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96/03/01 Statement: US/Brazil Space Cooperation Agreement
Office of the Spokesman

Office of the Spokesman

(Brasilia, Brazil)
For Immediate Release March 1, 1996



Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Brazilian Foreign Minister Luiz Felipe Lampreia signed an agreement providing a framework for space cooperation March 1 at a ceremony at the Foreign Ministry in Brasilia. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator Daniel S. Goldin participated in the signing ceremony.

During the past year, NASA and the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) worked out a government-to-government cooperation agreement to conduct joint research programs on space and earth science, with a special emphasis on global climate change. Data will be collected with satellites, sounding rockets, balloons and aircraft as well as ground-based facilities. The programs will share data and include student and scientist exchanges. The agreement addresses issues such as customs, overflight clearance, intellectual property rights and liability.

NASA and Brazilian scientists have already worked together gathering and analyzing data from the Smoke, Clouds and Radiation experiment to evaluate the global impact of fossil fuel and biomass burning.

The agreement takes place in the context of Brazil's firm commitment to non- proliferation goals. President Cardoso has stated publicly that Brazil's active space program is "exclusively for peaceful purposes." On the occasion of Foreign Minister Lampreia's September visit to Washington last year, Secretary Christopher announced that the United States would advocate Brazilian membership in the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). At the MTCR plenary in Bonn the following month, Brazil became a member of the MTCR.


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