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U.S. Department of State
97/01/14 Statement: The Situation in Burundi 
Office of the Spokesman 

Press Statement by Nicholas Burns/Spokesman
January 14, 1997
                       The Situation in Burundi 

The United States deplores the recent violence in Burundi.  The 
Burundian Army has confirmed the January 10 killing of over 120 
Burundian Hutu returnees, who had reportedly been expelled from Tanzania 
the same day.   
This massacre is only part of a pattern of violence in Burundi which 
must cease.  Only the day before, witnesses implicated the Army in the 
massacre of more than 80 civilians on January 5 in rural Muramvya 
Province.  The Army has also been involved in a practice of forced 
resettlement, by which Burundians in rural areas, mostly poor farmers, 
are forced to move into camps.  Rebel groups have also been accused of 
human rights abuses.  We understand that soldiers involved in the 
January 10 incident have been arrested. 
The United States continues to call for a cease-fire and all-party talks 
to restore stability to Burundi.  Special Envoy Howard Wolpe has 
traveled extensively in the region working for a ceasefire, returning 
from Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya over the weekend. 

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