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U.S. Department of State
97/01/17 Statement: U.S. Contribution for Humanitarian Assistance
Office of the Spokesman

Press Statement by Nicholas Burns/Spokesman
January 17, 1997

U.S. Contribution for Humanitarian Assistance in the Former Yugoslavia 

The United States is providing new funding in the amount of $27 million 
to facilitate and promote the return of refugees and displaced persons 
in the former Yugoslavia and to provide humanitarian assistance to those 
still in need of relief.

The funds are being contributed to the United Nations High Commissioner 
for Refugees (UNHCR), the designated lead agency for the United Nations 
international humanitarian assistance effort in the former Yugoslavia.  
The United States supports UNHCR's efforts to strengthen coordination 
between refugee return and economic reconstruction.

There are still over two million Bosnian and 550,000 Croatian refugees 
and internally displaced.  In 1997, UNHCR will give priority to programs 
which facilitate voluntary return and relocation.  

UNHCR'S activities include self-help housing repairs, income generation 
activities, including micro-credit, and the Bosnian Women's Initiative.  
The latter is designed to help women who are often the sole providers 
for their families participate in the reconstruction of their lives and 

The United States continues to be the leading donor country to the 
international relief effort in the former Yugoslavia.  This latest 
contribution will bring the total U.S. Government humanitarian 
assistance to the former Yugoslavia to more than $1.3 billion since 

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