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96/02/29 Statement: US-Argentine Space Coop. Agreement
Office of the Spokesman

Office of the Spokesman

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)
For Immediate Release February 29, 1996



Daniel S. Goldin, Administrator of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Conrado Varotto, Chairman of the Argentine Space Agency (CONAE) signed an agreement on U.S.-Argentine space cooperation on February 29, 1996, at a ceremony at the San Martin Palace in Buenos Aires presided over by Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Argentine Foreign Minister Guido Di Tella.

Expanding U.S.-Argentine cooperation on space issues is taking place against the backdrop of Argentina's strong support for efforts to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and the missile technology for the delivery of such weapons. Since 1989, under the leadership of President Carlos Menem, Argentina has dismantled its Condor intermediate range missile program and joined all major international nonproliferation regimes for the control of weapons of mass destruction. In addition, in 1993, Argentina became the first Latin American nation to become a member of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) and in that forum, has worked closely with the U.S. and other MTCR partners to prevent the spread of missile technology, which is closely related to the technology needed for civilian space launch.

The new U.S.-Argentine space agreement renews an August 1991 agreement on civil space cooperation, which was due to expire in August 1996. In addition to extending the old agreement for an additional five years, the new agreement provides a framework for strengthened cooperation in the use of space for research in the earth sciences and global change. It will also enrich the U.S.-Argentine relationship on space issues through expanded government and non-government ties. The new agreement will facilitate scientific cooperation in areas where Argentina makes a unique contribution (e.g., global climate change) and economic opportunity in advanced technology within Argentina itself. Also under this agreement, CONAE (Argentine National Space Commission) will be working with NASA to develop and launch an Argentine satellite.


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