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96/03/13 Fact Sheet: Nuclear Weapons in the New Independent States
Bureau of Public Affairs

March 13, 1996
Safe and Secure Dismantlement of Nuclear Weapons in the New Independent

The U.S. Congress established the Nunn-Lugar program authorizing Department of Defense funds to be spent in the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union for the non-proliferation and safe and secure dismantlement (SSD) of nuclear weapons. The Defense Department has committed a total of $1.54 billion (including FY 1996 proposals) in the form of implementing agreements with Russia, Ukraine, Kazakstan, and Belarus.

SSD assistance facilitates the denuclearization of Belarus, Kazakstan, and Ukraine and the dismantlement of weapons in Russia. Preventing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is another important goal; the U.S. will use its assistance for this critical problem as well.

Russia. The U.S. has agreed to provide Russia with over $750 million in assistance (including FY 1996 proposals). The two top priorities for this assistance have been strategic nuclear delivery vehicle dismantlement and construction of a storage facility for fissile material removed from dismantled weapons.

Ukraine. The U.S. has agreed to provide Ukraine with almost $400 million in assistance (including FY 1996 proposals). The vast majority of the U.S. assistance will be used to eliminate the missiles, their associated silos, and the bombers deployed in Ukraine. U.S. assistance will also focus on enhancing Ukraine's capability to prevent nuclear smuggling.

Kazakstan. The U.S. has agreed to provide about $170 million in Nunn- Lugar assistance to Kazakstan (including FY 1996 proposals). The largest portion of this assistance will be used to eliminate the SS-18 missiles, their associated silos, and strategic bombers deployed in Kazakstan. Other significant projects will protect nuclear material in Kazakstan from smuggling.

Belarus. Following Belarus' ratification of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the U.S. agreed to provide assistance totaling about $120 million (including FY 1996 proposals) to facilitate Belarus' transition to a non-nuclear state.

SSD Projects by Country -- figures below are proposed obligations through FY 1995 ($ millions):



Strategic Offensive Arms Elimination                       162.00 
Chemical Weapons Destruction                                55.00 
Fissile Material Storage Facility Equipment                 75.00 
Fissile Material Containers                                 50.00 
Fissile Material Storage Facility Design                    15.00 
Weapons Security Storage                                     5.00 
Weapons Security Transportation                             27.00 
Industrial Partnerships                                     38.00 
Defense Enterprise Fund                                     10.00 
Defense and Military Contacts                               11.55 
Emergency Response Training/Equipment                       15.00 
Material Control and Accountability                         45.00 
International Science & Technology Center                   35.00 
Export Control                                               2.26 
Security Enhancements for Russian Railcars                  21.50 
Armored Blankets                                             5.00 
Arctic Nuclear Waste                                        30.00 
Research and Development Foundation                         10.00 


Total Russia                                               612.31 

Strategic Nuclear ArmsElimination                           215.00 
Nuclear Infrastructure Elimination                           10.00 
Emergency Response Training/Equipment                         5.00 
Industrial Partnerships                                      50.00 
Defense and Military Contacts                                 5.03 
Material Control and Accountability                          22.50 
Science & Technology Center                                  15.00 
Export Control                                               13.26 
Government-to-Government Communications                       2.40 
Multilateral Nuclear Safety Initiative                       11.00 

Total Ukraine                                               349.19 


Strategic Offensive Arms Elimination                         70.00 
Nuclear Infrastructure Elimination                            7.00 
Emergency Response Training/Equipment                         5.00 
Industrial Partnerships                                      15.00 
Defense Enterprise Fund                                       7.00 
Defense and Military Contacts                                 0.90 
Material Control and Accountability                           8.00 
Science & Technology Center                                   9.00 
Export Control                                                7.26 
Government-to-Government Communications Link                  2.30 

Total Kazakstan                                             131.46 


Strategic Offensive Arms Elimination                         16.00 
Emergency Response Training/Equipment                         5.00 
Industrial Partnerships                                      20.00 
Defense Enterprise Fund                                       5.00 
Defense and Military Contacts                                 7.53 
Material Control and Accountability                           3.00 
Science & Technology Center                                   5.00 
Export Control                                               16.26 
Continuous Communication Link                                 2.30 
Site Restoration (Project Peace)                             25.00 

Total Belarus                                               105.09 


Defense Enterprise Fund                                       7.67 
Other Assessments/Administrative Costs                       30.40 

Total Other                                                   38.07 

GRAND TOTAL                                                 1236.12


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