Private Sector Development                                              Business Opportunities and Support

Private Sector Development (PSD) Programs and Services

CPA - Private Sector Development APO, AE 09316, USA
+1 (703) 343-8108

Access to capital
Micro-lending (loans less than US$25,000)
Micro-loans are available throughout Iraq through international NGOs and private banks. For more information, contact Heather Fleming at flemingh@orha.centcom.mil.

Larger business loans
Foreign bank charters will be issued in the very near future. For a complete listing of available financing sources for businesses, go to www.iraqibusinesscenter.org and click on Funding

Foreign investment – information and referral services
PSD is available to help answer questions related to the business environment in Iraq. For more information, contact foreigninvestment@orha.centcom.mil.

Contracting Assistance
PSD is developing programs to provide training and financing to Iraqi contractors, ensuring maximum Iraqi participation in the reconstruction efforts. For more information, contact Mustafa Kirdar at kirdarm@orha.centcom.mil.

PSD’s programs are under development and will begin in the coming months. Workshops on business related topics are being held at the Iraqi Assistance Center at the Baghdad Convention Center. For more information, contact Cliff Barton at cgbarton@earhtlink.net.

PSD plans to initiate a partnering program to match Iraqi private companies seeking contracting business, capital and technology with foreign partners. For more information, contact foreigninvestment@orha.centcom.mil.

State Owned Enterprise (SOE) Assessments and Support
PSD efforts include helping repair damaged facilities and restore electricity and the supply of other disrupted goods and services to SOEs. For more information, contact Lettie Bien at bienl@orha.centcom.mil.

Business Associations
Through business centers around Iraq, PSD is working with private contractors to create and expand business associations. For more information, contact Cliff Barton at cgbarton@bearingpoint.net.