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95/11/01 Fact Sheet--Bosnia: Economic Sanctions
Bureau of Public Affairs


Economic Sanctions Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
(Serbia and Montenegro)

In May 1992, the Security Council imposed an economic embargo on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY; Serbia and Montenegro). These sanctions prohibit trade and financial transactions with the FRY. A humanitarian exception allows the FRY to import food, medicine, and other humanitarian items under license from the UN Sanctions Committee.

In late 1992 and early 1993, the United States led efforts to establish Sanctions Assistance Monitoring Missions (SAMs), now under the auspices of the EU and OSCE, at border crossings in the states adjoining the FRY. International customs monitors assist local border officials in enforcing the sanctions on the FRY. The United States presently contributes approximately 60 customs monitors to this 240-person effort.

In September 1994, the Security Council extended the economic sanctions already applied against the FRY to the territory controlled by Bosnian Serb forces.

At the same time, the Security Council permitted a limited sanctions suspension for Serbia in return for a FRY commitment to cut off support to the Bosnian Serbs and to allow an international monitoring mission along the FRY/Bosnia border. The suspension allowed the opening of the Belgrade airport for international flights, the resumption of ferry service to Italy, and the resumption of sports and cultural exchanges with the FRY.

The United States has contributed 50 civilian monitors to the 220-person international monitoring mission along the FRY/Bosnia border.

Sanctions have contributed to a significant economic decline in the FRY. Industrial production and real incomes are down at least 50 percent since 1991. As a result, obtaining sanctions relief has become a priority for the FRY Government.

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