Honduras to Tonga.

Greening the Department/Embassies

State/A and PA, with facilitation by G, have produced a brochure 

outlining efforts to date, next steps in energy conservation, improved 

environmental procedures.

U.S. Environmental Technologies

Collaboration on „G-Netš -- Internet connections and databases promoting 

U.S. environmental technologies, in support of National Environmental 

Technology Strategy to be unveiled at the White House April 18.  Also a 

video documentary under production showing the application of 

environmental technologies for sustainable devlopment and sustainable 


CSD Presentation on Biodiversity

Under development with DoI, a special multi-media presentation at the UN 

conference in late April of the Commission for Sustainable Development, 

on indigenous peoples contributions to protection of forests and 


Earthwatch/ the Earth Corps

Voluntary environmental, scientific research and monitoring programs 

around the globe.  U.S. embassies and American communities, foreign 

government and NGO participation invited.  

Also... coverage in Department, USIA, AID, Peace Corps „house organs,š 

extensive news coverages by USIA media, placement of Earth Day 

information on DOSFAN, media contacts here and abroad on USG 

international E Day 25 activities.





In honor of the 25th anniversary of Earth Day and annually, dedicate the 

period from Earth Day 25 (April 22) to World Environment Day ő95 (June 

5) to „Service for the Environmentš involving schools worldwide and 

engaging young people in the spirit of environmental involvement.  

Encourage ongoing learning, service and sharing via an Internet 

connection called „GreenServeš and with educational materials.


Begin with the period from Earth Day (April 22) to World Environment Day 

(June 5) as a special annual season for environmental service.  Foster 

ongoing efforts to serve the environment all year round.


Primary, secondary and college level schools overseas that are 

affiliated with U.S. public and private institutions (DOD & State 

overseas schools, GLOBE schools, Peace Corps assisted schools, etc.), 

overseas international and local schools, voluntary youth and 

environmental organizations abroad with ties to American NGOs (e.g. 

Sister Cities, EarthWatch, National Geographic Society...), also schools 

and groups in the U.S. that want to participate.


(1)To foster global environmental involvement and awareness among young 

people, schools and youth groups are encouraged to engage in 

environmental service (from Earth Day to World Environment Day and 

ongoing) with projects of their choosing - such as the clean-up of 

special urban areas, parks or beaches, tree planting on community 

grounds, developing a local recycling program, or an outdoor 

environmental science project or contest.

(2)Then schools and groups record their experiences and share lessons 

learned and ideas for service via „GreenServeš Internet, fostering 

distance learning about global environmental activity.  To participate 

in the Internet discussion group, send an Internet E-mail message to: 

„majordomo@econet.apc.orgš and in the text of the message type: 

„subscribe greenserveš. The initial phase of Internet interactions 

should occur by June 12, 1995.

(3)In addition to the GreenServe Internet, link together via media 

coverage students internationally and in the U.S. that  participate in 

Service for the Environment to enable public awareness of their efforts.

(4)Supporting environmental education materials are recommended and made 

available to encourage more ongoing learning and strengthen the link 

between service and education. 


Department of State, Peace Corps, AID, USIA, DOD, USDA Global Change 

Program, Department of Education, GLOBE, Americorps/Vista, Campus Green 

Vote, National Geographic Society, EarthWatch, The National 

Environmental Education & Training Foundation, Center for Environmental 

Citizenship, Center for Environmnetal Education, Sister Cities, others.
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