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U.S. Department of State
97/01/15 Statement: Co-Chairmen's Statement 
Office of the Spokesman 

Press Statement by Glyn Davies/Acting Spokesman
January 15, 1997

                        Co-Chairmen's Statement 

Representatives of Turkey, the United States, and the United Kingdom met 
with delegations of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the Patriotic 
Union of Kurdistan (PUK), and the Turkoman Front on January 14 and 15, 
1997 in Ankara to review progress in implementing the principles agreed 
at the Ankara meetings on October 31 and November 15, 1996. 
All participants reaffirmed their commitment to the consolidation of the 
cease-fire between the PUK and the KDP.  They noted with satisfaction 
the report of the Supervisory Peace Monitoring Group (SPMG) and renewed 
their support for the continuation of its operation. 
All participants expressed satisfaction over the completion of the 
demarcation work on the cease-fire line.  They took note of the progress 
made towards the formation of the Peace Monitoring Force (PMF) and 
stressed their expectation for its full deployment in February.  The KDP 
and the PUK reiterated the commitment to take all measures which would 
provide security for the members of the PMF. 
The KDP and the PUK agreed to withdraw their forces from the disputed 
areas along the cease-fire line and leave these areas to be monitored by 
the Peace Monitoring Force composed of Turkomen, Assyrians and others.  
The KDP and the PUK forces will conduct this withdrawal upon the 
completion of the deployment of the Peace Monitoring Force on the cease-
fire line.  In view of this additional obligation, all participants 
agreed to augment the Peace Monitoring Force in order to enable an 
effective monitoring of the cease-fire line. 
The participants agreed to investigate, under the auspices of the SPMG 
and the PMF, violent incidents, such as recent bombings, alleged to be 
violations of the cease-fire, to determine their origin.  The KDP and 
the PUK also agreed to end immediately the forced expulsion of each 
group's supporters from territories under their control and that 
previously displaced persons should be allowed to return to their homes.  
Their dignity and security should be respected. 
All participants expressed appreciation for recent progress in restoring 
civilian services, including the restoration of electricity supply and 
flow of food commodities in the area.  The KDP and the PUK reiterated 
their commitment not to disrupt civilian services.  They undertook to 
implement the earlier commitment to cease media attacks against each 
other.  The Turkoman Front will monitor local media and provide 
summaries of any continuing attacks.  They also reiterated the 
commitment to exchange prisoners and the remains of those killed in 
previous fighting.  The assistance of the ICRC will be sought to 
facilitate this exchange as soon as possible.  The SPMG will continue to 
monitor and assist in these exchanges. 
The Co-Chairmen have emphasized the importance of the principle of fair 
distribution throughout northern Iraq of the benefits of revenue 
collected, and have called on the KDP and PUK to develop a mechanism to 
achieve that purpose. 
A higher coordination committee made up of three senior representatives 
of each will be organized by the KDP, PUK, and the Turkoman Front.  The 
higher coordination committee will meet once a month to promote 
political reconciliation as identified in the Final Statement of October 
31, 1996 and will coordinate with the SPMG.  It will form technical sub-
committees to build confidence and coordinate on areas such as 
education, health, transportation, and free movement of people, and to 
liaise with humanitarian operations. 
The KDP and PUK reiterated their commitment not to seek the intervention 
of any other forces which could aggravate the conflict or raise 
All participants reiterated their commitment to take into account the 
legitimate security interests of Turkey, as stated in the Final 
Statement of October 31, 1996, and they took note of the decision by the 
UNHCR to close the Atrush Camp. 
They further agreed that none of these commitments, nor the related 
efforts, should prejudice the unity or territorial integrity of Iraq, in 
line with the letter and spirit of the October 31 Final Statement's 
second paragraph. 
The participants agree to continue meeting periodically to augment their 
mutual cooperation in order to reinforce peace and stability in the 
region for the benefit of all of its inhabitants. 

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